World Champs 2001




3rd-12th August, 2001 Edmonton, Canada


 Kim Collins at the reception at Warner Park, St. Kitts, on his return from the 2000 Sydney Olympics
August 4, 2001
Kim Collins opened his World Championships with a 10.30s first place run in his 100 metres heats. The fastest time in the opening round was run by Ato Bolden in 10.13s.

The second round saw a scintillating series of five quarterfinals, with all first place finishers going under 10 seconds. Starting the ball rolling was Tim Montgomery, the fastest man in the world this year, with an under-control 9.92s.  Kim Collins responded well placing second in that quarterfinal in a personal best time of 10.00s, establishing a new National record in the process. This was achieved in spite of a false start and a slight stumble in the first 15 metres.

Maurice Greene responded by producing his best time of the year, 9.88s, cruising in the final 15 metres, with Ato Boldon, his training partner trailing in 10.06s, followed by Donovan Bailey in 10.11s. This was followed by Britain’s World Junior Champion, Marl Lewis-Francis setting a new World Junior record in 9.97s, with Barbadian Obadele Thompson 2nd in a season best of 10.03s. Dwain Chambers of Great Britain and Bernard Williams of USA continued the trend with victories of 9.97s and 9.95s in their respective quarterfinals.

Kim Collins has the sixth fastest time going into the semifinals, and should be in the finals on Sunday evening.  To medal, it is expected that Kim would have to run less than 9.90s, a very difficult but not impossible feat.


August 5, 2001

Kim Collins

of St. Kitts - Nevis has drawn Lane 4 (sb 10.00s) in the 100 metres semi-finals. He has sterling company in the first semi-finals with the likes of Mark Lewis-Francis of Great Britain (Lane 3 – sb 9.97s), Maurice Greene of USA (Lane 5 – sb 9.88s), Ato Boldon of Trinidad and Tobago (Lane 6 – sb 9.88s) and Donovan Bailey of Canada (Lane 7 – sb 10.11s).  Kim Collins
has a good chance of making the Finals, but he must place at least fourth, possibly beating Donovan Bailey (based on the athletes season best times - sb)

In the second semi-finals, Tim Montgomery of USA (sb 9.84s) will take on Obadele Thompson of Barbados (sb 10.03s), Dwain Chambers of Britain (sb 9.97s) and Bernard Williams of USA (sb 9.95s). All four should make it to the Finals to be run at 7:35 pm Sunday evening.

The finals should be a hotly contested event with the strong possibility of the World Record falling, given a suitable wind.  Maurice Greene and Tim Montgomery have shown their intentions to run fast, and it may take a World Record to snatch the Gold Medal, and the resulting bragging rights and financial benefits.

My predictions for the top four finishers are as follows:

  1. Maurice Greene     USA                      (9.77s)  -  New World Record
  2. Tim Montgomery    USA                      (9.82s)
  3. Ato Boldon             Trinidad/Tobago  (9.84s)
  4. Kim Collins
  5.            St. Kitts/Nevis      (9.93s)

I further predict that all eight competitors will go under 10 seconds for the first time in the History of Track and Field.  That would be the Ultimate Climax of these World Championships.



Kim Collins is once again in the Finals of a Major Athletic Event, repeating the feat previously done at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The entire population is once again proud of his accomplishment, while at the same time hoping that he will bring home a medal. Kim achieved this feat by placing third in the first semi-finals, in a time of 10.12s, the same time as the second placed finisher, Ato Boldon of Trinidad and Tobago, and just behind Maurice Green (USA) who won comfortably in a time of 10.01s.

Kim did not make the same mistake as in the quarterfinals, that of false starting and also stumbling in the restart. He blasted down the track, after a good start and finished relatively comfortable, while maintaining his top end speed. Zakari Abdul Aziz of Ghana completed the finalists from the first group in a time of 10.17s.

In the second semifinals, Bernard Williams and Tim Montgomery, both of the USA placed 1-2 with times of 10.06s and 10.07s respectively. Dwain Chambers and Christian Malcolm, both of Great Britain also made the final with times of 10.10s and 10.24s respectively.

My predictions still stand for the Finals as indicated above.



Kim Collins placed sixth in the historical 100 metres Finals, and my prediction of a World Record would have come true if not for muscle problems in Maurice Greene’s quads and hamstrings at the 80 metre mark.  But what a race!  Five finalists under 10 seconds, and Maurice Greene with the third fastest time in history with 9.82s. Greene would have run at least my predicted 9.77s without the muscle twinges, that visibly slowed him in the final 20 metres of the World Championships marquee event.

Tim Montgomery and Bernard Williams completed the US sweep of the medals, with times of 9.85s and 9.94s respectively. Ato Boldon of Trinidad and Tobago, missed the bronze medal by 4/100th of a second in 9.98s.

Congratulations again to Kim Collins of St. Kitts/Nevis, who placed 6th in 10.07s, a valiant and laudable effort in this highly competitive field. Kim will return with the other sprinters for the heats of the 200 metres, scheduled to start on Tuesday, 7th August.

The complete results are as follows:

 Pos.  Athlete  Country  Time (s)
 1st  Maurice Green  USA


 2nd  Tim Montgomery  USA


 3rd  Bernard Williams  USA


 4th  Ato Boldon  Trinidad/Tobago


 5th  Dwain Chambers  Britain


 6th  Kim Collins  St. Kitts/Nevis


 7th  Christian Malcolm  Britain


 8th  Abdul Aziz Zakari  Ghana









Kim Collins 



Photofinish of the 100 metres at the World Championships

Maurice Greene 1st -  9.82   :   Kim Collins 6th - 10.07s


August  7,  2001


Kim Collins  began the second stage of his quest for a medal at the World Championships today, August 7th, by competing in the final heat (no. 7) of the 200 metres. Kim placed second in a time of 20.41s, just 1/10th of a second off his personal best (20.31s). Jamaican William Christopher placed first with 20.25s, the fastest time in the heats.

Collins currently has the 4th fastest time going into the quarterfinal this evening, the other faster times being 20.36s by Kevin Little of USA, and 20.37s by Malcolm Christian of Britain. Other Caribbean sprinters in the quarterfinals include, Ricardo Williams of Jamaica with 20.85s and Demeritte Dominic of the Bahamas with 20.75s.

Collins is in Lane 6 in the third quarterfinals scheduled for 8:55 pm (our time), with William Christopher of Jamaica (pb 20.02) in Lane 4 and Ramon Clay USA (pb 20.05s) in Lane 5. The first four in the quarterfinal move on to the semifinals, so Kim has his "work cut-out" for him. He has the 12th fastest personal best time of all the quarterfinalists, but that may be somewhat deceiving as some of the athletes have not run their personal bests in 2001.

Collins should make it to the semifinals, but to qualify for the finals will require a superlative effort on his part.


200 Metres Quarterfinals

Kim Collins staked his place in the semi-finals with a second place effort of 20.25s, in the third quarterfinal of the 200 metres. His effort established a new National Record for St. Kitts/Nevis. Christopher Williams of Jamaica placed first in 20.24s, his season’s best performance.  Other winners of their quarterfinals were Christian Malcolm of Great Britain (pb 20.13s), Konstadinos Kederis of Greece (20.30s) and Kevin Little of USA (20.34s).

Kim emerged with the fifth fastest time of the quarterfinals, with three of the faster athletes competing in the first quarterfinals; Christian Malcolm (new pb 20.13s), Shawn Crawford of USA (20.19s) and Stephane Buckland MRI (new pb 20.23s). Kim Collins joins Christopher Williams as the only two Caribbean representatives in the semifinals. They will be competing in different semifinals.

Collins competes in Semifinal #1 with Christian Malcolm (pb 20.13s), Marcin Urbas of Poland (pb 19.98s), Kevin Little of USA (pb 20.10s) and Stephane Buckland of MRI (pb 20.23s) as his main threats. He will probably need to run a new personal best to "book" his place in the Finals, which will be held on Thursday August 9, at 11:40 pm (L.I. time).


August 8th

200 Metres Semifinals

Kim Collins is once against in the Finals of a Premier competition, after placing fourth in Semifinals #1 with a time of 20.26s, just 1/100th of a sec off his personal best.  Placing first in his heat was Christian Malcolm, GBR, with a personal best of 20.08s. Kevin Little, USA, and Stephane Buckland, MRI, placed second and third with times of 20.13s (sb) and 20.15s (National Record) respectively.

In the second semifinals, Konstadinos Kederis, Greece, won impressively in 20.03s, surging to the finish line, and must be considered the favourite for the gold medal. The other finalists were Christopher Williams, Jamaica in a season best of 20.11s, Shawn Crawford, USA IN 20.21s and Marlon Devonish, Britain in 20.29s.

This sets up a much anticipated finals tomorrow, with the favourites being Kim Collins in Lane 1, Shawn Crawford in Lane 2, Christopher Williams in Lane 3, Konstadinos Kederis in Lane 4 and Christian Malcolm in Lane 5.


August 9th

200 Metres Finals

KIM COLLINS DOES IT!!  The entire country is celebrating, though somewhat belatedly, as Kim Collins wins the Bronze medal in the World Championships 200 metres. Kim stormed around the unpopular Lane 1, to snatch a bronze medal in a new National Record of 20.20s, after a photo-finish review by the officials. Initially it looked as though he had won the silver medal based on the Television coverage, but the officials initially placed him in the fourth position. A second or third look at the photo-finish picture, however forced them to concede that Kim Collins had actually tied with Shawn Crawford (USA) for the bronze medal.

Initially, the country was excited but somewhat subdued, that Collins had come so close to winning a medal. That however soon turned to jubilation, at least for those who were monitoring the events on their computers, as the results were altered.

Konstadinos Kederis of Greece won the event commandingly in 20.04s from Lane 4, with a withering burst of acceleration in the last 40m. Christopher Williams of Jamaica in Lane 3, just edged the third place finishers to win the silver medal, with all three being given the same time of 20.20s.




Kim Collins 







Photofinish of the 200 metres at World Championships

Kederis  1st -  20.04s  :  Kim Collins  (Lane 1) 3rd - 20.20s


200 metres Medallists:  (L-R) Silver medallist - Christopher Williams; Gold medallist - Konstadinos Kederis; Bronze medallists - Shawn Crawford and Kim Collins (SKN)  


CONGRATULATIONS TO KIM. All his hard work, persistence and dedication finally paid off, in spite of the many obstacles and difficulties. Kudos to all the individuals and organizations who assisted him in achieving his goal. Persons such as Stanley Knight, his High School coach and Eric Francis who assisted him in getting into a US Junior College in Arizona, from where he subsequently attended Texas Christian University (TCU).


Valma Bass at the reception at Warner Park, St. Kitts


August 5, 2001
100 Metres Heats

Valma Bass of St. Kitts - Nevis begins her World Championships with the heats for the 100 metres, today Sunday 4th August.  Valma will be in Lane 8 of Heat 8, of the 100 metres, with 7 other competitors, including Debbie Ferguson of Bahamas (sb 11.04).  She may have to run a personal best (pb 11.43s) to progress to the next round, later this evening.  Miss Bass will also be competing in the 200 metres on Wednesday.



Valma Bass placed sixth in a somewhat disappointing 11.89s in her heat of the 100 metres and does not advance to the quarterfinals round.  Nku Mercy of Nigeria and Debbie Ferguson of Bahamas placed 1-2 with times of 11.27s and 11.39s respectively. Marion Jones (USA) achieved the best time in the heats, into a slight headwind (-0.2 m/s) in a time of 10.93s.  Marion Jones is expected to win the Finals on Monday evening.


August 7, 2001

200 Metres Heats

Valma Bass continues her World Championship competition in the 200 metres today.  Miss Bass will be competing in the fourth heat, which includes Latasha Jenkins (USA), Dia Fabe (France), Gaby Rockmeier (Germany) and Mary Onyali (Nigeria). Valma will have a tough time advancing to the next round as she has the slowest personal best time (23.07s) in her heat, but given a good start and a superlative run, she is capable of making the quarterfinals. There will be five heats in the 200 metres, with the first four competitors in each heat plus the four fastest losers qualifying.


August 8th

200 Metres Quarterfinal

Competitors in the 200 metres did not run the initial heats, as per the program, as there were insufficient competitors. The quarterfinals were therefore the first heats for the female athletes. Unfortunately, Valma Bass of St. Kitts-Nevis did not start the event, for unknown reasons at this time. It is possible that she may have an injury from the 100 metres or from subsequent workouts.


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