Lucas and Quow Responses

Josanne Lucas and Renny Quow reply after being honoured at banquet hosted by the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports of the Tobago House of Assembly on Thursday 8th October.

JL: I can sum up this in one word, in one phrase actually….THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the Tobago House of Assembly for bringing Renny and myself home to celebrate with Tobago.  This is a huge achievement for Trinidad and Tobago. When it happened I always said that this medal belongs to Tobago. It really does.  From primary school days the support we have gotten from the Assembly to go to Trinidad every weekend to compete. It is very expensive. Thank you very much for that. Thank you to all the coaches, the Franklyns (Gerard and Wade), Mr. (Stephen) Stanisclaus, my coach and all the parents for all your support.  Thank you for all the administration: the NAAA (National Association of Athletic Administration of Trinidad and Tobago), all the officials on team trips. They had to put with a lot from us as young people on the team. But thank you very much for being patient. And that is the key because it was a long journey, it really was. And it was not easy. It never was. And anything worth having really isn’t easy.  And……I would like to make a vow now actually……I am not satisfied with bronze. I am not sure how many of you saw my reaction after the race but I wasn’t overly joyous or happy. I was rather calm but I still believe it was a major accomplishment 53.20 (seconds), you know two seconds off my personal best and making a statement to the world that Trinidad and Tobago is here. We have hurdlers, we have 400m runners as well as our sprinters. But I believe that I have a lot more in me and I make a vow to continue working hard, (remain) dedicated and have a vision and no matter what I will always put forward my best. When I step on the track I will always give it my very, very best. In this case it led to bronze. But I am working hard so that in the next case it will be silver or gold, actually the gold.  Thank you very much.

RQ: Before I start right I want to say (to the) Chief Sec(tary) in the future that I would try, I would try not to give you a heart attack. I just want to say thanks to the NAAA and the THA for bringing us back home to this wonderful country of ours. You all did a lot for supporting us. Also I want to thank my coaches Gerard and Wade Franklyn for supporting me over the years. This has been a build up for me in preparing for Berlin. I really want to give them thanks. I want to say thanks to my mom ( Rena) as well who is blushing over there. I just want to say thanks. I am happy and like Josanne said, I am not too satisfied with my medal as well but in the future, me and coach we will try to work harder and I will see what I can do. I am not saying what I am going to do. Thanks to all.