2009 Schedule

Schedule for Track & Field Events will be posted here
(Schedule for the entire UWI Games in a pdf format - enlarge it to be visible)

Track and Field Schedule 2007

10:00 am - 400m women
10:05 am - javelin women
10:06 am - 400m men
10:08 am - discus men
10:10 am - long jump men
10:12 am - 400m women invitational
10:15 am - high jump women
10:18 am - 400m women invitational
10:30 am - 5000m men
10:50 am - 100m H women invitational
11:00 am - 110m H men invitational
11:08 am - discus women
11:10 am - high jump men
11:15 am - 800m women
11:20 am - 800m men
11:25 am - 800m women invitational
11:30 am - 800m men invitational
11:40 am - long jump women
11:45 am - 200m women
11:55 am - 200m men
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm UWI All Stars vs Jamaica Under 23 (football)
2:30 pm - 100m women
2:32 pm - javelin men
2:35 pm - 100m men
2:40 pm - 100m women invitational
2:45 pm - 100m men invitational
2:50 pm - triple jump men
2:55 pm - shot put men
3:00 pm - 3000m women
3:15 pm - shot put men
3:45 pm - medley relay women
3:55 pm - medley relay men
4:05 pm - 4x100m relay women
4:15 pm - 4x100m relay men
4:25 pm - 4x100m relay women invitational
4:35 pm - 4x100m relay men invitational
4:40 pm - 1500m women
4:50 pm - 1500m men
5:15 pm - 4x400m relay women
5:25 pm - 4x400m relay men








In the Long jump, Triple Jump, Shot Putt, Discus and Javelin events, after the third round, the order of the fourth and fifth rounds will be the reverse order of the ranking recorded after the first three rounds.  The competing order for the final round shall follow the reverse ranking order after the fifth round.


2.     An athlete who is unable to attain the “crouch start” in the 100m to the 400m will not be allowed to start unless certified by Doctor.  An athlete who is unable to run with reasonable effort in a running event will be disqualified from the race( a walk in the running race will not be permitted).


3.     Each event must have participants from at least two(2) teams.


4.     Each team will be allowed a maximum of two(2) athletes per event.


5.     Change can be made no less than one hour before the scheduled start of the events.


6.     All events contested shall be straight finals




        Each athlete will be allowed one(1) false start and will be disqualified on the second.

8.     Relays will be run in lanes 2.3 &4.

9.     Expect otherwise stated in the bye-laws, the rules of the IAAF shall apply.