Live Reports

5:15 pm: Mona lead on the second exchange, Cave Hill finishes strong. Mona leads from Cave Hill form St. Augustine at the final change over.  Mona comes down the back stretch with Cave Hill pushes hard and St. Augustine is third.  Mona kicks with 100m to go, Cave Hill pushed hard.  Mona wins from Cave Hill and St. Augustine.
5:14 pm: The Men’s 4 X400m relay is on. Mona leads on the first change over from Cave Hill and St. Augustine.

5:10 pm: Mona just won the women’s 4 X 400m relay from St. Augustine.  Mona took the on the third leg and won by close to 40 metres  .......  St. Augustine was second and Cave Hill.


4:28 pm:  Men’s 1500m on.  Brian Maynard  of St. Augustine leads with one lap to go. Maynard comes into final stretch some 50 metres from Cosmo Stephen of .......


4:14 pm:  Cave Hill closes the stagger on Mona. Cave Hill leads comes into the final stretch.  Close between the two on the first exchange. Cave hill on the 200m leg and extends the lead.  The third leg is 800m. Cave Hill still leads with Mona in second with St. Augustine dropping behind in third.


With one lap to go Cave Hill still leads. Mona just behind. Mona and Cavehill neck and neck.  Cavehill nudges judge ahead.


4:12 pm: St. Augustine in lane 2, Cave Hill in lane 3 and Mona in lane 4.  They are on their marks.  They are off.


4:11 pm Men’s medley relay up next.  The men run 400m, 200m, With 100m to Cave Hill pulls away from Mona to win.  St. Augustine in third.


4:08 pm  Sprint medley relay for women on.  They are on their marks and they are foo. Race close at the second change over.  Cavehill leads on the 200m leg.  St, Augustine in second with Mona third. Cave Hill lead with the 400m leg.


Mona passes Cave hill with 200m to go.  Mona leads with 100m to go.  Mona stretches the lead. Cavehill is second and St. Augustine close behind.  Cave Hill finishes second with St. Augustine in third.

3:47 pm: Men's and Women 100m winners receving medals.
3:44 pm: Men's Shot Putt taking place.
3:41 pm.  Record in the men's High jump broken.  Mona jumper so far clear 2.08 m and just failed third attempt at 2:12 m.  Old record was 1.97 m by Patrick Jeffers(St. Augustine) in 1989 and Steve Francis(Mona) in 1995.
3:39 pm:  Mona fans celebrating the one two finish.  St. Augustine takes third and four.  In the men's High Jump Mona athletes fails at 2.12 m.
3:36 pm: Barnet leads by 70 metres as she takes the bell. Leads by 100m with 200m to go. She laps a runner with 100m to go.  She wins by over 150 m from her team mate.
3:35 pm: Barnets lead by 50  with two laps to go.
3:35 pm: Barnet leads from teammate.  Lead by 40 metres.
3:33 pm: Women's 1500 metres on the line. They are off.  Mona takes the early lead in first and second. Lead of 50 metres with three laps to go.
3:29 pm: Men's Triple jump taking place on the pit on back stretch.
3:25 pm Simplex leading coming into the home stretch but Abilene Wildcats finish strong for a close finish.
3:23 pm:  4X 100m invitational.  They are on their marks. Seven teams.
3:19 pm: Women's long jump, and Shot Putt still going on.  Men's High Jump going on. 
Men's relay off.  Mona leads coming into the final exchange  Mona lead Cavehill passes St. Augustine with 50 metres to go.
3:17pm: Men's 4X100m relay.  Cave Hill in lane 2, St. Augustine in lane 4 and Mona in lane 5.
3:15pm:Women's 4 X100m relay on.  Mona out in front at third leg.  Mona leads coming to final change over.  Mona wins from Cave Hill with St. Augustine.

2:23 pm:  Second start.They are off. Even start.   Simplex athlete takes the lead. Javon Toppin surges ahead and wins. 

2:23 pm: Women’s Long  Jump taking place in the pit on the outside of the backstretch around the 300m mark.
2:22 pm:  They are on their marks.  A false start.
2:19 pm: Men’s 100m invitational is the next event.  The competitors in the men’s High Jump are warming up.
2:17 pm:They are on their marks  Even start. Ayana Hutchinson takes lead and  pulls away to  win from Rayare Thomas.
2:12 pm: They are called to their marks. They are off. Greate start from Mona’s David Dunn in lane four.  He pulls aways to win clear from team mate Brian Jackson.2:15pm: Women’s invitational 100m up next. Six entrants. 
2:08 pm: Men’s  100m await the call to get to their marks.. Women shot putters still doing warm up throws.
2:06 pm: The Men’s High Jump is coming up soon.  The event was delayed from this morning.
2:05 pm: Also the Women’s shot Putt.  The Throwers doing their warm up throws.
2:04 pm: The men’s 100m on the line.  Setting their blocks.
2:00pm: Women 100m on.  Therece Stewart of Mona takes the early lead and wins clearly.