UWI Games 2009 Track & Field
9 am Wed 27th May at Larry Gomes stadium
Games were carried "LIVE"
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UWI Games 2009 will showcase over 400 athletes from the three campuses, who will compete in track and field, football, netball, cricket, volleyball, basketball, 6-a-side hockey, swimming, table tennis and lawn tennis. UWI Games 2009 will culminate in a festive Closing Ceremony on Thursday 28th May, 2009.

Most of the sporting activities will be held at the UWI St Augustine Sport and Physical Education Centre (SPEC). With 34,000-plus square feet of indoor space, seating capacity for 1360 people, and fully equipped outdoor facilities, UWI SPEC is widely recognised as a significant resource for regional sport development, training and research.  During the weeklong Games, the JFK Auditorium will be converted into a Recreational Village, where athletes and supporters can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, music and entertainment.

UWI St Augustine Sport and Physical Education Centre (SPEC).

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The UWI Games are part of the University’s ongoing preparations for the upcoming inaugural Caribbean Games, which are carded to take place in Trinidad from July 12th to 19th. Over 1300 athletes from across the Caribbean will gather for this significant regional event, which is the very first of its kind.

Sports & Physical Education Centre [SPEC] - Part 2

UWI 4x400m Mona Games


UWI 4x400m Women


Flo Jo 200m World Record - Grace Jackson (JA) silver


UWI GAMES 2009 (information being posted immediately upon receipt)


The UWI Games is a biennial competition normally held within a minimum of seven days of actual competition.
The University of the West Indies major aims in organizing the UWI Games are:
  • To help through friendly and healthy rivalry among the students in sporting activities to emphasize and strengthen the regional character of the University.
  • To encourage and motivate sportsmen and sportswomen of the University to aim for excellence in sports.
  • Thus, each and every participant pledges to abide by the rules, regulations and spirit of the Games, which are aimed at achievement of the above objectives. 

More UWI Games 2009 Information to be posted shortly
UWI Games 2009 schedule (all sports) (pdf document - enlarge it to be visible)

Larry Gomes Stadium


Usain Bolt 400m at UWI Classics 09


UWI SPEC Half Marathon - Start 08


The Launch of UWI SPEC International Marathon