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CARIFTA GAMES, Martinique, 19th - 21st April 2014

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LEEWARD ISLANDS TRACK & FIELD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP proposed for Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th May 2014

CARIFTA GAMES, Martinique 19th - 21st April 2014

TDC/Coca-Cola/ LIME InterSchool 19-21 March 2010 Silver Jubilee Stadium

STATISTICS by Reynold O'Neal Head CACAC Stats Committee & member of ATFS

International IAAF Level 1 Coaching Certification Course, Nevis 7-16 Sept 2009

Caribbean Games 12th-19th July 2009 Trinidad

Rainbow Cup Triathlon and 5K Run, Tobago 29th May 09


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Results of games held at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium on 9th May 2009.


Event 1  5000 TrackWalk

M 30–34. 1st  Michael London       31:28.35

W 30–34  1st Elizabeth London      38:32.29

W 35–39  1st Eli Philip                   38:42.04

M 45–49  1st Michael Pollydore     29:39.73

W 45-49  1st Sharon Cuffie            40:49.16

M 50–54  1st Keith Warren            34:41.52

W 50–54  1st Donna Maynard       32:47.41    2nd Rosemund Jolly      36:21.42

M60–64   1st Vernon Bailey          32:59.65                                                                  W 70–74  1st Ruth Fraser-Munroe 41`:02.63


Event 2   400m Flat

W30-34  1st Leslie-Ann Brown          1:04.92

M40-44  1st Ruben Graham                  57.6

W40-44  1st Wendy Shallow              1:13.99

M45-49  1st Curtis Brereton                 57.7        2nd  Kurt Jordan           57.8

W 45-49  1st Sharon Cuffie                1:52.16

M50-54  1st Kenrick Williams               57.6       2nd Ashwin Creed         1:08.

M55-59  1st Stephen Taitt                     58.2       2nd Anthony Clarke       1:04.

               3rd  Richard Yearwood       1:14.32

W55-59  1st Janet Bernard-Rousseau 1:25. 95

M60-64  1st Kelvin Thongs                1:07.12      2nd Errol Thomas          1:11.27

                3rd Rae Samuel                   1:32.12

W65-69  1st Grace Oblington             1:42.95

M70-74  1st Oswald Rogers               1:09.34     2nd Daniel Laurence     1:15.56


Event 3:   Shot Put

M 30-34  1st Brent Clarke                 11.53m       2nd Yordan Perez       10.09m

                3rd Peter Springer              10.04m

W30-34   1st Simone Waldron            6.55m

W35-39   1st  Geraldine George-Francis 11.15m  2nd Nicole Straker Williams 8.26m

M40-44   1st Basil Andrews              11.80m

W40-44   1st Gwendoline Smith        10.69m

M50-54   1st James Bristol                10.47m

W50-54   1st Verna Edwards              9.51m       2nd Cheryl Reyes     8.96m

                3rd Lucretia Burns               7.84m.

M55-59   1st Terrence Skinner           8.17m

M60-64   1st Kenrick Russell             9.54m

W60-64   1st Joyce Thomas               8.50m        2nd Yvonne Mitchell  6.09m

W65-69   1st Irma Riley                     6.34m

M70-74    1st Winston Rudder           7.21m

W70-74   1st Monica Tang Wing       5.18m


Event  4  1500m

M35-39  1st Jules La Rode             4:21.26

M40-44  1st Curtis Cox                  4:28.88

M45-49  1st Maxwell Laudric         -------     2nd Bernard Browne   -------

               3rd Roger Yearwood        -------

W45-49  1st Christine Regis        

M50-54  1st Kenrick Williams         ---          2nd Keith Warren       ------

W50-54  1st Elizabeth Hewitt          ---

M60-64  1st Errol Thomas              ---

W60-64  1st Shirley Hazzard           ---


Event 5:   100m

M30-34  1st Brent Clarke           14.12       2nd Peter Springer        14.67

W30-34  1st Elizabeth London    16.07

M35-39  1st Ian Andrews           11.86

W35-39  1st Abigail Mathews     17.15

M40-44  1st Andy Montique       11.46      2nd Gerrald Alfonso      13.07

W40-44  1st Wendy Redman      13.92

M45-49  1st Ezard Stewart         11.94       2nd Kurt Jordan            12.82

W45-49  1st Sharon cuffie           19.91

M50-54  1st Richard Ross          13.08       2nd Richard Yearwood 13.55

               3rd Nasser Racha         14.02

W50-54  1st Cheryl Reyes          15.25

M55-59  1st Stephen Taitt          12.82       2nd Terrence Skinner     13.44

               3rd Anthony Clarke      14.77

M60-64  1st Herman Reyes        13.43       2nd Ahmad As-Siddiq    13.45

               3rd Kelvin Thongs        14.49

W60-64  1st Irma Thomas          17.70      

W65-69  1st Irma Riley               26.71

M70-74  1st Oswald Rogers       14.10      2nd  Daniel Laurence        15.36

               3rd Winston Rudder      16.54

W70-74  1st Monica Tang Wing 18.57      2nd Ruth Fraser-Munroe  22.57


Event 6   Discus Throw

M30-34  1st Brent Clarke            34.67m      2nd Peter Springer       32.77m

               3rd Yordan Perez          28.09m

W30-34  1st Simone Waldron     17.80m  

W35-39  1st   Geraldine Francis   37.37m

W40-44  1st   Gwendoline Smith  22.88m

M50-54  1st James Bristol           35.72m

W5054   1st Verna Edwards       25.91m      2nd Lucretia Burns 1969m

               3rd  Cheryl reyes19.40m

M55-59  1st Terrence Skinner     25.14m

M60-64  1st Kenrick Russell       23.51m

W60-64  1st J0yce Thomas         24.30m      2nd Yvonne Mitchell  17.12m

W65-69  1st Irma Riley               16.48m

M70-74  1st Winston Rudder      20.60m


Event  7    800m

W30-34  1st Leslie Ann Brown     2:45.13

M35-39  1st  Jules la Rode            2:06.25

M40-44  1st  Curtis Cox               2:11.69

W40-44  1st Wendy Shallow        2:56.54

M45-49  1st  Curtis Brereton        2:21.75        2nd  Kurt Jordan           2:50.63

M50-54  1st  Kenrick Williams     2:11.69        2nd  Keith Warren        3:42.80

W50-54  1st  Elizabeth Hewitt      3:27.43

W55-59  1st Janet B- Rousseau   3:36.56

M60-64  1st Errol Thomas           2:53.52

W60-64  1st Shirley Hazzard        3:58.42

M70-74  1st Daniel Laurence       3:23.61




Female: Leslie Ann Browne/Simone Waldron (tied)
Male: Brent Clarke


Female: Geraldine George-Francis
Male: Ian Andrews


Female: Wendy Shallow/Gwendolyn Smith (tied)
Male: Andie Montique


Female: Sharon Cuffie
Male: Kurt Jordan


Female: Cheryl Reyes
Male: James Bristol


Female: Janet Bernard-Rousseau
Male:  Terrance Skinner


Female: Joyce Thomas
Male: Kenrick Russell


Female: Irma Riley
Male: no entry


Female: Monica Tang Wing
Male: Ossie Rogers

Event  8     Javelin Throw

M30-34  1st Michael London         37.02m      2nd Brent Clarke        35.02m

                   Yordan Perez               XXX               Peter Springer       XXX         

M30-34  1st Simone Waldron        13.90m       2nd Elizabeth London  9.33m

M35-39  1st  Rick Francis             47.11m.

W35-39  1st Geraldine Francis      37.40m      2nd Nicole S-Williams  11.95m

M40-44  1st Keith Smart               15.88m

W40-44  1st Gwendoline Smith     31.26m

M50-54  1st  James Bristol            26.24m

W50-54  1st Cheryl Reyes             20.97m     2nd Verna Edwards     18.93m

               3rd Lucretia Burns           11.86m

M55-59  1st  Kenny Bermudez      27.64m

W55-59  1st Janet B- Rousseau      8.10m

M60-64  1st Kenrick Russell          30.51m      2nd Kelvin thongs       30.17m

W60-64  1st Joyce Thomas           16.39m      2nd Irma Thomas         11.70m

                    Yvonne Mitchell            XXX

W65-69  1st Irma Riley                 20.82m

M70-74  1st Winston Rudder        18.42m

W70-74  1st Monica Tang Wing     9.80m


Event   9    200m

M30-34  1st Brent Clarke               27.08

W30-34  1st Leslie-Ann Brown      29.06

M35-39  1st Ian Andrews               24.40

W35–39 1st Abigail Matthews        36.74      2nd  Eli Philip                   38.9

M40-44  1st Andie Montique          23.74      2nd  Gerard Alfonso        34.93

W40-44  1st Wendy Redman          29.05

M45-49  1st Ezard Stuart                23.72      2nd  Kurt Jordan            27.83

M50-54  1st Richard Ross              27.12      2nd Richard Yearwood   28.35

M55-59  1st Stephen Taitt              26.41      2nd Terrence Skinner      27.83

               3rd Burt Raphael              28.74      4th Anthony Clarke         30.80

W55-59 1st Janet B-Rousseau        36.9       

M60-64 1st Herman Reyes             27.3       2nd Ahmad As-Saddiq     27.9

              3rd Kelvin Thongs             30.1

W60-64 1st Irma Thomas              36.01

W65-69 1st Grace Oblington         46.01

M70-74  1st Oswald Rogers           28.6       2nd Daniel Laurence    33.9

W70-74 1st Monica Tang Wing    41.12       2nd Ruth Fraser-Munroe  49.56


Event  10    High Jump

M30-34 1st Yordan Perez           1.75m        2nd Peter Springer    1.75m


Event   11    Medley Relay



Event   12        5000m



Event    13       Long Jump changed to Standing Broad Jump:

M30-34  1st Yordan Perez            2.80m

W40-44  1st Wendy Shallow         1.50m

M50-54  1st Keith Warren            1.52m

W50-54  1st Cheryl Reyes            1.82m

W65-69  1st Irma Riley                 1.12m

M70-74  1st Oswald Rogers         1.20m

W70-74  1st Monica Tang Wing   1.27m