24th Master Champs Trinidad 9/5 Reports

LIVE Reports by Clayton Clarke from the TT Masters Track & Field meet.
Includes Interviews, Race Reports, Photos, Results and more.
Reports commenced at 8:30 am Saturday 9th May
Interviews below: (now downloadable - the wma files did not work - all were converted to mp3 files)
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400m winner - Kenrick Williams - Interviewed by Hydian Harper

03:47 pm:  Javelin taking place.
03:28 pm:  The 200m and Discus events just ended.  High jump coming up. 
                     Medley Relays cancelled.
02:14 pm:  The 800m events are on.
01:14 pm:  100m events on now.  The women's race just went.
12:23 am:  The two men's 400m races just completed.
12:02 pm:  Women's 400m race just finished.
11:53 am:  400m flat next event.
11:46 am:  First female just crossed the line.
11:43 am:  Second and third place now crossed the line.
11:41 am:  Winner just crossed the line. The person in 2nd place is more than a lap behind
11:39 am   Final lap in the 5000m walk.
11:31 am:  4 laps in the 5000m walk.  Shot Putt now start.
11:26 am:  6 laps to go in the 5000m track walk.
11:13 am:  5,000 m track walk just started. Four males and 6 females.
11:08 am:  Opening ceremony and walk past just took place.   Photos will soon be posted.
                    5,000m track walk is the first track event.
11:03 am:  Competition now about to start.  The first  event is Shot Putt for all age groups
09:55 am: Actual competition to start by 10:30am
08:28 am: Good morning and welcome to the 2009 Trinidad and Tobago Masters
               Championships website.
08:29 am: Final and late registration is take place.

Photos by Richard Yearwood and Dr. Leah Yearwood from Trinidad.

TT Masters Meet - 9th May 2009