TT Carifta Trials 2010

2010 Carifta Trials
Hasely Crawford Stadium,
Day one:
5:25pm: The Boys unde 20 100m finalists on the line. They are under off. Sherman Allsop (Concorde) eases ahead but is passed by Sabian Cox(Humming Bird) who wins 10.42.  Allsop held on for second in 10.46 with Jonathan Holder(Memphis) finished third in 10.58. The wind reading  is +4.1 m/s.
5:14pm:Girls under 20 100m finals up next. They await the starter’s order. They are on their mark and they are off.  Michelle Lee Ahye (Concorde) takes an early lead and pulls away to win in 11.53 from Gabriella Cumberbatch (Memphis) 11.83 and T’Keyah Dumoy (Unattached) in third in 11.91. The wind reading +2.9.
5:07pm:They are  called to their marks.  They are off. Nicholas Douglas (Zenith) got a good start and lead at mid way. Jean Mark Constantine (Concorde) made his move and closed on Douglas.  Ayodele Taffe (Petrotrin PAP) surged ahead to win in 10.96. Constantine was second in 10.99 with Douglas holding on in third in 11.07 seconds.
5:00pm: The finalists for the Boys under 17 100m getting ready. They are awaiting the starters order.
4:55pm.  Girls under 17 100m finals on. They are off on. Onika Murray (Quantum) takes an early lead and win in 12.07 from Lisa Wickham (Memphis) 12.30.  Jadae Alexander (Memphis) finished third in 12.39.
4:35pm: The finalists on the line. On their marks. They are off.  Brandon Benjamin takes lead from lane 2. Deon Lendore leads coming into the straight and powers aways to win 46.83.   Osei Alleyne Forte (Southern Athletics) finishes second in 48.26 with Kevin Haynes (Neon Trackers) in third in 48.76 Brandon
4:29pm: The Boys under 20 400m finals up next.
4:19pm: The finalists of the girls under 20 getting ready for their race. They are off. Chelsea Campbell (Memphis) stumbles out of block. Sparkle McKnight leads coming to the straight and powers to win 54.59 team mate Jessica James (56.20). Maurissa Gayle (Airborn Sonics) finished third in 56.72.
4:15pm: They are on their marks. They are off. Sandy make s up stagger on Theon Lewis (Petron PAP) in the first 100m. He lead with 200m. He leads coming into the home stretch to win in 49.51 from Lewis with ShaquilCedeno who runs a strong last 100m to move up to third.
4:13pm: The Under 17 Boys up next. 
4:08pm: The girls under 17 400m finals up next. Eight finalists. They are off. Desiree Harper (Abilene) makes up stagger.  Kenisha Spann (Neon Trackers) takesthe lead with 150m to go. Span drives to the finish to win (55.94) from Harper (56.44). In third was Dominique Williams (Burnley)58.59.
3:56pm:The finalists boys under 20 1500m finals on the line. The race is off.
3:45pm: Girls under 20 1500m finals up next. Three on the line. Dawnell Collymore (Memphis) takes and early lead from Samantha Shukla (Success and Excellence) with Abianne Collymore ( Neon Trackers). Samantha closes the gap on Dawnell with two laps to go. Dawnel still leads with 500m to go. Samantha is second. Abianne is off the pace in third. With one lap to go. Dawnel still lead and opens a gap with 300m to go. Down the back stretch she widens the gap she drives to the finish to win as   Samantha finishes strongly to take silver. Abianne is third.
3:38pm: Jevon Joseph (Airborn Sonics) takes the lead with Mark London(Zenith) and Nicholas Landeau (Airborn Sonics) in second and third. London takes the lead with two laps to go. London now in second. Joseph drops off the pace, feeling the effects of taking the early lead. London opens up a 45 metre gap at the bell on London. With 200m go London still leads now by 50 metres from London. London powers down the home stretch to win in 4:08:11 with Landeau in second.
3:36pm:The boys under 17  1500m finals up next.  Ten to face the starter. They are off.
3:34pm: Results of the girls under 20 discus:
1. Sharisse Downey  Burnley   33.35m
2. Candace Radgman Zenith   31.37m
3. Rene Williams  Health Olympians 31.25m
4. Christina Tam  Zenith   27.18m
Annestecia Daire Western Springfield dns

3:26pm: The girls under 17 1500m finals up next. Five on the line. They are off. Natoya Cudjoe (Success and Excellence) leads with two laps. She is closely followed by Shianne Thomas(Zenith).  Thomas leads at the bell. Down the back stretch Thomas still leads from Cudjoe. With 200m to go. Thomas still leads from Cudjoe.  Thomas pulls aways to sprints to the finish to win by 40 metres from Cudjoe. Shantel Figaro (Petrotrin Palo Seco) in third.
3:21pm:  The results of the Boys under  20 triple Jump finals
1st Elton Walcott    Toco Tafac  15.82 m (-0.7m/s)
2nd Sean Michael Stafford   Toco Tafac  15.46m  (2.7m/s)
3:15pm: Standing in the Girls open pentathlon after three events:
1. Isis Wilson   Neon Trackers    1542
2. Jilleisha Moran  Toco Tafac  1214
3. Kamicia Toney  Western Springfield 1139
4. Alicia Busby  Western Springfield 913
3:08pm: Start list for Girls under 20 100m
1. Kamaria Durant  Simplex
2. Seantal Brereton Warriors
3. Sha Shauna Mason Concorde
4. Michelle Lee Ahye Concorde
5. T’keyah Domoy  Unattached
6. Gabriella Cumberbatch  Memphis
7. Breanna Gomes  Abilene
8. Crystal Hackett  Zenith
3:07pm: Girls under 17 Long jump going on.
3:02pm: The second heat is up next. Eight on line.  SabianCox (Humming Bird) takes an early leads and wins in 10.83 from Jonathan Holder (Memphis) in 10.91 with Adriel Prescod(Cougars) in third in 11.22. Wind reading +1.1
2:58pm:The first heat of the Boys under 20 100m up next. Seven on the line. Sherman Allsop(Concorde) 10.94wins from Christian Benjamin (Memphis) 10.99. Wind -1.8
2:57pm:The start list for the Boys under 17 finals is :
1. Kyle Bacchus   Memphis
2. Jamaal Green   Oasics
3. Nicholas Douglas  Zenith
4. Haysean Cowie Clarke  Zenith
5. Ayodele Taffe  Petrotrin PAP
6. John Mark Constantine Concorde
7. Breon Mullings  Memphis
8. Brian Flament  Petrotrin Palo Seco

2:51pm: Heat two is up next. Six on the line. They are off. A false start. They are off again.  Michelle Lee Ahye (Concorde) takes an early lead and pulls wins 11.64 seconds from T’keyah Dummoy (Unattached)12.04 and  Kamaria Durant (Simplex) 12.35. Wind (+3.2).
2:47pm: The girls under 20 100m semis first heat is up next. Gabriella Cumberbatch (Memphis) takes the first heat 12.15pm from Sha Shauna Mason (Concorde) in 12.19 and  Breanna Gomes (Abilene) in 12.28
2:45pm: Start list for girls under 17 100m. Wind +1.9
Lane 1 Zakia Denoon (Zenith)
Lane 2 Kenisha Arthur (Neon Trackers)
Lane 3 Ayoka Cummings (Neon Trackers)
Lane 4 Lisa Wickham (Memphis)
Lane 5Onika Murray (Quantum)
Lane 6 Janae Alexander (Memphis)
Lane 7 Tsai Anne Joseph (Memphis
Lane 8 Peli Alzola (Memphis)
2:40pm: The second heat on the line. They are off. Jean Marc Constantine (Concorde) gets a good start and lead from Marlon Douglas (Zenith), 11.13 to 11.33.Breon Mullings (Memphis) is third 11.51.
2:37pm: The first heat of the Boys under 17 semis  up next. They are off. Ayodele Taffe (Petrotrin CC) takes a slight lead and pulls away looking comfortable and wins in 11.24. Haysean Cowie-Clarke (Zenith) comes through for second (11.42). Brian Flament (Petrotrin Palo Seco) in third 11.46.
2:32pm: The second heat is up next. They are on their marks. They are off. Ayoka Cummings(Neon Trackers) leads an early lead.  She is challenged by Lisa Wickam (Memphis). Cummings wins from Wickam 12.65 to 12.87 with Peli Alzola (Memphis) third in 13.03. Wind -1.7
2:27pm:The girls under 17 high jump is taking place. On the track the girls under 17 100m semifinals is up next. The first heat is on the line. They are off. No clear leader yet. Onika Murray (Quantum) and Janae  Alexander (Memphis) cross the line almost together.  Murray wins in 12.79 with Alexander in scond in 12.83. Wind -1.7
2:27pm:The girls under 17 high jump is taking place. On the track the girls under 17 100m semifinals is up next. The first heat is on the line. They are off. No clear leader yet. Onika Murray (Quantum) and Janae  Alexander (Memphis) cross the line almost together.  Murray wins in 12.79 with Alexander in scond in 12.83. Wind -1.7
2:20pm:The Boys under 20 110m Hurdles on their marks. Jehue Gordon in lane 3. They are off. Jehue takes lead and win from Shane Miguel. Miguel was him for the first three hurdles but Gordon pulled away to win in 14.09 seconds. Miguel was second in 14.75 with Atiba Wright of Zenith in third in 15.74. Wind reading -1.3m/s.
2:17pm: Wayne Bonaparte of  Point Fortin CC Jets won the boys under 17 100m hurdles in 14.43 second. Kirby Joseph of Toco was second in 14.89 seconds.  The win for that race +2.0 m/s
2:16pm: Good afternoon. The afternoon session is underway. So far the girls under 17 and 20 100m hurdles were staged. There was only one entrant in the girls under 17 and girls under 20 so both ran in one race.
Day One qualifiers
Girls under 20 Long jump Finals (Standard - 5.65m)
1. Carisa Leacock (Bishops Anstey) 6.08m (+2.2m/s)
Girls under 20 triple jump Finals (14.50m)
1. Elton Walcott   (Toco Tafac) 15.82m (-0.7m/s)
2. Seon Michael Stafford  (Toco Tafac) 15.46m windy (+2.7m/s)
Girls under 17 long Jump Finals (5.30m)
1. Isis Wilson (Neon Trackers) 5.33m (+0.3m/s)
Boys under 17 1500m (4:15:00)
1. Mark London  Zenith 4:08:11
Girls under 17 400mFinals (56.70)
1. Kernesha Spann  (Neon Trackers)  55.94
2. Desiree Harper  (Abilene Wildcats) 56.44
Boys under 20 110m Hurdles  Finals (14.95)
1. Jehue Gordon  (Memphis)  14.09(-1.3m/s)
2. Shane Miguel  (Neon Trackers)  14.75 (-1.3m/s)
Boys under 20 400mFinals (47.80)
1. Deon Lendore  (Abilene Wildcats)   46.83

Boys under 17 Shot Putt Finals (13.50)
1. Hezekeil Romeo  (Memphis)   16.07 m
2. Shervorne Worrel (Zenith)   15.32m
3. Kenejeh Williams (Western Springfield) 13.64m
Girls under 20 400m Finals (55.30)
1. Sparkle McKnight  (Neon Trackers)  54.59
Girls under 20 100m (11.80)
1. Michelle Lee Ahye (Concorde) 11.53 (11.64 +3.2m/s)
Boys under 20 100m Finals (10.65)
1. Sabian Cox  (Humming Bird)  10.42(+4.1m/s)
2. Shermund Allsop (Concorde)  10.46
3. Jonathan Holder (Memphis)  10.58
4. Christian Benjamin (Memphis)  10.64
Boys under 20 High Jump Finals (1.95m)
1 .Dominique Richards  (Toco Tafac)  1.95m
Boys under 17 triple jump Finals (13.50)
1. Akeel Edwards  (Toco Tafac)  13.99m (+1.0m/s)