TriStar Nevis 2011

StarMile2.5 Nevis~St Kitts Cross Channel Swim - by Philippe Dutilleul

27 March 2011: Reggae beach, St kitts. The finishers of the first Star Mile are arriving one by one cheered by their friends, family and Reggie Douglas.  What they have done to get there is huge by anyone standards : a 2.5 mile channel cross swim with strong current. 112 swimmers were there this morning at Oualie Beach ready to show they can ! Amongst them, Chris Mc Cormack, and Oiivier Marceau, a 10 year old boy Daryl Appleton from Antigua, Barry Wilson 66 year old from Switzerland. They came from all over the world, France, USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Trinidad, Australia, Antigua, South Africa, St Kitts and Nevis, most of them don t know each other, but they all share the same goal : reaching Reggae Beach in St Kitts.

At 08:15 Winston Crooke gives the start and one by one the athletes jump in the ocean ready to face the unknown. For those who wants to race it is a quick start, and of course this is the case for Olivier Marceau and Chris Mc Cormack, for the others it is just the challenge of testing their swimming capacities and exceeding what they thought were their limits. 

58 minutes later, Olivier Marceau and Chris Mc Cormack are almost head to head fighting for an epic finish. Olivier Marceau will finally be the fastest of the two by only a few meters, and as a symbol of sportsmanship, Olivier Waits for Macca so they can both cross together the finish line together, showing everyone the true value of sport. As for the 10 year old boy he finished an incredible 9th overall for this open water swim. Barry Wilson also crossed the finish line with loads of cheering, as each of the 112 twelve heroes did, just to prove to themselves 'Yes they can' !

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – FRENCH tri-athlete Oiivier Marceau yesterday (Mar. 27) set a new record for the StarMile2.5 Nevis-St. Kitts Cross Channel Swim.

Marceau, who broke the previous record of 1:05:21 set by Rhian Purdy in 2009, was the first to cross the Tri Star finish line at Reggae Beach from a field of 112 swimmers in a time of 58:09 minutes.

Marceau and world renowned tri-athlete Chris Mc Cormack were almost head to head fighting for an epic finish, but Marceau crossed the finish line one second ahead of him.  However, it was evident that Marceau could have chipped some seconds off his 58.09 record-breaking time, but he waited near the finish line for Mc Cormack so that they could have almost crossed it together. Many spectators viewed this act not only one of sportsmanship but also that of a very close friendship between the two tri-athletes, who have competed together in several international events.

Speaking with SKNVibes, Marceau expressed his satisfaction in winning the event and setting a new record, adding that “it was well-organised” and gave kudos to Winston Crooke, the organiser.

“It was a great swim! Chris and I swam together a few times coming across but got separated because of the currant, but overall it was a great event.”

Completing the swim in ninth spot was 10-year-old Daryl Appleton of Antigua. This was the third year for young Appleton who told SKNVibes that he was pleased with his performance.

“It’s my third year and each year I seem to be doing better, and I am just happy to know that I can finish among the top swimmers,” he said.

Arguably, the oldest participant was 66-year-old Barry Wilson of Switzerland who received a virtual standing ovation when he exited the water at Reggae Beach.

Unlike past events, this year’s swim had included a number of professional athletes who are participating in the St. Kitts and Nevis Triathlon Federation’s Tri Star Triathlon, of which the swim was the first of the three disciplines that will conclude on Saturday (Apr. 2).

Sadly, host island Nevis had one participant in Jervan Swanston, who stated shortly before the event started that he did not have a clue what he was getting into, but he intended to complete the course. However, after several minutes in the water, a cramp-affected Swanston was forced to take a boat ride, but he bravely got back into the water to complete the course some 20 minutes from the finish line to a rousing applause.

Two other participants were also forced to take boat rides, but, unlike Swanston, the boat took them all the way to the finish line.
The 2.5-mile swim, which started at Oualie Beach in Nevis and ended at Reggae Beach in St. Kitts, attracted participants from France, USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Antigua, South Africa, St. Kitts and host island Nevis.


Race Details TriStar111 Nevis (Click image to enlarge)
The inaugural TriStar111 Nevis will take place on 2 APR 2011 in Charlestown, Nevis. The island is hosting this innovative format of triathlon entailing a 1km swim, 100km bike leg and 10km run. A brand new treat for Triathletes and sport lovers in a very special destination!


The swim will start in Gallows bay in downtown Charlestown. There will be a Beach start, the course will take the swimmers right around the first buoy past the ferry pier and parallel to Hunkins Drive turning at the second buoy to head back towards the dinghy dock where the swim concludes. Athletes will climb out of the water and collect their 'Bike bag' which contains their helmet, shoes etc., and into which will go their wet gear. The athletes will then run onto Hunkins Drive and into the bike transition area set up in the main car park.

Transition 1 | SWIM/BIKE

After the swim, you will pick up your bike bag and change in the transition tent – both directly on the beach at the swim exit. Then you will pick up your bike and leave the bike park for the cycling leg.


BIKE 100km

Upon leaving the transition area, the bikers will head out along Hunkins Drive then follow the main road through Charlestown and on up towards Pond hill, there will be a course deviation turning right towards Montpelier, through the villages and returns to the main island road. riders then continue circumnavigating the 20 mile(32km) island of Nevis, coming back into Charlestown to complete the first lap, this is to be repeated 3 times. On the last lap the riders will turn down Hunkins Drive to finish and collect their 'Run bag' containing shoes, cap etc.


Transition 2 | BIKE/RUN

Once you rack your bike you will pick up your RUN bag in the transition area. DROP OFF your bag after having changed and leave the transition area to start the last challenge: the run.

RUN 10km

The run course will head out of town towards Bath Village, up to the roundabout turning right towards the port, then right again along the old outer ring road, through Bath Village and into Fort Thomas, along the beach at gallows bay to complete one lap, this will be run twice (TBC) on the last lap the runners head down Hunkins Drive to the finish line, and the cheers of the crowd.


Friends, family and sport loving spectators will welcome you and cheer you on while you cross the Finishline! Time to enjoy and proudly wear your Finisher medal!


Grab your Finisher T-shirt, have drinks and food, get a massage, chill-out with your fellow competitors in the after-finish area. You finished the inaugural TriStar111 Nevis! Congratulations as you have proven: Yes, you can!




Time Limit / Cutoff Times

Swim:           45min
Swim + Bike: 5h30
Total:           7h00


Drafting is not allowed.
Drafting box is 3x7m.

N.B. All Courses are subject to change


Race Week Schedule 


March 24 / 25

During the day Athlete arrivals into St Kitts and/or Nevis, Nevis agricultural open day at Villa grounds.

Saturday March 26

11:30 AM
Island wide motorcade
Nevis dine around, athletes have discounted meals at restaurants, a la carte, beach bar, or local.

Sunday March 27

8:00 AM

StarMile2.5 Nevis~St.Kitts Cross Channel Swim

Meet at Oualie Beach for registration, check-in and race athletes pick-up from 6:45 to 7:45 AM

post race breakfast and beach bash on the sister island of St Kitts
2:00 PM
Horse racing at Indian Castle
Evening Nevis dine around. Athetes have discounted meals at restaurants, à la carte, beach bar, or local.

Monday 28 March

8 -12 AM
BATH VILLAGE CLEAN UP: initiative to clean up the bath village area of Charlestown including the TriStar Nevis RUN course. Everybody is invited to join the Beach cleanup, followed by island orientation, take a tour bus for a look around the many and varied historical sites, the botanical gardens and the Romantic Inns of Nevis.
Evening Nevis dine around. Athetes have discounted meals at 2 restaurants, à la carte, beach bar, or local.

Tuesday 29 March

8 - 12 AM
Main island road clean up, all are invited to take part.
Afternoon Police escorted Bike course familiarization ride, all are welcome.
Evening Nevis dine around, athletes have discounted meals at restaurants, a la carte , beach bar, or local.

Wednesday 30 March

AM Tristar Nevis Star&Co Village opens at the Artisan Village.
AM Tristar Nevis Star&Co Village opens at the Artisan Village.
1 - 4 PM
Athletes check-in and race package pick-up at TriStar Office in Charleston near ferry terminal
5:00 PM
Join in the charity 5km Fun Run/Walk on behalf of the Nevis Pink Lily cancer care foundation.
Evening Old House Cafe, TriStar Island Grill Special.

Thursday 31 March

9 - 4:30 PM
2nd day of Star&Co Village
9:30 AM
IP athlete interview with Greg Phillip at Choice Radio
1 - 4 PM
Athletes check-in and race package pick-up at TriStar Office in Charleston near ferry terminal
3:30 PM
Official opening ceremony and welcome speech from Nevis Premier Joseph Parry.
7:00 PM
VIP & Press Reception at Banana's Restaurant

Friday 1 April

9:00 AM
3rd day of Star&Co Village
9:30 - 12 AM
Seminars at Pinneys Beach Hotel
9:30 - 4 PM
Athletes check-in and race package pick-up at TriStar Office in Charleston near ferry terminal
1 - 6 PM
Bike Park open, bike and bags check in
7:00 PM
TriStar111 Energy Party and race briefing at Coconut Grove Restaurant

Saturday 2 April

6:00 TriStar Nevis bike park opens (all events) -  body marking
7:30 TriStar Nevis bike park closes (all events)
7:45 TAthlete Introduction (by country)
8:00 TriStar11.1 Try-a-tri fun race START. 100m swimming, 10km cycling, 1km running
8:15 TriStar111 Nevis International Triathlon START
8:45 TriStar33.3 Nevis START
2 - 4:30 PM
Athlete check out
all day Star&Co Village open.
7:00 PM
Star Night Awards Party at "Occasions"

Sunday 3 April

12 - 2 PM
Post Race Lunch and race debrief at "Lime"
AM/PM Athletes departures.