Titans Host dynamic Meet by Curtis Morton

Yesterday, Sunday April 18 saw to fruition the A-1 Office Technologies T.A.C. Relay Championship hosted by the Titans Athletics Club of Nevis. The meet was originally scheduled for the previous day, Saturday, but had to be put to Sunday on account of the rain. The meet was held on the patronage of the 1996 4X1 Olympic team, Kim Collins, Maxim Isaiah, Ricardo Liddy, Eric Haynes and Kurvin Wallace. All but Mr. Liddy were confirmed to attend on Saturday, but only Mr. Isaiah and Mr. Wallace were able to make it on Sunday.

A brief opening ceremony saw the commencement of the novel event. Olympian Kurvin Wallace gave the invocation and the National Anthem was rendered beautifully by Mr. Oldain Claxton. Mr. Timothy A. Caines, President of Titans Athletics Club, gave welcome remarks, as well as Mr. Mackie Tross, General Manager of A-1 Office Technology Ltd., Title Sponsor of the event. Mr. Glen Jeffers, President of the St. Kitts/Nevis Amateur Athletic Association made remarks during which he commended the Titans for their efforts in organizing the significant event. The athletes’ oath was taken on behalf of all of the athletes by Carifta Javelin gold medalist U17 Adrian Williams, and the officials’ oath was taken by Mr. Orvis Tyson, Games Registrar. Patrons Kurvin Wallace and Maxim Isaiah addressed the athletes and declared the games open.

Events were keenly competed among the four teams registered:  Titans and Gladiators from Nevis and the Pace Setters and Extreme Velocity from St. Kitts. The first event was the Javelin Open Males and Females both of which were won by the Gladiators Track Club in persons of Adrian Williams and Tesril Nisbet. The first track event, the U15 females 4X200M was won by Titans who also won the Open females. Gladiators won both U17 categories, with the Pace Setters winning the U15 Males and the Extreme Velocity winning the Open Males. Close competition continued throughout the meet, and the overall winner was decided by the slightest of margins.

The meet was decided by medal count, with the team with the most number of gold medals being the winner. At the conclusion of the last event three teams had gained six gold medals so first place was decided by the team with the most silver medals. That team was the Pace Setters Track Club of St. Kitts. Final medal positions were:

1st Pace Setters  6 gold  7 silver  4 bronze
2nd  Gladiators  6 gold  6 silver  2 bronze
3rd Extreme Velocity 6 gold  0 silver  2 bronze
4th  Titans Athletics 5 gold  6 silver  9 bronze

Sponsor for the event were:
Title Sponsor: A-1 Office Technology Ltd. Hunkins Plaza, Charlestown   Advertising Sponsor: Choice Radio 105.3 FM Event Sponsors: Montpelier Plantation Hotel, Digicel (The bigger better network), Nevis Cooperative Credit Union,   GMP Graphics & Printing, Tropical Blossom Nursery, Pennyless Auto Parts, Daytan Service Station, Sandy’s Chicken Fry, Pas Bar on the Waterfront, F.I.T. Wellness Center, Search (Electrical Services) and Maricia Nisbett in memory of Mr. Eustace Nisbett Sr.         

Contributors: Nevis Spring Water, Super foods Supermarket, M.V. Carib Queen, Bargain House Retail Outlet, Nevis Bakery, Newman Bakery, SKN Amateur Athletic Association,  Carib Breweries,  Nevis Disaster Mgmt.

The Titans are now looking forward to competing in the upcoming Sir Reginald Samuel Classic in Antigua slated for May 1st and 2nd and will be raising funds this coming weekend with a luncheon on the Red Cross Building lawn on Friday, a dance at V’s Courtyard on Friday night, a bake sale in Charlestown on Saturday morning, and a bar-be-que on Saturday evening at the clubhouse on the corner of Pump Road and Hamilton. Interested persons can call 667-2184 for tickets or details.


2010 T.A.C. Relay



Sunday 18 April, 2010

Schedule of Events:
2:00pm   Opening Ceremony
  Invocation  Kurvin Wallace, Olympian
  National Anthem  Oldain Claxton
  Welcome Timothy Caines, President Titans Athletics Club
  Remarks Hon. Hensley Daniel, Minister of Sports
  Sponsor Remarks Mr. Mackie Tross, A-1 Office Technology
  Declare Games Open 1996 4X100M Olympic Team (K. Wallace/K. Collins/M. Isaiah/E. Haynes)
Time Event Category
2:20pm Javelin Throw Male and Female
3:00pm 4X200M Under 15 Females
  4X200M Under 15 Males
  4X200M Under 17 Females
  4X200M  Under 17 Males
  4X200M Open Females
  4X200M Open Males
4:00pm 4X800M Open Female
  4X800M Open Male
4:30pm Shot Putt Male and Female
4:30 Medal Presentation 4X2, Javelin, 4X8
5:00pm Sprint Medley Under 15 Females
  Sprint Medley Under 15 Males
  Sprint Medley Under 17 Females
  Sprint Medley Under 17 Males
  Sprint Medley Open Females
  Sprint Medley Open Males
6:00pm 4X100M Under 15 Females
  4X100M Under 15 Males
  4X100M Under 17 Females
  4X100M  Under 17 Males
  4X100M Open Females
  4X100M Open Males
6:30 Medal Presentation Sprint Medley, Shot Putt, 4X1
7:00pm 4X400M Under 15 Females
  4X400M Under 15 Males
  4X400M Under 17 Females
  4X400M  Under 17 Males
  4X400M Open Females
  4X400M Open Males
8:00pm Medal Presentation 4X400M