Titans Meet 2011



2011 A-1/T.A.C. Relay Championship

Saturday 16 April, E.T. Willett Park, Nevis. W.I.

Schedule of Events:

            2:00pm                                                                                   Opening Ceremony

                                Invocation                                                           Kurvin Wallace, Olympian

                                National Anthem                                                Dr. Raymond Rohan-Moving

                                Welcome                                                            Timothy A. Caines, President Titans Athletics Club

                                Remarks                                                              Mr. Glen Jeffers, President, SKN Amateur Athletics Association

                                Remarks                                                              Mr. Lester Blackett, President, Nevis A A A

                                Title Sponsor Remarks                                        Mr. Mackie Tross, GM, A-1 Office Technology Ltd.

        Athletes’ Oath                                                     Lawvinton Forbes, 2011 National Junior 100M Champion

                                Officials Oath                                                     Mr. Orvis Tyson, Games Registrar

                    Declare Games Open                                         Hon. Hensley Daniel, Minister of Sports, NIA

Time                 Event                                                    Category

3:00pm                    4X200M                                                                Under 15 Females

                                4X200M                                                                Under 15 Males

                                4X200M                                                                Under 17 Females

                                4X200M                                                                Under 17 Males

                                4X200M                                                                Open Females

                                4X200M                                                                Open Males


3:30pm                    Distance Medley                                                  Under 15 Females

                                Distance Medley                                                  Under 15 Males

                                Distance Medley                                                  Under 17 Females

                                Distance Medley                                                  Under 17 Males

                                Distance Medley                                                  Open Females

                                Distance Medley                                                  Open Males


4:30pm                    4X100M                                                                Under 15 Females

                                4X100M                                                                Under 15 Males

                                4X100M                                                                Under 17 Females

                                4X100M                                                                Under 17 Males

                                4X100M                                                                Open Females

                                4X100M                                                                Open Males


            5:00pm                    4X400M                                                                Under 15 Females

                                4X400M                                                                Under 15 Males

                                4X400M                                                                Under 17 Females

                                4X400M                                                                Under 17 Males

                                4X400M                                                                Open Females

                                4X400M                                                                Open Males


            6:00pm                    Sprint Medley                                                      Under 15 Females

                                Sprint Medley                                                      Under 15 Males

                                Sprint Medley                                                      Under 17 Females

                                Sprint Medley                                                      Under 17 Males

                                Sprint Medley                                                      Open Females

                                Sprint Medley                                                      Open Males


7:00pm                   Closing                                                                Points Standings

                                                                                                            Presentation of Championship Trophy