Technical Issues

Technical notices/discussions/issues/solutions will be posted here for the Secretariat & Technical personnel
22/02/10:   A training session in Finish Lynx (Photo- Finsh) will be held on either Friday 26th Feb or Monday 1st March 2010, focusing on the practical side (some theory required of course). The proposed venue is Grove Park. 
3 meets will be covered using the full Meet Management & Photo-finish system prior to the Inter-Primary meet on 24th March namely:
  • Tues 2nd March  -  Maude Crosse Primary
  • Wed 3rd March   -  Charlestown Primary
  • Wed 10th March -  Charlestown Secondary
22/02/10:  To Secretariat personnel & Technical personnel for all Schools  (posted by the Meet Manager)
Firstly, we wish thank all of you for attending the training session for Team Management (17 Feb) and additionally for those who attended the Meet Management Workshop (18 Feb). Kindly also express our thanks to your schools or other agencies.
We are proposing a follow-up session which will focus on hand-on training (setup and entries for a meet). The intent is to give you the ability to use the programs for your Sports meets and to further enhance your skills in the use of the programs to properly enter your teams for Inter Primary. The session is proposed for Friday 26th February at 9 am at the Disaster Offices (to be finalised by Tuesday 23 Feb). 
If you don't have either program, contact Quincy Prentice at 662-5128 for assistance in obtaining the program(s).
To assist in the dissemination of information, I have created a page on the website for the posting of Technical information useful to you. We may also arrange a web conference if deemed necessary.
Further information will be sent via this media (email) as required. A daily visit to your email is therefore encouraged.
P.S. Laptops will be required for the training session with the programs already installed.