The 2012 Aquavita Cheerleading Competition is being staged with a difference this year.
It will take the form of an exciting challenge  between the Basseterre High School Blue & Golden Eagles and the Cayon High School Green Valley Falcons.

The Green Valley Falcon of CHS will perform first followed by the BHS'  Blue & Golden Eagles.


The competition will be held on Friday March 23rd, 2012 at the Silver Jubilee Athletic Stadium at Bird Rock at 7 p.m. Squads are expected to report to the Call Room at the stadium no later than5:00 pm. Squads will be escorted to the competition area 15 minutes before the start of the event.


Cheerleaders shall serve as a support group for their team entering the SKNAAA Interschool Athletics Competition. The squad shall strive to boost school spirit, display cheerleading skills, promote good sportsmanship and develop positive crowd involvement.

  • Cheerleaders must wear uniforms, which are age appropriate and would ensure a safe performance. Please pay close attention to the following guidelines regarding the uniform:-
  • All skirts / dresses should be no more than 5 inches above the knee and must be worn with matching shorts. Female shorts (not tights) are allowed and must be no more than 5 inches above the near and should not be the ‘low rise’ type. Males should ensure that their pants cover the entire posterior.
  • School colors must be utilized.
  • When standing, no part of the midriff (front or back), breast or underwear shall be visible.
  • Single shoulder (cold shoulder) uniform tops will be permitted if used with a strap.


The following will be done prior to the start of the competition:
  • Introduction to squad’s coach and captain
  • Gathering of information on opening of routine, name of squad and sponsor(s). Squads are discouraged from approaching sponsors that are competitors of the sponsors of the meet or the SKNAAA.
  • Examination of uniforms, jewelry, fingernails and size of squad


Each squad will be granted a five (5)-minute time limit to perform.

Timing will commence when the squad is in position and a designated member of the group raises his /her hand to indicate the start of the performance to the judges’ coordinator. It is expected that the school’s coach will indicate the format of the squad’s opening sequence i.e announcement of some form, movement, choreography, voice or music.


The routine must be performed to professionally recorded music and should include a cheer or chant (of at least 30 seconds) promoting the individual school. The said routine must be appropriate for family viewing and include stunts, turns, leaps, lifts, jumps, etc.


Each squad must have at least twelve (12) cheerleaders and no more than twenty-five (25) persons who are currently full time students of the school. Proof of attendance will be required if deemed necessary.


Cheering squads may use props of their choice and will be given one (1) minute to get them in place prior to the start of the performance and remove them following the performance. Props comprising fire or water will NOT be permitted. Squads are responsible for the transportation of their props to and from the venue as well as for their placement and removal for the performance.


Squads are required to record their music on a CD-R. The chosen music should be professionally recorded. The lyrics must not contain any vulgar language and should not promote sex, drugs, liquor, gangs, racism or abuse of any kind. Squads are advised to provide the DJ with specific instructions prior to the start of the competition.

  • The judging panel will consist of one (1) judges’ coordinator, five (5) judges, one (1) tabulator and one (1) timer.
  • Judges’ Coordinator: Presides over the judging process and conducts pre competition checks.
  • Scoring Judges: Scores each squad’s performance.
  • Timer: Records the times of each squad.
  • Tabulator: Tabulates the scores recorded by the judges.
  • Judges will be competent individuals who are knowledgeable about the art of cheerleading and choreography and are very capable of making unbiased evaluations.
  • To tabulate a squad’s final score, the highest and lowest scores will be dropped and the remaining three scores will be tallied. Deductions if any will be done ONLY by the tabulator.

A master score sheet will be available for the coaches ONLY to review. The date for review will be indicated by the organizers. Individual judges’ scores will not be available for public viewing.

The judges’ decision is final.


Any squad that does not adhere to the guidelines set by the organizers shall be penalized as indicated below:

For exceeding the performance time limit, deductions will be as follows:-
    1 – 5 seconds overtime: no deduction
    6 + seconds overtime: deduction of 5 points for every 5 seconds over

Five (5) points will be deducted for each of the following infractions: Use of vulgar or suggestive movements and inappropriate lyrics, refusal to adhere to guidelines regarding uniform, jewelry, fingernails, placement and removal of props and lifts.

Deductions will be made from the final score.


In case of a tie, the squad with the highest points in the ‘fundamentals’ category will be declared the winner. 


WESTERN UNION has kindly contributed the cash prizes for this year's competition. The sum of $1800 and the Executive Cup will be awarded to the winner while $1300 will be presented to the school that places second.


Fundamentals..............................................  (40 points)
Choreography...............................................  (30 points)
Projection/Expression/Showmanship..............  (10 points)
Overall Presentation......................................  (10 points)
Cheer/Chant …………........………….......……   (10 points)


If lifts are included in the routine, bases must consist of at least three persons who must have both feet on the ground at all times.
  • Any act where only one person supports the weight of another is not permitted.
  • ALL jewelry must be removed prior to the start of the competition. Long fingernails are forbidden.
  • An EMS team will be on hand to assist if needed.