Stephanie Nisbett




22 June

Stephanie Nisbett of Nevis excels at National Champs

Stephanie Nisbett of Nevis, won the most Outstanding Female Athlete award, at the St. Kitts - Nevis National Championships, held at the Sandy Point Recreation Grounds, on Sunday 22 June. Stephanie Nisbett of Cotton Ground, won the Long Jump with 5.81m, the Triple Jump with 11.35m, the Shot-put with 10.63m, and placed 2nd in the 100m in 12.5s.

She just returned to the Federation: Kevon from Lindenwood University in Missouri, where she is has an Athletic scholarships. Stephanie is currently preparing to compete at the CAC Games scheduled for Grenada, and the Frankie Colon Games to be held in Puerto Rico on July 26th 2003.

Stephanie Nisbett has performed very well on the collegiate circuit in the Long and Triple Jump, as well as in other field events.

Events in the National Championships included the sprint, middle distance events and field events. Most of the overseas University athletes competed in the meet, which will be used to select National teams for the CAC Games (July 4 - 6) in Grenada and the Pan Am Games (August 5 - 9) in Santo Domingo.


Long Jump 2002
    RANK ATHLETE                 YR SCHOOL                    SEED MARK

       1 Haywood, Betty-Ann    JR  McKendree (Ill.)           19'05.25"   
       2 Nisbett, Stephanie     JR  Lindenwood (Mo.)      19'03.25"   
       3 Schmidt, Rochelle        SO Doane (Neb.)              18'09.25"   

Triple Jump 2002

       1 Mihaltan, Shannon        SR Hastings (Neb.)                      39'11.25"   
       2 Schmidt, Rochelle        SO Doane (Neb.)                          39'06.00"   
       3 Gaubier, Rose             JR Life (Ga.)                                   39'01.25"   
       4 Haywood, Betty-Ann    JR McKendree (Ill.)                        38'09.50"   
       5 Whittick, Petra              SO Mid-Amer Nazarene (Kan.)   38'07.50"   
       6 Nisbett, Stephanie    JR Lindenwood (Mo.)                    38'06.75"   

Long Jump 2003

  1. Charlene McQueen   SR Florida Memorial   19-04.00   04/26 Jacksonville, FL
  2. Melanie Lachapelle   FR Windsor   5.81m   19-00.75   Conv; 05/10 Occidental Invit
  3. Rachelle Schmidt       JR Doane     18-10.50   18-10.50   04/04 Crete, NE
  4. Brandy Hemphill        FR Oklahoma Baptist   18-08.50   18-08.50  04/18 Edmond, OK
  5. Stephanie Nisbett  JR Lindenwood  5.67m   18-07.25  Conv; 04/26 Edwardsville, IL
Triple Jump 2003
  • 1 Rochelle Schmidt      JR Doane College (Ne) 12.22m 1.3  40-01.25
  • 2 Petra Whittick            JR MidAm Naz                12.02m 0.6  39-05.25
  • 3 Julie Baumert            JR Hastings                     12.01m 1.3  39-05.00
  • 4 Katie Grant                SO Point Loma N            11.87m 1.4  38-11.50
  • 5 Ivy Sample                 SR Hastings                     11.78m 1.1  38-07.75
  • 6 Stephanie Nisbett  JR Lindenwood                11.73m 0.4  38-06.00


Kurvin Wallace



 I won, no you or you, well who?

  • (L to R):  Danny Esdaille, Kurvin Wallace, Dwayne Warner
  • at the Development Meet held at Grove Park, Nevis on 2nd March 2003

Kurvin (centre) with friends Kim Collins and Valma Bass


Kurvin (extreme left) with 4x100m teammates win silver at the 2002 Frankie Colon Games in Puerto Rico