Scholarship awards (written in 2009)

The recent accomplishments of our Caribbean athletes at the Beijing Olympics have clearly established the Caribbean region as a Track Field power.  In light of this, numerous Colleges/Universities in the United States are salivating with eagerness to recruit Caribbean athletes.  This has made it even more imperative that our local athletes continue to participate in track and field into the Secondary School and beyond.  Too often our local athletes, for some reason or the other, loose their enthusiasm for the sport upon entering high school.  Yet, this trend for the most part is self defeating and imprudent.  It is especially so for those students who wish to continue their education beyond the secondary level.

Colleges/Universities across the United States are lining up to grant track and field scholarships to those who meet their standards.  Clearly, if an athlete’s career only extends to the primary school level he/she will be unable to access such scholarships.  In the economically depressed environment that we have found our selves in, every assistance towards our college education should be welcomed.

Gaining a scholarship is no mere pipe dream.  Nevisians have had a long and distinguished history of gaining scholarships as a result of their continued participation in track and field.  During the 1970’s Christine “Suzie” Lewis gained a scholarship.  The 1980’s witnessed Philson Lescott and Janice Kelly doing the same.  The 1990’s was the era of Kevon Pierre, Timothy Caines, Serrisa Rawlins, Stephanie Nisbett, Natalie Cozier, Jeron Webbe and Fletcher St. Jean.  This trend continued into the 21st Century with Shermon Caines, Tanika Liburd, Linton Liburd, Shervon Greene and most recently Jevon Claxton.

Presently, we are in communication with five colleges in the United States and they are waiting with eager anticipation for me to send biographies of our local athletes.  This demonstrates that the opportunity to gain a track and field scholarship is at our finger tips.  This is truly an exciting time to be a track and field athlete.

Track and field can open the door to a college education.  A college education can open the door to myriads of life’s opportunities.

Wakely Daniel

Vice President
Nevis Amateur Athletic Association
Other scholarship awardees
Denise Ward, Christine Lewis
Philson Lescott, Janice Kelly, Valma Bass
Kevon Pierre, Timothy Caines, Serrisa Rawlins, Stephanie Nisbett, Natalie Cozier, Jeron Webbe, Fletcher St. Jean, Dwayne Warner, Stephen Caines
Shermon Caines, Tanika Liburd, Linton Liburd, Shervon Greene, Jevon Claxton, Jamol Hamilton, Latoya Jones, Miles Davis, Tesril Nisbett