Entry Standards

Pan Am Junior Athletic Championships Qualification Standards and Criteria
Port of Spain, Trinidad : July 31st - 2nd August 2009
Boys Event Girls
10.45s 100m 11.70s
21.30s 200m 24.30s
47.80s 400m 55.10s
1:52.78 800m 2:10.65
4:05.60 1500m 4:42.99
  3000m 10.75.49
15:15.00 5000m   
  100m (H) 14.14s
  14.24s (0.995m) / 14.64s (1.067m) 110m (H)  
53.34s 400m (H) 60.64s
No Standard  4x100m No Standard 
No Standard  4x400m No Standard 
2.05m High Jump 1.70m
4.10m Pole Vault 3.05m
7.50m Long Jump 6.10m
15.60m Triple Jump 12.90m
18m (6kg) / 16.30m (7.26kg) Shot Put 14.60m (4kg)
54m (1.75kg) / 50.50m (2kg) Discus 47.50m (1kg)
59.80m Javelin 43.66m
 6875pts (1.067, 7.26kg SP, 2kg DT) or 7050pts   Decathlon/Heptathlon  5150pts 
 (1.067, 6kg SP, 1.75kg DT-05)     
 or 7090pts (0.995, 6kg SP 1.75kg; DT-06)     
*  Performances must be achieved between 1st January 2008 to 30th June 2009.
*  All performances must be achieved during competitions organized or sanctioned by the IAAF, its Area Associations and its National Federations.   Thus results achieved at club, university or school competitions must be certified by the National Federation of the country in which the competition was organized.
*  Wind assisted performances (over 2m / sec) will not be accepted.
* Hand-timed performances in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 110/100 hurdles and 4 x100m relays will not be accepted.
*  To be eligible, athletes must participate in both the 2009 National Juniors Championships and the National Senior Championships / Invitational, or must have received an exemption from the SKNAAA.
*  Qualified athletes must also demonstrate and maintain a level of fitness that will be required of them to participate at this level of competition.
* A maximum of two (2) qualified athletes per event can be selected by the SKNAAA.
*  The SKNAAA Executive through its selection committee reserves the right to determine the final team size and participants; all of whom must sign the SKNAAA's Team Code of Conduct/Contract.
* Age Eligibility - Only athletes of the ages  16, 17, 18, or 19, years old on or before 31st December 2009 can compete.