Day 3 Blogs

PanAm Juniors 2009 Blogs - DAY 3
  "LIVE" Reports by Clayton Clarke of Trinidad & Tobago
   Includes Interviews, Race Reports, Blogs, Photos
   Sunday 2nd August 2009
7:42 pm: 1st 3:03:25 2nd 3:07:70 3rd 3:09:05.  US was dq in the women's race.
7:39pm: US leads on change over from Jam and Grenada.  US leads with 100m from TT then Jamaica.   US wins from TT with Canada passes Jam to take bronze.
7:37pm: They are off. Kiranis James of Grenada makes up stagger. Grenada hands off first from US and Jam.  Grenad hans off first from US, Jam and TT
7:29pm:  Lane assignment:
lane 1 St. Kitts Nevis
lane 2 vacant
lane 3 Canada
lane 4 Grenada
lane 5  Trinidad and Tobago
lane 6 Jamaica
lane 7 United States
lane 8 Dom Rep
7:28pm: An official is raising a yellow flag att he 100m mark.  The men's 4 x 400m event up next.
7:25pm: US wins in 3 mins 36.34 seconds with JAM in second in 3:37:65 and BAH third 3:42:14.  CAN fourth, BVI 5th, Dom Rep 6TH, Costa Rica 7th, TT DNF
7:22pm: US leads at changeover from Jam and Bahamas with  BVI 4th.  Jam and US battle down the home stretch. US pulls from Jam with Bahamas third. 
7:21pm: US hands off first then Jam. US leads down the backstretch from JAM, BVI,TT.  Jamaica closes the gap.  US first on changevoer from Jam and BVI.
7:19pm: They are on their marks. They are off. Jamaica makes up stagger on CRC. US makes up stagger on TT.
7:16pm: The women's 4 x 400m on the line
lane1  Dom Rep
lane 2 Bahamas
lane 3 United States
lane 4  Trinidad and Tobago
lane 5 Canada
lane 6 Jamaica
lane 7 Costa Rica
lane 8 British Virgin Islands
7:06pm:The 4 x 400m relays up next.
7:05pm: After 4 rounds Albert Johnson of US leads the men's TJ  with 15.62 metres.
7:07pm: Ocampo wins in 10 min 32.38 seconds. Borell 10:40:46 and Furlan 10:56:22
6:57m: Final laps to go in the steeplechase. Ocampo leads from Borell of Argentina with Furlan of Canada in third. With 100m to go Ocampo is leading and now she wins. Borell finishes strongly for second with Furlan taking the bronze.
6:56pm: Deveaux  just jumped 15.18 metres.
6:54pm: The women's 3000m Steeplechase is on.  Bueno Ocampo of Cuba leads by 80 metres and the lap counters fails.
6:33pm: Albert Johnson just leaped 15.82 in the men's TJ.  Deveaux of Bahamas just jumped 15.10m
6:30pm: Canadian just equalled Pan Am High jump(2.27)
6:27pm: Jean Rosa of Brazil fouled in the men's TJ. Ahmed wins from Kevern and Lowe.  Ahmed ran 14 mins 14:11 sec
6:15pm: Ahmed leads from Lowe and Perierra with 5 laps remaining. Ahmed opens a gap.
6:14pm: Ahmed takes the lead just over 7 laps to go.  He nows leads form Pereira, Lowe and Kevern.  Lopez and Aravena of Chile next.
6:12pm: Lowe leads from Ahmed of Canada from Pereirra of Brazil with 8 laps to go.
6:11pm: Lowe of the US now leads with Perriera of Brazil now in second. With 9 laps left. Lowe from Periera from Kevern.
 6:08pm: The 5000m just start.  Pamphile of St. Lucia takes the early lead. US Lowe and Kevern in second and third. After one lap the pack closes and passes Pamphile.
6:03pm: Men's 5000m finals about to start.
6:02pm: Allita Boyd US won the women's LJ with 6.06m. Finley just increase his lead in the Men Shot throwing 20.33 m. Robert Collingwood just threw 18.99 m
5:57pm: Results of the women's Heptathlon
1st Vanessa Spinola  BRA  5574
2nd Ryan Krais          USA  5454
3rd Cynthia Alves      BRA
5:54pm: US athletes make good jump in the men's TJ.
5:53pm: Mason Finley just threw 20.20 metres to lead in the men's shot.  The distance is a new Pan Am record.
5:50pm:Final lap in the women's 300m Two Mexicans and one US battle with 200m to go.  Mexico finish one two.
5:44 pm: The women's 3000m finals underway.   4 laps to go. Quincy Wilson of TT just threw 18.44 in the men's Shot.
5:34pm: The finals of the men's hig jump going on.  The medalists in the men's 800m going to receive their medals.
5:33pm: The women's 3000m finals about to start.
5:29pm: The sky is clear.  It is a cool.  The finalists in the women's Javelin are being introduced. Tesril Nesbitt of St. Kitts/Nevis in the line up.
5:26pm: The finalists in the men' shot putt are being introduced.  Mason Finley of US going for his second gold. He won the Discus on Friday.
5:22pm: They are off the second time in asking. The women's javelin final about to start too.
First lap completed.  Krais leads from Spinola at the bell. With 200m to go Krais leads from Spinola.  Krais wins from McIntosh who passes Spinola with 100m to go.
5:20pm: The final event( 800m)  of the Women's heptathlon about to start.  They are off. Another false start.
5:15pm: Results of the 800m:
1st Raidel Morales CUB 1:48:09 
2nd Garvin Nero TT 1:48:90
3rd Joseph Abbott US 1:48:99
5:11pm: False start in the men's 800m. Sandisha Antoine of St. Lucia just made her jump.  The 800m off. Close at the break.  Close at 600m. Mexican Esparanza leads from Cuban Morales with TT Nero third. Same order at the bell. With 200m to go Cuba leads from  TT. With 100m Cuba leads from TT.  Cuba wins from TT and Abbott US finishes third.
5:10pm: The men's 800m finalists on the line.  The men's triple jump finalists warming up.
5:07pm: Price is second in 2:05:13 and Crofts is third in 2:05:19
5:03pm: The 800m race just start. Shenelle Price leads.  She is out fast. Almanza of Cuba is second. price leads at the bell. Close battle for third.  With 200m to go. Price still in front but Almanza closes and pass her with 70 m to win. Price struggles in the end and close finish for second with the two Canadians.
2:03:83 first.  
5:00pm: The women's 800m finals up next.  The men's high jump finals about to start. The finalists for the men's shot putt just entered.
:4:56pm: They are on their marks. Even start.  Wynne of US takes early lead.  Wynne leads coming into the home stretcha nd wins from  Gordon and Wyatt finishes third.  The crowd goes wild.  Time 1st  49.31 and 2nd 50.08 3rd 50.61
4:54pm: Here is the line up for the men's 400m H:
lane 3 Reginald Wyatt US
lane 4 Jehue Gordon TT
lane 5 William Wyann US
lane 6 Gabriel  CAN
lane 7 Edison  BRA

4:46pm: Tracey won in 57.82. Mohammed was second in 58.42 and Danielle Dowie of Jam third in 58.92.
4:43pm: They are on their marks.  They are off.   Dililah Mohammed makes up the stagger. She is lane 6.  With 100m to go. Nikita Tracy of Jamaica leads and wins from Mohammed.   Close call for third.
4:37pm: The final session of the 2009 Pan American Junior Champs about to start.  Was delayed by 40 minutes because of rain.  It is still over cast.  The final of the women's 400m Hurdles about to start.