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   Saturday 1st August 2009

Saturday 1st August - DAY TWO - Session 3
12:52pm: The women’s Discus finals just completed.  The pole vault in the Men’s decathlon still going on.

9:54 am: Starting height in the high jump is 1.40 m
9:45am: The event of the women’s heptathlon, the high jump is about to start.  The decathletes are getting ready for the discus events.
After six events the standings are:
  1. Curtis Beach  USA 4756
  2. Gray Horn  USA 4670
  3. Taylor Corney CAN 4415
  4. Gregorio Lemus COL 4337

9:37am: The men’s 10000 meters was the first event on day two. The first event of the women’s heptathlon, 100m Hurdles got underway. US Ryan Krais leads from the Brazilian pair of Venessa Spinola and Cynthia Alves.  The men’s decathlon continued with the men.
Saturday 1st August - DAY TWO - Session 4 (to be posted during evening session)