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  Friday 31st July 2009.
Friday 31st July 2009 - Day one - Session one
12:19am: The morning session comes to an end.  US leads the medal standing with 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze
12:18pm: Willers gets ready to make final attempt at 4:40 m. She fails to clear.
12:05pm: Willer just cleared 4.30 metres to reset Pan Am record. Willer will now attempt 4.40 m.
12:04 pm: The decathlon shot putt now completed.
12:02 pm: Waygandt out at 4:25 m. Willer now gets ready to take final attempt at 4.30 pm.
11:50am; Willer just cleared 4.25 metres.
11:48am: Weygandt cleared 4.25 for a new Pan Am junr record.
11:44am: Shade Weygandt just equaled the record.`Bar now at 4.25 m
11:40 am: Willer equaled the championships record.
11:35 am: Both US athletes clear 4.15 m.  Bar now at 4.20 metres.
11:33am  NatalieWillers of the US just failed on her first attempt at 4.15 metres11:30am: Bar at 4.15 meters in the women’s pole vault. The two Americans left. Third event in the Men’s decathlon, the shot putt now taking place.
10.59am: The long jump of the men’s Decathlon going on.  The finals of the women’s pole Vault still going on. Four competitors left.
10.42am:  The finalists for the men’s 400m finals are:
  1. TavarisTait               US  46.12
  2. Joey Hughes             US  46.75
  3. Rondell Bartholemew US  47.12
  4. Darion Ben       JAM  47.21
  5. Tayron Reyes      DR  47.34
  6. Kirani James      GRN  47.61
  7. Henderson Estafanni   BRZ  47.70
  8. Michael Turnkus     CAN  47.72
10:34am: Third semi on the way. James and Nevers running strong.  James leads into the home stretch.C Trnkus of Canada in second with Matthew of TT third.
10:32am: The third semi about to start.  Kirani James in lane 6.  False start.  Bar at 3.70 m in the women’s Pole Vault.
10:30am: Finalists of the women’s  400m 
  1. Alishea Usery US    54.87 sec
  2. Diamond Richardson US   54.92
  3. Alejandra Cherizola COL  55.46
  4. Jennifer Padilla      COL  55.52
  5. Amoy Blake       JAM  55.56
  6. Jodi Ann Muir      JAM  55.70
  7. Sparkle McKnight    TT  55.76
  8. Ashley Kelly  BVI  56.00
The finals carded for 5:55 pm (EC)
10:26am: The second semis on the line. They are off. US leads from Brazil and Jam5
10:19am: The first heat about to start. First of three. US leads with coming into the home stretch from GRN. Hughes of US wins in 46.75 with Rondel Bartholemew second in 47.15
10:15am: The women’s pole vault finals about to start. Five competitors  The semifinals of the men’s 400m about the start.  Athletes for first heat on the line
10:14am: Richardson of US said after the race, she was focused on executed her race and she is excited about the finals.
10:10am:They are off the second time in asking. With 200m to go Richardson of US take the lead. Wih 100m to go US and Muir of Jamica with Kelly of BVI in third.
10:08am: False start in the third semis.
10:05am: Announcer on track interviews winner from Mexico. The third semifinals of the women’s semi about to start.
10:01am: The athletes in the second semis on the line. Trefasana White of SKN in lane two.  Sparkle McKnight(TT) leads coming into the home straight. Mexico wins from TT and SKN.
9:56am: Alishea Usery of the US in lane 7 makes up stagger.  Amoy Blake(JAM) is second.  Alishea. Close finish between Blake and Jeniffer Padila(COL) for second.
9:56am: The starters for the first of three heats of the women’s 400m semis under starters orders. Top two and best two fastest two advance to the finals later today.
9:54am: Officials results of the Men’s 1500m finals
  1. Mark Fleet US     3 mins 48:04 sec
  2.                    Can   3 mins 48:29 sec
  3. Lopez         Chile 3 mins 48.45 sec
9: 45am: The runners for the first heat for the women’s 400m semifinals
9:43am: Decathlon 100m results:
  1. Bra 804
  2. US797
  3. Bra748

  4. CHIL
  5. US
  6. COL
  7. CAN
  8. CAN
9:41am: Rae now leads, Fleet and Lopez battles for the lead. Fleet passes Rae and Lopez to win. US takes both 1500m races.
9:39am: Rae, Esparaza still lead with two laps to go.  With 600m to go Rae, Esparaza, Mac Fleet(US), Ivan Lopez(Chile), Kemoy Campbell(Jam) follow.  Mexico leads with one lap to go.
9:38am:Jeremy Rae(CAN), Juan Esparaza(Mex) in first and second.
9:38am; Men’s 1500m finals just started.  Athletes still bunched. 
9;37am: The third finals of the morning about to start
Medal standings:
  • Mex 1   1  0
  • Col   0  1  1
  • US   1  0  1
9:35am: The decathletes walk down to the long jump pit for their second event.  The women’s pole vault finalists are warming up.
9:32am: The athletes for the men’s 1500m finals on the line. Garvin Nero of TT, non starter. Kemoy Campbell of Jamaica among the starters.  
9:27am: Official results of the women’s 1500m final
  1. Jordan Hassay US 4 mins 26.26 sec
  2.                         Mex 4 mins 30.72 seconds
  3. Taylor Wallace US 4 mins 32.74 seconds
9:26am: Speaking after the race, Hassay said “it was just another day”
9:23am: The Men’s 1500m finals to start at 9:40am.
             The second event(long jump) of the Men’s Decathlon.
9:21am: The first track final was the women’s 10,000m walk.  That event began at 7am.  The first event(100m) of the men’s decathlon took place as well. US athletes won both heats.
9;19am: Hassay leads from Laura Galvan of Mexico, Taylor Wallace(US)  and Julieta Bautista (Mex)
9:19am: Jordan leads with 200m to go. Galvamin second, Wallace third, Bautista forth.
9:18pm: Hassay leads with 600m to go.  Galvan and Bautista catch the Wallace and passes her at the bell
9:17pm: Mexico in third and fourth.
9:16am: Hassay leads from teammate with two laps to go.
9:16am: Jordan Hassay takes the lead from the bell.
Second track final, Women’s 1500m finals