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Nevis is located in the northern sector of the Leeward Islands chain, in the Eastern Caribbean,  1,300 miles southeast of Miami, and one hour by plane from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Renowned for its beautiful mountain scenery, the island occupies 36 square miles and is dominated by Nevis Peak, which rises to a height of 3,265 feet in the center of the island. The capital, Charlestown, is situated on the western, or leeward side of the island. Nevis has a typical West Indies maritime tropical climate, high temperatures averaging 78 degrees Fahrenheit are offset by northeasterly trade winds and humidity is relatively low.

The Nevis Amateur Athletic Association was formed in 1976, with one of the founding members being the Honourable Vance Amory, Premier of Nevis.  The Association experienced some difficult periods during its more than 25 years of existence, but the future looks promising given:
  • the quality of the current athletes;
  • the technical support from dedicated individuals, Coaches and Administrators;
  • the overwhelming public support, and
  • the assistance of the Nevis Island Administration.
This website is intended to inform the general public in Nevis, and beyond to the wider Caribbean region and the World, of the athletic abilities of our athletes in Nevis, once given a chance to train and compete.  In the process, these athletes become our Ambassadors at home and abroad, while getting the opportunity to excel in their choosen sport, which also offers them academic possibilities.
We hope you enjoy the site and would appreciate your support in any way possible.  Kindly contact us at and give your suggestions and ideas about this website and Athletics in specific.
The Executive Officials of the Association for 2008/9 are as follows:
President                    -   Lester Blackett
Vice President           -   Wakely Daniel
Secretary                    -   Mrs. Carla Liburd
Treasurer                    -   Carl Claxton
PRO                             -   Halstead Byron
Technical Officer        -  Colin Walters
Ex-officio members   -  Floyd Robinson, Alsted Pemberton, Shefton Liburd

Composition  of  the  Committee depends  on  the  meet

Steering Committee:  Lester Blackett, Halstead Byron, Alstead Pemberton, Carl Claxton, Floyd Robinson, Shefton Liburd, Wakely Daniel, Colin Walters

Technical:  Wakely Daniel

Secretariat:  Floyd Robinson

Facility/Grounds:   Merril Carbon

Finance:   Carl Claxton

Food/Refreshments:   Carla Liburd

Team:  Wakely Daniel, Elquemedo Willet

Security/Traffic Control:   Police representative

Accommodation:  Shirley Wilkes

Transport:  Alsted Pemberton

Publicity/Magazine:  Lester Blackett

Protocol/Liaison:  Carla Liburd

Medical: Mrs. Anslyn


Youth:   Carol Liburd, Oliver Beazer, Elquemedo Willet, Lydia Claxton, Carl Tucket, Natalie Nisbett (More to be added)

Juniors:   Wakely Daniel, Denzil Tuckett

Seniors:   Wakely Daniel, Denzil Parris

based on current primary roles/responsibilities


Scaled Plan of Grove Park Track  -  300m
                               Finish Line All Track Events