NACAC President in BVI

NACAC President: athletes shouldn’t say ‘their country isn’t doing for them’


TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands—NACAC President Neville “Teddy” McCook, is bothered by young athletes, after finding success, saying that their country isn’t doing anything for them. McCook was the guest speaker during Saturday night’s British Virgin Islands Athletics Association’s first Athletes Awards Recognition Gala, that attracted 200 persons, including athletes, sponsors, government officials along with friends and supporters of athletics.

“We have this foolish adage that when a youngster gets to a certain point, we hear them continue saying ‘my country doesn’t do anything for me,’” he noted. “But, I dare anyone, from Mr. Bolt down, to go and demand a lane at the Olympic Games and I’m sure he’s not going to get it, if he doesn’t have a Jamaica flag on his back. I think we have to stop our youngsters when they keep on saying their country doesn’t do anything for them,” McCook added.

The IAAF Area Rep said an athlete’s country does the first thing for them by allowing them the opportunity to participate at the highest level. “I think it behooves us as individuals and leaders to stop youngsters at the very early stage, when they continue in this very foolish vein,” he stated.

Photos credit:Todd Van Sickle