LIYouth 2011 Tech Info


21st-22nd MAY


Venue: James Ronald Webster Park

Following are the Technical Regulations for the 2011 Leeward Islands Youth Track and Field Championships.
All delegations will be received at the Wallblake Airport or at the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal by representatives of the Local Organizing Committee. They will be immediately transported to the Accreditation Centre at the Games Village, in Island Harbour, Anguilla, where the head of each delegation is expected to immediately settle all financial obligations.
Departure tax at the air and sea ports are as follows;
Wallblake Airport= $20.00 USD
Blowing Point Ferry Terminal=  $5.00 USD
3. TIME:
a. The Opening Ceremony will take place on Saturday May 21, 2011 commencing at 9:30pm. The meet will begin at 10:00am daily.
b. Teams will be expected to arrive at the venue by 8:30 am on the morning of the opening ceremony and by 9:00am the following day.
 The competition will be held in three categories:
(a) Under 11 years    -      As of 31st December 2011 - Athletes born in 2001 and after
(b) Under 13 years  -       As of 31st December 2011 - Athletes born in 1999 and 2000
(c) Under 15 years -      As of 31st December 2011 -  Athletes born in 1997 and 1998

 Under 11 -  100m, 200m 400m, 800m, Cricket Ball Throw, High Jump, Long Jump and 4 x 100m Relay.
 Under 13 -  100m, 200m 400m, 800m, Cricket Ball Throw, High Jump, Long Jump and 4 x 100m Relay.
 Under 15 -  100m, 200m 400m, 800m, Shot Put, High Jump, Long Jump and 4 x 100m Relay.
 Open -  1200m and 4 x 400m Relay.
(a) The competition will take place at the James Ronald Webster Park located on Queen Elizabeth Avenue, The Valley, Anguilla. The park is a grassed facility that accommodates an eight(8) lane 400m grass track, with provisions for Cricket Ball Throw, High Jump, and Shot Put on the infield. The Long Jump pit is located adjacent to the track.   
a.A Registration Office will be set up under a tent at the Call Room Area
b.A Call Room will be set up under a tent on the tennis court at the Southern end of the park.
• Each Country is allowed to enter two (2) athletes per event. Athletes must wear the numbers provided.
• For medical purposes, all Countries are to declare special needs to the Medical Team in advance of the start of the meet
• Athletes shall compete in a maximum of five events including relays.
• All athletes must compete in their respective categories except in open events (1200m and 4x400m relay).
• There will be Timed-Finals for ALL Individual Track Events up to and including the 400M.
• Athletes will be randomly seeded into lanes by a meet management software.
The minimum number of athletes allowed for an event to take place is four (4) from three (3) countries.
• Each participant is allowed 3 Trials and the 8 Finalists will receive 3 further Trials as stipulated in the IAAF Handbook
The starting heights are:
Under 11: Girls – 0.90m Boys – 1.00m
Under 13: Girls – 1.10m Boys – 1.15m
Under 15: Girls – 1.25m Boys – 1.40m
Incremental progression: - five (5) centimeters until three(3) competitors are left and a progression of three (3) centimeters thereafter.
a. Final Registration Forms are enclosed and must be completed and returned to the
LOC on or before 4:00pm Friday 13th May 2011. A technical meeting is scheduled for Friday 20st May 2011 at 7:00 p.m.  The Numerical Registration Forms must be completed and returned to the LOC on or before 4:00pm on Friday 29th April 2011.
b. The Quota of Officials is as follows:
  1 – 15 Athletes: 3 Officials – 1 for Girls, 1 for Boys plus 1.
  16 to 25 Athletes: 1 Additional Official
  26 to 35 Athletes: 1 Additional Official. 
c. The names of the Team’s Manager, Assistant Manager and Coach and other Officials must be included on the Registration Form
d. Final check-in will be done under the tent of the Call Room Judges.
Accommodation will be provided for visiting Countries from 4:00pm on Friday May 20th, 2011 until 7:00am on Monday 23th May, 2011.  Countries will be housed at the competition venue outside of these stipulated times.
A registration fee of $20.00 US per team member will be collected at the technical meeting. A levy of $100.00US per person will be charged to teams outside of the quota.  This levy will include meals and accommodation.
A security deposit of $300.00 US dollars will be collected from each team at the technical meeting. It will be refunded upon the completion of a thorough inspection of the games village.
Individuals not accredited will not be allowed to enter the designated area for the athletes and team officials.
There will be a TIC centre at the Games village to provide the teams with start lists, scores and also to address any queries or concerns.
Transportation will be provided to and from the airport and ferry terminal, and between the athlete village and the competition site.  Please inform the LOC of your travel itinerary so that proper transportation arrangements can be in place.  Liaison Officials will be assigned to each team and will meet their team at the airport or ferry terminal on arrival
Athletes are required to report to the Call Room Judge’s desk for all events. There will be two (2) calls for each TRACK EVENT.
1st Call:   Thirty (30) minutes before each event athletes or officials must indicate that the athlete is present.
2nd Call: Fifteen (15) minutes before the event. This is a WARNING call. Athletes must report the Call Room Manager.
Athletes will be escorted to Call Room #2 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the track event where they will be given their hip numbers.
Athletes will be then escorted to the starting line when the starter is ready to begin the event.
FIELD EVENTS: Thirty minutes before the event this is the first and only call. Athletes will be escorted to the competition area after this call. This is to enable them to mark their approach runs.
A PA system will be provided at the Call Room.
Any encroachment onto the staging area is prohibited and will be viewed as a serious offence. Coaches may accompany athletes to assist with the marking of the run for jumping events, but must leave thereafter before the commencement of the competition or when the Chief Judge so indicates.  An area close to the sand pit and high jump area will be provided for the coaches.
 Points shall be used only to determine individual category champions not the winning country
 Points Awarded 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1
 Points do not apply to Relays.  Finalists will receive points as shown above and at the same time the points will be used to rank the athletes.
 Ties: Full points for that position will be awarded to each athlete involved in a tie.
a. Medals to the top three performers in each event.
b. Trophies to top performers in each category (age group)
c. Trophies to the top male and top female performers (i.e. Victor & Victrix Ludorum).
d. Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd countries
a. IAAF Rules and Regulations will govern the Competition, as far as possible.
b. The 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m and the first lap and the first curve of the 4x400m will be run in lanes.
Teams must turn out in appropriate uniform attire.

a. Protests regarding the status of an athlete to participate must go to the referee before meetings. If settlement is not possible, the athlete will be allowed to compete under protest and the matter will be referred to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC).
b. Protests concerning result or conduct are to be made within 30 minutes of announcement of result. Local Organizing Committee (LOC) shall record the time of the announcement.
c. Protest must be made first to the appropriate Referee (orally) by the athlete or their representative.
d. The Referee will consider ANY available evidence, which HE/SHE thinks necessary.
e. In field events an athlete may make an immediate oral protest after a foul.
f. Appeals are to be to the Referee in writing and signed by a responsible official on behalf of the athlete(s).
1. Deposit of EC$50.00 must accompany Appeal.
2. Deposit WILL be forfeited if protest is not upheld
3. (The Referee is to consider ALL available evidence and interview all those whom they consider necessary).
g. The Referee may consider consulting, IF NECESSARY, all relevant persons, including Judge, if in doubt of any other available evidence.
4. If such evidence is not conclusive, the decision of the Referee SHALL be upheld.
The schedule of events and registration forms will be distributed shortly.