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Dated 17th February, 2001
The National Associations of the Leeward Islands met on Thursday 15th February 2001 at the Foundation for National Development Office, St. Kitts, to organise the 2001 Leeward Islands Track and Field Championship series. The objective of the meeting was to re-establish the annual Leeward Islands Athletics Championships, and to set up various mechanisms to ensure that these meets and other joint activities are effectively planned and implemented.

Senior representatives of the various Amateur Athletic Associations attended, namely; Leroy Williams, Everton Cornelius and Evans Jones from Antigua, Rawlins Richardson from Anguilla, Lester Blackett and Alstead Pemberton from Nevis, Wallace Williams from the United States Virgin Islands, Reynold O’Neal from the British Virgin Islands, Les Brown from St. Martin, Raphael Jenkins, Iston Williams, Glenville Jeffers and Keith Heyliger from St. Kitts.

Issues addressed included:

  • The selection of host and alternate countries, and the competition dates
  • The review of the rules and regulations for the Championships
  • The establishment of a Steering Committee and its Terms of Reference
  • The establishment of a Leeward Islands Association

Mr. Lester Blackett, President of the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association, chaired the meeting and was subsequently selected as Chairman of the Leeward Islands Championships Steering Committee. Other members of the Steering committee are as follows:

  • Mr. Reynold O’Neal, President of the British Virgin Islands Amateur Athletic Association
  • Mr. Wallace Williams, Secretary of the United States Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation
  • A Technical Delegate (to be named)
  • Three representatives from the selected host countries (to be named).

The Steering committee assumes responsibility for:

  • Inter-island decisions, planning and updating of standards
  • Drafting the Constitution for the Leeward Islands Track and Field Association
  • Arranging Championship sponsors
  • Securing assistance from Regional and International Track & Field Organizations
  • Overseeing all aspects of the Leeward Islands Championship series including, equipment, accommodation, transportation, facilities and officiating.

The delegates agreed that the establishment of a Leeward Islands Track and Field Association by the end of the year, should be a priority. The Association would be responsible for the coordination and continuity of the Leewards series, and all matters directly relating to the Leeward Islands grouping and its activities. Delegates also committed their Associations to providing whatever support was required to ensure the successful hosting of the Leewards Championship series.

Observers attending the meeting included Mr. Lenford Levi, the Director of the Regional Development Center, based in Puerto Rico, who pledged the support and assistance of this International Amateur Athletic Federation / North American, Central American and Caribbean Confederation. Mr. Lloyd Lazar, of the Ministry of Sports also attended and gave remarks on behalf of his Ministry, in addition to contributing to the discussions.

The Leeward Islands Championship series comprise three (3) meets held in different countries under different age groupings. The age categories are as follows: Youth Championships - Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15; Junior Championships - Under 17 and Under 20; Senior Championships - Open.

These meets have enjoyed enormous support by the general public and are the highlight of the Athletic season for most of the Leeward Islands athletes. The meet engenders genuine interaction between athletes, coaches and officials, on and off the field, which develops many long lasting relationships. That augurs well for our continued integration and unity as a Caribbean people. Further, the competitions act as a breeding ground for future regional and world-class athletes, assisting in producing such talents as Kim Collins (St. Kitts), Heather Samuels (Antigua), Keita Cline (BVI), Kurvin Wallace (Nevis), Kirthley Richardson (Anguilla), Ameerah Bello (USVI) and Darren Tuitt (Montserrat).

Lester Blackett


Chairman (LIASE)

Leeward Islands Athletics Steering Committee