LIAA Constitution

(Associations to make a decision as to its use and/or amendment)



The organisation shall be called "The Leeward Islands Athletics Association", hereinafter referred to as the LIAA. The LIAA shall not discriminate on the basis of politics, sex, race or religion.



The LIAA shall comprise the Athletic Associations of the following Countries: Dutch Saint Martin, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis, United States Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and Montserrat



  1. To develop and maintain ties of friendship, cooperation and unity among the peoples of the Leeward Islands
  2. To promote and facilitate the growth and expansion of Athletics throughout the Leeward Islands
  3. To organise such competitions as the LIAA shall deem fit, in conformity with the rules of the IAAF.
  4. To provide its Members with a forum where they may freely express their concerns and seek amicable means to further the development of Athletics throughout the Area.
  5. To foster the transfer of technical information and material such as will benefit the development of Athletics throughout the Area.
  6. To perform all other such acts as the LIAA shall deem pertinent to the furtherance of athletics in the region.



The headquarters of the LIAA shall be in the country of the President during his term‑of‑office.



  1. Application for membership of Countries shall be in writing and shall be sponsored by two members of the Association in good standing and shall be accompanied by an amount sufficient to cover the membership fee to be paid by the aforesaid if accepted as a member. Such an application must be submitted with acceptable evidence of an agreeable organizational structure.
  2. An applicant for membership shall be only accepted by the Association at a General Assembly meeting.


  1. Withdrawing: Any member desirous of withdrawing from The Association may voluntarily withdraw providing that the member has fulfilled all obligations to The Association. Two month's notice is required. Such a member shall be liable for the subscription due by him at the time of his resignation and shall not be entitled to any part of the paid subscription in the event he resigns in the course of the year. If a withdrawn Association reapplies, the condition/s under which the Association withdrew shall be taken into account.
  2. Cancellation: Any Membership can be cancelled. This requires the approval of three‑quarters of the registered members of The Association. A petition (motion) for cancellation upon submission must have the signature support of two thirds of the registered members
  3. Non‑Financial Standing: Any member remaining non‑financial after March thirty first (31st) in any year may lose their membership. A late fee will be applied when late payment is made consisting of 25% of the Annual Fee. In no case will any member Association be allowed to compete in any Championship event, if non-financial.



1. The Annual General Assembly of the LIAA shall be held in the country hosting either the Leeward Islands Youth or Junior Track and Field Championships, during the Championship.

2. The business of the General Assembly shall be:

    • Minutes of previous General Assembly.
    • Report of the President.
    • Report of the Secretary-Treasurer.
    • Reports of Organising Committees on past and upcoming events.
    • Calendar of Activities for future years.
    • Election of Officers (every two years).
    • Proposals of Members
    • Constitutional and technical matters to be considered at, or brought to the attention of a General Assembly
    • Calendar for the following year(s)
    • Date and place of next General Assembly.

3.  The General Assembly comprises two delegates from each member Athletic Association. Each member shall have one vote. Only members in good financial standing are eligible to vote.

4. The final agenda, together with all documentation (reports, accounts, balance sheets, budgets, proposals, etc.) for the General Assembly will be sent to each Member Association, by email at least 30 days before the date of General Assembly. Member Associations are required to respond, acknowledging receipt of the documents, within three (3) working days.

5. The quorum for meetings of the General Assembly shall be a simple majority of the membership of the Association.

6. The minutes of General Assembly shall be sent to each Member and to members of the Executive by the Secretary-Treasurer, within 30 days of the conclusion of the General Assembly. Any request for correction hereto must be received within 30 days following the issue of the minutes. Any case of dispute arising from the minutes will be decided by the Executive.

7. The Organizing Member of the Championship is responsible for the technical organization (place of meeting, accommodation, equipment, etc.) of the General Assembly. The Organizing Member will defray only the expenses of organizing the General Assembly. Expenses of delegates of the Members will be the responsibility of those Members.



The Executive shall comprise seven (7) members:

  • President
  • Vice President (selected from a Country/Association different from that in which the President is a member)
  • Secretary-Treasurer (a voting member and selected by the President from the Country/Association in which he is a member)
  • Technical Member
  • Three Committee Members (selected from different Countries/Associations)

No more than two members of the Executive should be from the same Member Association. Executive Meetings shall take place at least twice yearly, one of which shall be at one of the annual Leeward Islands Track and Field Championships.



The responsibilities of the Executive shall include the following:

  1. To direct all the administrative, technical and financial affairs of the LIAA.
  2. To maintain relations with the authorities of the IAAF, with Members of the Association and other IAAF regional groups.
  3. To appoint members to sub‑committees of the LIAA; to determine their duties and supervise their activities.
  4. To make preparations for the General Assembly meetings of the Association
  5. To ensure the speedy implementation of decisions of the IAAF and the General Assembly of the LIAA.
  6. To determine venues for the various activities of the LIAA.
  7. To identify sources of funding for activities of the LIAA.
  8. To maintain a register of Leewards records.
  9. The Executive shall be the authority for interpreting the Constitution of the Association and for making any decision upon which the Constitution is silent.



The President:

  • Presides over all meetings of both the Executive and General Assembly. At all meetings of The Association, the ruling of the President shall be final on all matters of procedure for that meeting
  • The President shall be responsible for ensuring that all decisions taken by the Executive or the General Assembly of the Association are carried out.
  • He shall take any necessary decisions on unforeseen or urgent matters, which may arise between meetings of the Executive of the Association. Such decisions, as well as all other important actions, shall be reported at the earliest possible moment to the other Executive members and to the next General Assembly of the Association.
  • Shall represent the LIAA at such meetings with Bodies aimed at the development of athletics in the region. - Shall be responsible for the Public Relations of the Association.
  • Shall delegate his representation to any member(s) of the Executive so that in his exercise he may solve specific problems in or away from domicile. The designated member is to present a report on the accomplished mission.

The Vice President:

  • Shall preside over sessions usually handled by the President, in the absence of the latter.
  • Shall perform other duties as requested by the President.

The Secretary-Treasurer:

  • Is responsible for the organisation of the administrative work of the Office of the LIAA.
  • Signs the official correspondence of the organisation.
  • Attends all meetings of the LIAA.
  • Notifies, at the proper time, all affiliates of decisions and matters relevant to the LIAA.
  • Collaborates with the President in respect of the formulation of the Agenda of Meetings of the LIAA.
  • Prepares Minutes of meetings of the organisation.
  • Keeps the accounts and prepares statements (and an annual balance sheet) to be presented at meetings of the Executive Committee and General Assembly.
  • Together with the President, shall endeavour to increase the funds of the LIAA.
  • Controlling the receipts and payments relating to all the activities of the Association.

Any person who may be specifically designated by the Executive to act as Treasurer in respect of a particular activity must render his detailed accounts and balance sheet to the Secretary-Treasurer not later than one month after the conclusion of the event.



The quorum for meetings of the LIAA, at whatever level, shall be a simple majority of the membership of the particular Committee.



Voting shall be by a simple show of hands. If a member so requests a ballot may be substituted. A simple majority shall be accept­able for all decisions.



Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed, by any Association, at any General Assembly, once the proposed amendments have been circulated to all members at least one month prior to the said meeting. Amendment requires the approval of two thirds of the registered members of the Association.


Proposals of any kind submitted by Members must reach the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association at least 30 days before the date of the General Assembly.



Rule 1 — General Principle: The finances of the Association must be so arranged as to enable it to meet its financial obligations, in regard to the technical and administrative aspects of all activities organized under its control. The fiscal year shall be April 1st to March 31st.

Rule 2 — Subscriptions: The annual fee from each Member shall be EC$ 300.00 or US$ 120.00, and shall be payable on or before 31st March, failing which the defaulting Member can be suspended and neither the Member nor any representative from the Member may participate in any activity of the Association.

Rule 3 — Finance Control: The accounts will be submitted annually by the Secretary-Treasurer to all Members, as soon as available, and at least 30 days prior to each General Assembly.

Rule 4 — Travelling and other Expenses

A. Advances will be placed at the disposal of the President and Technical Member, for travelling and other expenses and will be accounted for by them to the Secretary-Treasurer.

B. The President shall submit a budget to cover expenses associated with his proper functioning (administrative, office, travel, etc.) which budget shall be approved by the Executive at its annual meeting. Periodic allocations under the budget shall be made available to the President or Technical Member by the Secretary-Treasurer out of such funds as may be available to the Association. All expenditures will be accounted for by the President and/or Technical Member, on a periodic and timely basis.

C. Delegates, or representatives appointed to undertake official duties and authorized on behalf of the Executive to claim travelling expenses will be restricted to air fare (economy class) together with accommodation and incidental expenses. Travelling expenses of members of the Executive attending meetings will be the responsibility of the member Associations. Travelling expenses of representatives appointed by the Executive to attend official activities (e.g. as Technical Delegates to advise/check preparations for the Annual Championships) will be borne by the Organizing Country.

Rule 5 — Other matters: All financial questions not provided for by these regulations will be decided by the Executive.



The provisions of this Constitution shall be ratified as soon as it has been approved by the Member Associations, as detailed in Article II, in a meeting called for that purpose. That approval shall be communicated to the President of the Leeward Islands Athletics Steering Committee (LIASE), which shall be dissolved immediately after the formation of the Association. The Constitution takes effect immediately after ratification.



Kindly note that the following provisions are made for the first term of the Association.

  • The Constitution takes effect from 2nd June 2002.
  • Annual Fees should be made payable by 31st July 2002.