Josanne & Renny Interview

Lucas and Quow interviewed
By Clayton Clarke
of Trinidad & Tobago
8th October 2009
Clayton Clarke interviews Renny Quow and Josanne Lucas on their return to Trinidad and Tobago on 5th October following their success at the IAAF World Athletic Championships in Berlin, Germany in August where they won bronze medals, Quow in the men’s 400m and Lucas, the women 400m hurdles.

CC: You are back home after a successful season. Tell me how are you feeling now that the season has closed?

RQ: I feel good. I get to relax, come home and relax with my family. Yuh know reminisce on what I did. I felt good.

CC: What has been the highlight of the season for you?          

RQ: ……Getting a medal. That was my main goal. That’s what I have been working hard for and I have been successful. God has blessed me with a talent I didn’t know I have. At this stage now I just have to continue believing with myself.

CC: What do you think is responsible for you having such a good season?

RQ:  God has a lot to do with it and me trying to believe in myself every race I go to.  I always have to have my coach pep-talk me a little bit to heighten me up. I got out there and do what I have to do. I go out there and train.

CC: World Junior gold in 2006 and World Senior bronze in 2009. How do you compare those two achievements?

RQ:  World Juniors was the start.  This one was a major accomplishment. Like I said, up to this day I don’t believe I got a medal.

CC: For 380 metres(of the final in Berlin)we thought you weren’t getting a medal and the time(45.02s) was not your best time.

RQ: People have to understand track and field though. If you PR(Personal record) a day or two before you are doing to have some side effects.  So that’s what I had. I had some side effects. I PR. I ran the fastest I ever ran. That was 44.53 and that was the second fastest time in Trinidad and Tobago. And doing something like that is not easy, it’s hard. And to come back the other day and to run the finals, it’s really hard. That’s what people have to understand.  They see it in their own way but I don’t really mind. Everyone has to mind to think what they want but I still respect my fans and I respect everyone for supporting.

CC: What you cross the line did you know you won a medal?

RQ: Oh yea. I kinda glance across and say ‘okay I am third so I am safe’.

CC: We were expecting to see you in the World Athletic Finals(in Thessaloniki, Greece)?

RQ: My sponsor, kinda messed that up for me because I wasn’t really planning on running in Brussels. I was planning on running in the World Athletic Finals but (Brussels) was a week before and I guess I was tired so I said, you know what, let’s call it a season because I didn’t want to go to the World Athletic Finals and embarrass myself.

CC: What is your plan for the rest of the year?

RQ: I am going to Tobago, relax and go the beach.

CC: When are you going to start preparing for the next season?

RQ: My training starts back in the next two weeks.

CC: Thanks Renny.

RQ: Ah right!

CC: You are back home. How does it feels to back home after a long season?

JL: It feels good to be home finally.

CC: It is the first time we are speaking after what can be considered your most successful season so far?

JL: Yes is it by far.

CC: What has been the highlight for the season ?

JL: Of course getting a bronze medal at the World Championships but my break-through race came in Rheims (France on 17th July) where I ran 54.17 (seconds to break her TT national record).

CC: What do you think was responsible for this season 2009?

JL: That is a very good question because in the past I have had injuries. This year my training has been better. I have been more relaxed and I have been more confidence in my abilities and my coach’s(Henry Rolle) programme.

CC: When we spoke at (TT National) Senior Champs, you said you were just looking forward to compete(in Berlin). I think you didn’t not reveal to me all your goals.

JL: (laughs)No, my main objective is to compete, whatever it is, yuh know, always do something to the best of your ability.

CC: How does the performance of the team(TT contingent in Berlin) motivate you?

JL: I think it is very promising that we have a very young team. I am just excited to see what is going to happen in the future.

CC: What’s in for the remainder of the year for you?

JL: Relax at home. Spend time with family and friend and regroup for next year. Whatever happened this year it is over with. We build on that and then strive and look forward to doing better and faster things next year. I am not satisfied with 53.20 seconds. Now I am thinking I could go 52 seconds.

CC: How can you use your performance to inspire the young people of Trinidad and Tobago?

JL: Speaking from my personal experiences, you have to believe in what you want. You have to believe in yourself. You have to have confidence in yourself. You will go through trying times and you will have obstacles but if you know what you want (and) know your goals, continue working towards them. And sometimes you have to be patient.

CC: What is your ultimate goal?

JL: ahh.  I try to take it one step at a time, one race at time……( I would say) Olympic gold medal.