Technical Bulletin








At the Silver Jubilee Athletic Stadium, 19th March to 21st March, 2010



Following are the technical regulations for the 2010 Championships:


1.         TIME:

(a)               Meet begins at 3:00pm on Friday, 19thMarch 2010

The meet starts at 2:00pm on both Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March.

(b)               Teams will be expected to arrive by 1:00 pm on Friday and by 12:00 noon on Saturday and Sunday.


2.         CATEGORIES:

            The competition will be held in three categories:

          (a)        Under 15         -           As of 31st December, 2010

                                                            Students born 1996 and 2007

(b)        Under 17         -           As of 31st December, 2010

 Students born 1994 and 1995

(c)        Under 20         -           As of 31st December, 2010                                                                                                                 Students born 1991 to 1993


3.         EVENTS:

(a)               Girls

All categories -            100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 4 x 100m, 4 x 400m, Shot Put, Javelin, Long Jump and High Jump.

Open-                          3000m, and Triple Jump (this however excludes all Under 15)

Under 17                     100m Hurdles (0.762m), 300m Hurdles (0.762m - 7 flights) and Discus

Under 20                     100m Hurdles (0.840m), 400m Hurdles (0.762m), and Discus

(b)               Boys

All categories -            100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 4 x 100m, 4 x 400m, Shot Put, Javelin, Long Jump and High Jump.

Open -                         5000m.

Under 17                     100m Hurdles (0.914), 400m Hurdles (0.840m) Triple Jump and Discus

Under 20                     110m Hurdles (0.990m), 400m Hurdles (0.914m), Triple Jump, and Discus


For an event to take place and count, there must be a minimum of four (4) athletes registered and at the start line and in relation to Relays the minimum shall be three (3) teams.


4.          FACILITIES:

(a)        The competition will take place at the Silver Jubilee Athletic Stadium located on Bird Rock Road, Bird Rock, Basseterre. The stadium has a capacity of five thousand (5,000) persons and an Athlete stand with a 800 seat capacity.

The stadium is a new facility consisting of an eight (8) lane 400 meter track, two (2) Javelin area, two (2) Long and Triple Jump areas, two (2) Shot Put circle, one (1) Discus area, two (2) Pole Vault Pit and two (2) High Jump area; all laid by Mondo, under IAAF specifications.

(c)                Implements -   Male Shots =6.000kg-U20, 5.000kg- U17 & 4.000kg- U15.

                                                            Female Shot =4.000kg- U20 & U17, 3.000kg- U15

                                                            Male Javelin =800g-U20, 700g-U17 & 600g- U15

                                                            Female Javelin =600g.

                                                            Male Discus =1.750g-U20, 1.500-U17.

                                                            Female Discus =1.000kg

                        (d)        Change Rooms -          A tent will be allocated to each team

(e)          A Registration Office will be set up under a tent at the Call Room Area

(f)          A call room will be set up under a tent on the northern side of the Stadium


5.         COMPETITORS:

(a)               Each Team is allowed to enter two (2) athletes per event and one team per relay.

(b)               Athletes must wear the numbers provided.

(c)                Athletes can compete in a maximum of Seven (7) events.  This cap is Five (5) Individual events and Two (2) Team events with the following options:

1.      3 track and 2 field events plus 2 relays

2.      2 track and 3 field events plus 2 relays.

3.      4 individual field events plus 2 relays, no track event.


6.         REGISTRATION:

(a)               Registration forms are enclosed and must be completed and returned to the SKNAAA Office on or before Thursday 11thMarch 2010.  No additions to the registrants will be accepted after Thursday 11th March 2010. (ALL REGISTRATION FORMS MUST BE SIGN BY THE PRINCIPAL OF EACH SCHOOL AND STAMP WITH THE SCHOOL STAMP).  A TECHNICAL MEETING is scheduled for Wednesday 17th March 2010 at the Stadium office at 10:00 a.m. at which time final registration will be done and no changes will be allowed thereafter.

(b)               During the meet, any changes made to the registration MUST BE INITIALIZED BY A RECOGNIZED TEAM OFFICIAL (the Manager, Assistant Manager or Coach).  All scratches must be submitted to the Competition Secretary by 6:00p.m on the previous day’s session. Failure too comply will result in revisions not being reflected in the current day’s session.

(c)                Athletes may not be substituted once a heat has been ran/closed i.e. an athlete who did not run or report for the heats cannot substitute for another (except for the relays)

(d)               The names of the Team’s Manager, Assistant Manager and Coach must be included on the Registration Form.

(e)                Final check-in will be done at the desk of the Call Room Referee at the Call Room.


7.                  TEAM OFFICIAL QUOTA


A maximum number of 11 officials will be allowed as follows:



1 to 5


6 to 10


11 to 20


21 to 30


31 to 40


41 to 50


51 to 60


61 to 70



8.                  CALL ROOM:

(a)         Athletes are required to report to the Call Room Referee’s desk for all events.  Two (2) calls will be made for each TRACK EVENT.

1st Call:              Thirty (30) minutes before each event athletes or officials must indicate that the athlete is present.

2nd Call: Fifteen (15) minutes before the event. This is a WARNING call. Athletes must report to the Chief Call Room Judge, to be escorted to the competition area.

FIELD EVENTS: Throws: Thirty (30) minutes before the event; Jumps: Forty Five (45) minutes before the event this is the first and only call. Athletes will be escorted to the competition area after this call. This is to enable athletes to mark their approach runs. An Official will be designated to transfer athletes who are competing in two events simultaneously.


9.                  CONDUCT OF TEAMS:

(a)               Any encroachment onto the Staging area is prohibited and will be viewed as a serious offence. Coaches may accompany athletes to assist with the marking of the run for jumping events, but must leave thereafter before the commencement of the competition or when the Chief Judge so indicates.



10.                 ELIMINATIONS:

(a)               Events ran in lanes and in which there are more competitors than lanes will require heats to determine finalists. When there are more than eight and up to sixteen competitors there will be two (2) heats. If there are more than sixteen competitors there will be three heats.

(b)               There will be eliminations in the Shot Put, Discus and Javelin Events if there are more than eight (8) competitors. Each athlete will be allowed three (3) trials to advance and three (3) trials in the final round. The top eight (8) ranked athletes will be eligible to compete in the final round.

(c)                There will be eliminations in the Long Jump and Triple Jump events if there are more than eight (8) competitors. Each athlete will be allowed three (3) to advance and three (3) trials in the final round. The top eight (8) ranked athletes will be eligible to compete in the final round.

(d)               The starting heights for the High Jump event are:

GIRLS                                                BOYS

Under 15:       1.17m              Under 15:      1.37m

Under 17:       1.27m              Under 17:       1.47m

Under 20:       1.32m              Under 20:       1.57m


Incremental progression - five (5) centimeters for the first 4 heights, three (3) centimeters for the next 2 heights, then two (2) centimeters thereafter.






                                                              i.      Total number of Gold Medals,

                                                            ii.      If there is a tie the total number of Silver Medals will be considered,

                                                          iii.      If the tie still remains then the number of Bronze Medals will be considered.




 POSITIONS:              1ST       2ND       3RD       4TH         5TH       6TH       7TH       8TH        

 Points Awarded         10        8          6          5          4          3          2          1


Points do not apply to Relays.  ALL Finalists will receive points as shown above and at the same time the points will be used to rank the athletes.



13.          AWARDS:

(a)               Medals will be awarded to the top three performers in each event.

(b)               Medallions to the top three (3) performers in each category e.g., Under 15 Male, Under 20 Female, etc

(c)                Trophies will be awarded to the top male and top female performers (i.e. Victor & Victress.

(d)               Trophies to schools for:

                                                                          I.      Winner of the Best dressed team at the Parade of Athletes

                                                                       II.      Runner up to the Best dressed team at the Parade of Athletes

                                                                     III.      Winner Under 20 Category

                                                                     IV.      Runner up Under 20 Category

                                                                       V.      Winner Under 17 Category

                                                                     VI.      Runner up Under 17 Category

                                                                  VII.      Winner Under 15 Category

                                                                VIII.      Runner up Under 15 Category

                                                                     IX.      Overall Champion

(e)         Cup of winning cheerleading squad.




(a)               IAAF Rules and Regulations will govern the Competition, as far as possible. The new False Start rule will be in effect, that is any athlete responsible for a false start shall be disqualified.

(b)               The 100m, 200m, 400m, 4 x 100m and the first lap of the 4 x 400m will be run in lanes. Starting Blocks and the crouch start are compulsory for the 100m, 200m, 400m, 4 x 100m, 4 x 400m and the Hurdles events.

(c)                All athletes must register and compete in their respective age category for the entire Championship.


            A Technical Meeting of all Teachers in charge of teams will be held on Wednesday 17th March 2010 at the Stadium Office at 10:00 am.


March past is compulsory for all schools with a minimum of 20 Athletes. Teams in excess of 60 Athletes shall have at least 20 representatives.


            Teams must turn out in appropriate uniform attire.


            The Championship Trophy must be returned on Wednesday 17th March, 2010 at the Technical Meeting.


15.       PROTESTS:

(a)               Protests regarding the status of an athlete to participate must go to the referee before meetings. If settlement is not possible, the athlete will be allowed to compete under protest and the matter will be referred to the Organizing Committee.

(b)               Protests concerning result or conduct are to be made within 30 minutes of announcement of result. Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is to record time of announcement.

(c)                Protest must be made first to the appropriate Referee (orally) by the athlete or their representative.

(d)               The Referee will consider ANY available evidence, which HE/SHE thinks necessary.

(e)                In field events an athlete may make an immediate oral protest after a foul.

(f)                 Appeals are to be to the Referee in writing and signed by a responsible official on behalf of the athlete(s).

Ø      Deposit of US$50.00 or EC$135.00 must accompany Appeal.

Ø      Deposit WILL be forfeited if protest is not upheld

Ø      (The Referee is to consider ALL available evidence and interview all those whom they consider necessary).

(g)               The Referee may consider consulting, IF NECESSARY, all relevant persons, including Judge, if in doubt of any other available evidence.

Ø      If such evidence is not conclusive, the decision of the Referee SHALL be upheld.


18.              SECURITY:

All Athletes must wear Wristbands. This is mandatory and must be worn on the individual’s wrist. At the same time, school colours or PE shirts shall be worn by all athletes not competing.  Any Athlete or Official will be evicted if the rule is not adhered to.





James “Mologo” Kelly:         Technical Delegate & ATO

Lester Hanley:                        Competition Director

Osdel ‘Scotty’ Hanley:           Competition Secretary

Elvis “Pepe” Isaac                 Meeting Manager

Maritza Dias:                         Event Presentation Manager

Craig McDowell:                   Horizontal Jumps Referee

Belville Smith                        Throwing Referee

Bernice Morton                      Vertical Jumps Referee

Brenda Edinborough             Statistician/Competition Secretary/TIC Manager

Lester Hanley:                        Security

Glen Jeffers:                           Ag President (SKNAAA) / TIC Room

Elneth Toussaint-Harvey      General Secretary

Keith Heyliger:                      Score Board
Eustace Richards:                  Track Referee

Orville Maynard:                   Technical Manager 1

Robert Pemberton:                 Technical Manager 2

Dalton Esdaille:                    Chief Timer

Irvin Browne:                         Chief Horizontal Jumps Judge

Brian Morris:                         Chief Vertical Jumps Judge

Eunice Liburd:                      Chief Throwing Judge

Crispin John:                         Chief Umpire

Jeffrey Pedreaux                    Runners

Avril McKoy:                          Call Room Referee

Andrea Charles                      Chief Call Room Judge

Randolph Thomas:                Chief Starter

Telbert Pyke:                          Chief Photo Finish Judge

Desmond Frank:                    Start Coordinator


NB:     Chief Officials’ designations are subject to change.  A full list of all officials will be published at a later date.