GHS Sports 2010

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09/03/10:  Blue Steals Red’s Joy at GSS Sports      GSS Sports Photos

Heat’s champions, Red house had their bubble burst yesterday as the Gingerland Secondary School athletes engaged each other in fierce competition, all the while serving to thrill the hundred of sports fans who showed up at the Gingerland Recreation ground.

Some of the stars of the day included: Ariann Maynard who despite suffering a nasty knee injury early in the afternoon consistently continued to give her Blue house critical points, all the while being assisted by the Red Cross personnel.

Meritzer Lawrence also of Blue house was quick over the turf and virtually unstoppable.

Young Sadiki Tyson of Red house was a whiz in his class and he blew away the competition in the 100m meters as if he was the only person in the world, creating a brand new record in the process.

Alisa Liburd of Blue house was a gem to watch, with a blue sock on one foot and a white sock on the other. Nobody in her class got close enough to recognize the difference. 

Kejahrie Grant of Red house was also a super star on the day.

When the smoke from the vendors’ stalls cleared,  Blue house had emerged as new champions with 255 points; Heats’ champions Red was in second on 217 and Green was in third with 194 points.

Earlier in the day, Patron for the meet, Corporal Michelle Michael ‘Tart’ Mr. OECS’ Hobson made quite a statement when he showed up, immaculately attired, in an official Police vehicle. His door was opened by one of his counterparts and he was escorted to his place alongside the Headmistress of the school, Mrs. Dawn Jeffers.  His profile made impressive reading as it was noted that Hobson himself in his hey day as an athlete had achieved no fewer than 18 gold medals.

Headmistress Jeffers got the day started on a good note with a prayer and a minute’s silence was observed in honour of two great contributors to the school in, the late Brian David and the late Benny Hodge.

01/03/10:  Gingerland Secondary primed for grand Sports day (by Curtis Morton)

Deputy Headmaster at the Gingerland Secondary school, Mr. Shefton Liburd, is convinced that the Gingerland Secondary School’s annual sports meet scheduled for the 5th of March, will be a special event.

Liburd is basing his surmising on the fact that the pre sports events have been very competitive and has sparked quite some interest and excitement among the students.

The annual cross country events were held on the 25th February 2010 and the top results were:

Junior boys:

Dorez Daniel, Richard Leader, Japheth Browne, Rickel Mills, Jaleel Huggins, Orin Butler, Bobby Jay Bussue, Sheldon Browne, Clijorn Hamilton and Teondre Brookes

Junior girls:

Dereka Liburd, Raynique Maynard, Dariel Mills, Blossom Jones, Alisa Liburd, Sherry Chapman, Taij Griffin, Shenel Isaac and Delisha Dore

Senior girls:

Rekesis Huggins, Marlencia Hanley, Hydeia Tyson, Shadouna Hamilton, Tareka Browne, Martila Leader, Meritzer Lawrence, Austina Liburd, Adiola Merchant and Monifah Alexander

Senior boys:

Kejahrie Grant, Cyril Dutil, Sean Hanley, Malcolm Frederick, Alvin Woods, Leon Joshua, Kenedra Glasgow, Akeem Hendrickson, Bervis Burke and Chaim Walters

The overall point’s standings make interesting reading with only the high jump events remaining, prior to Sports day:

Red - 1101; Green - 1083 and Blue - 1082.  Point standings up to Friday 26th February.

10/02/10:  Green Dominates GSS Cross Country Relay by Curtis Morton
In front of a capacity cheering crew, the Green House team at the Gingerland Secondary School, was the dominant team in two of the races held during their Cross country relay events, held yesterday. A third race was won by the Blue house team and the results for the fourth category are yet to be determined due to a controversy pertaining to the manner in which the batons were accepted at certain relay points.  This matter is expected to be resolved today, after a meeting with the Sports committee.
The established results from yesterday’s events are:
Senior Boys Green 1st in 18 mins and 21 secs
2nd Red in 18.54 secs
3rd Blue in 20.25
Senior Girls  --Placings to be determined.
Junior boys—1st Blue in 20 mins and 18 seconds
2nd Red in 21 mins and 02 secs
3rd Green in 22 mins and 1 second
Junior girls—1st Green in 24 mins and 19 seconds
2nd Red in 25 mins and 43 secs
3rd Blue in 27 mins and 56 secs

08/02/10:  Rojo a Numero Uno by Curtis Morton

As the Gingerland Secondary school language students celebrate their languages’ week, the students there are also greatly hyped with the pre sports heats events taking place.  Red or Rojo leads the way over the Blue house posse who normally dominate the heats.

On Monday 8th February, Deputy Headmaster of the school Mr. Shefton Liburd called out the point standings during the Assembly session to huge cheers from the supporting team members:

Points from the Shot put

Red - 191
Green -172
Blue - 170

Overall points up to Monday 8th February
Red - 578
Green - 533
Blue - 524