Triumphant Gladiators

18/05/10: Triumphant Gladiators Return

A triumphant Gladiators Track and Field club, led by Owner/Manager Mr. Wakely Daniel returned to Nevis yesterday after successfully competing in the annual Austin Sealy Classics in Barbados.

The club members were met on arrival at the Vance W. Amory Int Airport by a contingent of individuals which included family members, members of the press and Athletics chief on the island, Mr. Lester Blackett.

Mr. Daniel was high in praise for the general performance of his team and indicated that they returned with several cups which reflected winnings from bronze to gold cups.

Some of the outstanding performances included:

• The under 15 girls won the sprint medal by over 50 meters
• Renika Daniel won gold in the 100 meters, silver in 200 meters; bronze in the long jump and was declared under 15 champion for the females.
• Romisha Malone won silver in the 400 meters for under 17 girls
• Jessie Browne won  bronze in the 100 meters for under 15 girls
• Tesril Nisbett won gold in the Javelin open females
• Kerisha Powell won silver in the under 17 javelin for females
• Iyana Dore won bronze in the  under 17 javelin for females
• New comer, Keishauna Brooks who starred in this year’s inter primary event, won silver in the 200 meters and bronze in the 400 meters for under 13 girls
• Kevon Charles won silver in the Javelin open males

Daniel indicated that his team competed fiercely because they were faced as per usual with stiff competition from the other clubs representing Barbados and other Caribbean islands.  “The reason why I like for them to compete in the Austin Sealy Classics is simple: When you want to be the best, you have to compete against the best”, he declared.

To give an idea as to the intensity of the competition, Daniel explained that in the under 17 boys 400 meters event, there were guys completing the race in an amazing 48:00 seconds!
He also stated that apart from the athletic ability of the athletes, high on the agenda is their academic prowess.  At such significant meets there are always Coaches and Scouts who would identify athletes for scholarship awards and athletes of his club therefore have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The team was also accompanied by Coach Denzil Parris and some of the parents of the athletes who assisted greatly with management issues on the trip.

Gladiators set for Barbados by Curtis Morton
The GLADIATORS track and field club will leave Nevis for Barbados tomorrow Thursday 13th May to participate in the annual Austin Sealy track and field Classic.
Owner/Manager of the club Mr. Wakely Daniel indicated on Wednesday that his club has been a regular and very popular part of the meet for the last few years.
He indicated that the reason why his club has made it a duty to attend on an annual basis is because he wants his athletes to become the best ‘and in order to become the best, you have to compete against the best’, he stated.
The club has won many gold and silver cups in the meet to date and in its second year at the event Arian returned as Class champion.

Some twenty athletes and officials will make the trip this year and Daniel expects a high level of performance, as per usual.


Daniel indicated that they will face stiff competition from at least ten clubs in Barbados and additionally there are clubs expected from Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, BVI and St.Kitts.
Daniel did not venture to list his club’s many sponsors from memory but indicated that he was eternally grateful for the tremendous assistance that they have received from corporate citizens and the general public on a whole.

The club is expected to return to Nevis on Monday 17th May 2010