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Major Update in progress - Kim Collins World leading 60m victory below 
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Charlestown Secondary School ‎(CSS)‎ Road Relay, Nevis - 18 Feb 2011


 Kim Collins World leading 60m victory (11-02-11) - Video expandable to Full Screen
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Royal St.Christopher and Nevis Police Force - Police Week activities
Presently the Royal St.Christopher and Nevis Police Force is under taking a number of Pre-Police Week activities for 2010 from 1st-31st October. The Police Force was split up into 4 houses namely Green House which is the Governor General's House, Red House which is the Prime Minister's House, Gold House which is the Premier's House and Blue House which is the Commissioner's House. We have events in Cricket, Football, Basketball, Domino and Athletics. This is our second and final road relay, the first been held in St.Kitts on the 10th October, 2010 where Red House was 1st, Green was 2nd, Blue was 3rd and Gold House was 4th.
Photos for the Police Relay Run (4 x 1 mile) held in Nevis on 24 Oct 2010 posted below
Results 1st - Green 25m 22s, 2nd - Blue 27m 12s, 3rd - Gold 29m 26s, 4th - Red 31m 06s
Team members details posted below

Police Relay Run - Nevis held on 24th October 2010

Blue House was represented by Constables Rondell Harvey, Rohan LaBorde, Cleavon Chumney and Jimmy Giraudel. Red House was represented by Constables Wayne Hanley, Austin Douglas, Marlon Ottley and Avis Cannonier. Green House was represented by Constables Otis Stevens, Daniel John, Mark Handley and Ray Farrell. Gold House was represented by Constables Alvan Tobias, Keithroy Marshall, Pearline Tross and Jean Joseph. The race still photographs were taken by Miss Bernadette Liburd and the Video (to be posted) was taken by Mrs. Marcella Simon.


Photo by Dean "the Sportsman" Greenaway


Tanika Liburd (SKN) - Photo by Dean "the Sportsman" Greenaway


Congratulations to Willet & his family 
Athletics held from 24th July (Details below)
Congrats Tiandra Ponteen - CAC 400m Bronze Medallist
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Nevis captures 1 silver & 4 bronze medals - most ever at a CUT Meet
Congrats: Silver - Renika Daniel & Bronze - Uniqueko Willet, Leroy Chapman, Colin Archibald
 & 4x100m U-15 Girls team: Tyra Lewis, Jesse Browne, Renika Daniel, Chloe Williams
Congrats also to all the team members. Thanks to all who supported the team
Photos at the Team Village in St. Kitts - Marriott Hotel (all team members not present)
1,000 Photos in Total
276 PHOTOS POSTED (Sunday p.m. session cont'd)

Day 2 ‎‎‎‎‎‎(pm session cont'd)‎‎‎‎‎‎ - CUT Games, St. Kitts 25 July 2010

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Day 2 ‎‎‎‎‎(pm session)‎‎‎‎‎ - CUT Games, St. Kitts 25 July 2010

159 PHOTOS POSTED (Sunday a.m. session)

Day 2 ‎‎‎‎(am session)‎‎‎‎ - CUT Games, St. Kitts 25 July 2010

258 PHOTOS POSTED (Sat p.m. session) - up to 4x100m U-13 finals!

Day 1 ‎‎‎‎(pm session)‎‎‎‎ - CUT Games, St. Kitts 24 July 2010

231 PHOTOS POSTED (Sat a.m. session)

Day 1 ‎‎‎‎‎(am session)‎‎‎‎‎ - CUT Games, St. Kitts 24 July 2010


FEMALES:  Tajarie Authurton, Keshorna Brooks, Jesse Browne, Jerzell Challenger, Laquianna Daniel, Monique Daniel, Renika Daniel, Zavanisia Forbes, Corencia Hamilton, Cileen Hendrickson, Annike Jeffers, Tyra Lewis, Alisa Liburd, Schadone Liburd, Keandre Mathew, Dequilia Maynard, Dahlia Slack, Shyan Stanley, Keishona Stapleton, Kurvella Wallace, Uniqueko Willet, Chloe Williams, Verneen Williams

MALES:  Collin Archibald, Jahiem Bartlette, Javaughn Brooks, Alex Browne, Oreon Browne, Leroy Chapman, Kai Davis, Rashiem Frazier, Ian Liburd, Tah-J Liburd, Khaden Rawlins, Jovarnee Sommersall, D'Atryel Stanley, Ravalito Tavras, Sadiki Tyson, Geval Wallace
OFFICIALS:  Shefton Daniel (Head Coach), Jeffrey Lewis, Elquemedo Willett, Shirmon Caines, Donna Browne (Manager), Mrs. Myers (Chaperone), Ornette Webbe (Chaperone), Ms. Pemberton, Ermelita Elliott (President - Nevis Teacher's Union)

12th Cricket Ball U-11 Girls Daniel, Laquianna Nevis 23.58m       
13th Cricket Ball U-13 Girls Maynard, Dequilla Nevis 20.82m       
9th Long Jump U-15 Girls Williams, Verneen Nevis 4.36m   3.3
8th Shotput U-13 Boys Sommersall, Jovarnee Nevis 7.69m    1
5th 200m U-15 Girls Williams, Chloe Nevis 25.72   5.3   4
6th 200m U-15 Boys Tyson, Sadiki Nevis 23.95   2.1   3
7th 200m U-13 Girls Willet, Uniqueko  Nevis 27.15   1.9   2
4th 200m U-11 Boys Authurton, Tajarie Nevis 27.81   2.1   5
6th 150m U-9 Girls Slack, Dahlia Nevis 23.95   3.0   3
6th 150m U-9 Boys Browne, Alex Nevis 22.18   NWI   3  
10th 800m Open Girls Stanley, Shyan Nevis 2:39.69 
13th 800m Open Boys Rawlins, Khaden Nevis 2:41.64  
8th 800m Sprint Medley Relay Girls  Nevis1:56.85  1) Browne, Jessee  2) Lewis, Tyra  3) Williams, Chloe  4) Daniel, Renika 

5th Long Jump U-13 Girls Brooks, Keshorna Nevis 4.30m   0.9   4
14th Long Jump U-13 Boys Liburd, Tah-J Nevis  4.05m   0.4 
-- Shotput U-15 Girls Liburd, Alisa Nevis FOUL       
6th 150m U-9 Girls Slack, Dahlia Nevis 24.29Q  NWI  1 (Qualified for Finals)
4th 150m U-9 Boys Browne, Alex Nevis 22.08Q  1.2  1 (Qualified for Finals)
10th 200m U-11 Girls Hendrickson, Cileen Nevis 30.16   1.4  2
4th 200m U-11 Boys Authurton, Tajarie Nevis 28.22q  NWI  2 (Qualified for Finals)
8th 200m U-13 Girls Willet, Uniqueko Nevis 27.74q  2.5  2 (Qualified for Finals)

10th 200m U-13 Boys Frazier, Rashiem Nevis 27.94   NWI  2
6th Cricket Ball U-9 Boys Bartlette, Jaheim Nevis 32.68m    3 
4th 200 U-15 Girls Williams, Chloe Nevis 26.10Q  1.5  1 (Qualified for Finals)
4th 200m U-15 Boys Tyson, Sadiki Nevis 24.29Q  0.8  1 (Qualified for Finals)

Caribbean Union of Teachers Championships - 7/24/2010 to 7/25/2010
CUT Games 2010
Silver Jubilee Stadium, Bird Rock, St Kitts
Final Medal Count
Combined: Men + Women

Team Gold Silver Bronze Total
Jamaica 22 13 9 44
Barbados 15 10 11 36
Trinidad & Tobago 6 8 6 20
Bahamas 6 2 8 16
St. Kitts 5 9 4 18
Cayman Islands 2 1 1 4
St. Lucia 2 1 0 3
British Virgin Islands 1 4 8 13
Bermuda 1 0 4 5
Antigua & Barbuda 0 4 2 6
Grenada 0 4 1 5
Anguilla 0 2 1 3
Nevis 0 1 4 5
Dominica 0 1 1 2
Other teams: St. Croix, Montserrat, St. Thomas
Class Champions Awards to be posted when available !

JASON ROGERS (St. Kitts/Nevis) 6th in the 100m finals
Selected results posted
22nd July: 6th 200m Heat 3  Lane 2 Davanna Elisa Claxton  SKN 25.59
21st July: 6th 100m Finals Lane 8 Jason Rogers  SKN 10.49
21st July: 2nd 100m SemiFinals #2 Lane 4 Jason Rogers  SKN 10.56 Qualified for Finals
20th July: 2nd 100 Heats Lane 6 Jason Rogers  SKN 10.54 Qualified for SemiFinals
Pre-meet assessment by Rey O'Neale: This year, there are a few O.E.C.S. athletes with possibilities of doing well at the World Juniors. Kirani James goes into the 400 with a strong possibility of adding to his collection of interrnational gold medals in the 400 metres. His 45.01 second performance comfortably leads the world's juniors and that is supported by other results of 45.02  and 45.05. He also would figure as a probable finalist in the 200 with his mark of 20.76 seconds from Carifta but may opt not to attempt the double. Chantel Malone of the British Virgin Islands ranks second in the world among juniors with her clocking of 52.35 seconds. She also is third in the junior lists in the long  jump with a 6.56m personal best. Jason Rogers of St.Kitts and Nevis ranks 40th in the 100 with his 10.48 second mark but is actually 23rd if one allows for the fact that only two athletes per country are allowed in an event. Malone's teammate Ashley Kelly is also highly placed in the 400. Her 53.07 personal best is 13th best among juniors and 9th among eligible competitors. Another Grenadian, Kanika Beckles, is ranked 38th overall in the 400 metres, but 18th among eligible competitors.
10th Long Jump U-9 Boys Stanley, D'Atryel Nevis 2.40m   0.8  
13th Javelin U-15 Boys Tavras, Ravalito  Nevis 25.64m 
7th 80m Finals U-9 Girls Challenger, Jerzell Nevis 13.18 NWI   2  
6th 80m Finals U-9 Boys Browne, Alex Nevis 11.94 NWI   3
6th 100m Finals U-11 Boys Authurton, Tajarie Nevis 13.61   0.8   3
4th 100m Finals U-15 Girls Williams, Chloe Nevis 12.59 NWI   5
3rd 400m Finals U-11 Boys Chapman, Leroy Nevis 1:06.56  6 (Bronze Medallist)
3rd 400m Finals U-13 Girls Willet, Uniqueko Nevis 1:03.84  6 (Bronze Medallist)
2nd 400m Finals U-15 Girls Daniel, Renika Nevis  1:00.31  7 (Silver Medallist)
6th 400m Finals U-15 Boys Tyson, Sadiki  Nevis 55.77    3
12th 1,200m Open Girls Daniel, Monique Nevis 4:41.10  
5th 4x100m U-9 Boys Nevis 1:02.96  1) Stanley, D'Atrye 2) Davis, Kai 3) Jeffers, Emmanuel  4) Browne, Alex
7th 4x100m U11 Girls Nevis 1:01.05   1  1) Liburd, Schadone  2) Matthew, Keandre 3) Hamilton, Corencia 4) Hendrickson, Cileen
5th 4x100m U-11 Boys Nevis 55.69   1  1) Wallace, Gerval  2) Brooks, Javaugh 3) Chapman, Leroy 4) Authurton, Tajarie 
10th 4x100m U-13 Girls Nevis 1:04.28   1  1) Brooks, Keshorna  2) Daniel, Monique 3) Stapleton, Keishona 4) Willet, Uniqueko
8th 4x100m U-13 Boys Nevis 54.87   2  1) Sommersall, Jovarnee  2) Browne, Oreon  3) Liburd, Ian  4) Frazier, Rashiem  
3rd 4x100m U-15 Girls Nevis 50.93  1) Tyra Lewis  2) Jessee Browne  3) Renika Daniel  4) Chloe Williams (Bronze Medallist)

9th Long Jump U-11 Girls Hamilton, Corencia Nevis 3.00m   0.3  
4th Long Jumo U-11 Boys Brooks, Javaugh Nevis 4.25m  -0.9   5
5th Cricket Ball U-11 Boys Authurton, Tajarie Nevis44.10m    4 
3rd Shotput U-15 Boys Archibald, Colin Nevis 12.55m  6 (Bronze Medallist)
6th 80m U-9 Boys Browne, Alex Nevis 12.47Q  NWI  2 (Qualified for Finals)
10th 100m U-11 Girls Hendrickson, Cileen Nevis 14.63   NWI  1
6th 100m U-11 Boys Authurton, Tajarie Nevis 13.71Q  NWI  2 (Qualified for Finals)
9th 100m U-13 Boys Sommersall, Jovarnee Nevis 13.57   NWI  1
5th 100m U-15 Girls Williams, Chloe Nevis 12.65Q  NWI  1 (Qualified for Finals)
7th Javelin U-15 Girls Williams, Verneen Nevis 16.21m    2
5th 400m U-11 Boys Chapman, Leroy Nevis 1:05.65Q  1 (Qualified for Finals)
3rd 400m U-13 Girls Willet, Uniqueko Nevis 1:03.00Q  2 (Qualified for Finals)
9th 400m U-13 Boys Liburd, Ian Nevis 1:05.19   2
2nd 400m U-15 Girls Daniel, Renika Nevis 59.88Q  1 (Qualified for Finals)
8th 400m U-15 Boys Tyson, Sadiki Nevis 55.98q  1 (Qualified for Finals)


Congrats Tiandra Ponteen - Bronze Medallist 400m
ST. KITTS - NEVIS RESULTS (more to come)
11th 100m Heats  WILLIAMS Tameka  (Heat 2  Lane 5  Position 4)  +1.4  11.66      
12th 100m Heats  LIBURD Tanika  (Heat 1  Lane 7  Position 5)  +2.3  11.73      
16th 100m Heats  ADAMS Antoine  (Heat 4  Lane 2  Position 5)  +1.4  10.49    PB
17th 100m Heats  LAWRENCE Brijesh  (Heat 1  Lane 6  Position 4)  +1.1  10.51

1st 400m Semis   PONTEEN Tiandra  (Heat 2  Lane 2  Position 1)  52.01 (Qualified for Finals later today)   
18th 400m Heats  INANGA Larry  (Heat 1  Lane 7  Position 6)  48.23
3rd 400m Finals    PONTEEN Tiandra  Lane 4  52.75  Reaction Time = 0.215
8th 200m Heats WILLIAMS Tameka  Heat 2  Lane 6  Position 5  +1.1  23.93 (Qualified for Finals )
14th 200m Heats ADAMS Antoine  Heat 3  Lane 6  Position 4  +2.8  21.14      
19th 200m Heats LAWRENCE Brijesh  Heat 1  Lane 7  Position 4  -1.0  21.53
7th 200m Finals WILLIAMS Tameka  24.48 Reaction time = 0.185
3rd 4x100m Heats SAN KITTS y NEVIS 39.48 Q PB (ROGERS Jason, ADAMS Antoine, DELANEY Delwayne, LAWRENCE Brijesh)
7th 4x100m Finals SAN KITTS y NEVIS 39.43 PB (ROGERS Jason, ADAMS Antoine, DELANEY Delwayne, LAWRENCE Brijesh) 
4th 4x100m SAN KITTS y NEVIS 44.43 (LIBURD Tanika, WILLIAMS Tameka, PONTEEN Tiandra, HODGE Virgil)
5th Long Jump  LIBURD Tanika  6.25  w-0.5