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Kaska Rules the Waves by Curtis Morton     (Full Results below)

If ever there is a recommendation for male athlete of the year for Nevis in 2010, the name Kashka Forbes would be high on the list of nominees.  The long distance super star from the Charlestown Secondary School added another feather to his already colourful cap when he completely outran his competitors to take the coveted first spot in the illustrious Church Ground marathon.  Kashka, a first timer in the event, was almost misled at the junction of the Federal office at Government Road, when the Police lead vehicle took the wrong route but managed to stay on course even though he wasted a few precious moments before the confusion was cleared. Earlier in the year, Kasha demolished the 35 year old record of Andy Liburd in the 1500 meters and went on to set another record in the Carifta trials held in St.Kitts.

Champion runner and winner for the previous three years, Tazzie Bartlette was on hand to congratulate the new winner.  Tazzie was unable to compete due to the fact that he had twisted an ankle recently and had also suffered a dog bite from one of his own dogs.

Asked if he thought that he could have ‘handled’  Kashka, the three –peat champion confidently responded:  “…….and I heard that the man walk so much---nobody can beat me walking so much!”

In the female category, veteran athlete, Vernice Wattley shook off a stout challenge from first timer Vanessa Williams to take the coveted first spot in the absence of the winner for the previous year, Miranda Fellows who was away in Grenada competing in another meet.

A total of thirty-nine athletes started the race and all of thirty –seven made it to the tape.  There was one minor casualty as 10th placer Carl Tyson had to be rushed to the Alexandra Hospital due to apparent dehydration.

Among those completing the course was Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. Robelto Hector.  Minister of Health and Sports, Hon Hensley Daniel who was conspicuous at the starting line, never commenced the race. Two Nevisian cricketers were also in the top twenty finishers in Tonito Willet in 7th place and Curtis Morton Jr in 19th.  Veteran Nevis Footballer, Colin Stapleton also represented well in 8th spot.

All of the participants received a $10.00 top up compliments of LIME and a T-shirt.
The overall top placements were as follows:

1st place—Kashka Forbes in 43.30—He received a magnificent trophy, compliments of Clinton Weekes of Miami; $200.00 compliments of the Nevis Bakery; one night stay for two at the Hermitage Inn; an $80.00 phone card compliments of LIME and a Toaster from SL Horsfords Ltd
2nd Place—Delvon Clarke in 43.35—He received a trophy compliments Clinton Weekes; one night stay for two at Golden Rock Hotel; a $40.00 phone card from LIME and a pair of binoculars from TDC
3rd place- Reece Walters in 43.46—He received a trophy from Clinton Weekes; lunch for two at Sunshine’s and a $40.00 phone card from LIME
4th place-Phil Jones in 50.43-He received a toaster oven from SL Horsfords Ltd
5th place—Carlton Davis in 52.44—He received a Toaster from TDC
6th place-William Wilkinson in 53.21—He received lunch for two compliments of the Patio Restaurant
7th place -Tonito Willet in 54.15-He received a LIME beach towel
8th place-Colin Stapleton in 54.53—He received a LIME beach towel
9th place-Elroy Kelly in 55.13—He received a LIME beach towel
10th place-Carl Tyson in 56.42- He received a LIME beach towel
13th place and 1st in the females-Vernice Wattley in 58.00-She received a magnificent trophy compliments of Clinton Weekes of Miami; $200.00 compliments of Nevis Bakery; one night stay for two at Nisbett’s  Plantation Inn; an $80.00 phone card and a clock from SL Horsfords Ltd
16th place and 2nd in the females-Vanessa Williams in I hour and 2 minutes—She received a trophy from Clinton Weekes; lunch for two at Mt Nevis Hotel; $40.00 phone card from LIME and a heater/iron from SL Horsfords Ltd

22nd place and 3rd in the females-Stevee Jones in 1 hour 8 minutes and 12 seconds-She received a trophy from Clinton Weekes; lunch for two at MT Nevis Hotel and a $40.00 phone card from LIME.

On hand to deliver the prizes to the winners was the Federation’s supreme athlete. Mr. Kim Collins in his capacity as patron of the event. He was accompanied by his wife and child. He also received a warm reception from the fair sized gathering.

President of the Church Ground Sports Club (the race organizers), Mr. Spencer Hanley, was thrilled with the outcome of the event and lauded the sponsors who still gave generously to the athletes, despite the present economic turmoil.  

All set for 8th Annual Marathon by Curtis Morton

Chief Coordinator of the annual Church Ground marathon, Spencer Hanley expressed in an interview yesterday that all is set for the prestigious event which will take place on Monday May 3rd which is recognized as a public holiday in the Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis.

The 8th annual event will commence at 8 am at the top of Church Ground Hill, close to the home of Mrs. Myrtle Guishard and the athletes will journey north through Hamilton, down to Club Temin, make a right turn, head down the by pass road, make a left turn towards TDC, run through Charlestown, make a left at the bottom of Government Road, make a right turn just above the Federal office, head towards the Elquemedo Willet Park, make a left turn towards the Cultural Complex, then make a right turn towards the tennis court, turn left towards Crown Bakery, head to the top of the road and make a right turn next to the home of the Dyers family, make a right turn on entering the main road, make a left turn at the foot of the cemetery heading into Bath Plain, make a left turn at the bottom of the road heading into Bath Village, make a right turn at the famous tamarind tree, down Jericho Road, make a right turn at the foot of that road and head towards Reliable Motors.

The closing moments of the race this year however, will be slightly different from previous years.  The athletes will head up the CSS Road but instead of climaxing the event in the Villa as has been the case in previous years, this time around the athletes will make a left turn through the small gate into the Elquemedo Willet Park and complete the course with a half lap in the park and ending in front of the main pavilion.

Hanley explained that the reason for the change was due to the fact that on that same day the CSS 60th anniversary committee will be hosting their sporting festival at the Elquemedo Willet Park and his committee from the Church Ground Sports and Cultural club is working along with the CSS committee to ensure that both events will not have a conflict. 

As soon as the marathon is completed, the prize giving ceremony will be held and immediately after the prize giving ceremony, the CSS 60th anniversary sports meet will commence.
Hanley indicated that the emphasis will be placed on giving prizes to the most outstanding athletes. The usual prizes will be available. These include: cash prizes, appliances, top up cards, dinners for two, one night stays at local hotels etc. Commemorative T shirts would also be given to all of the participants.

Hanley is reminding all of the athletes to drink non alcoholic fluids starting at least 48 hours prior to race day.

Registration forms are available at the Nevis Tourism Authority and registration prior to race day will be $20.00 EC while registration on race day will be $25.00 EC.

Hanley also noted that some of the top athletes to look out for would be three times consecutive champion Alphonso ‘Tazzi’ Bartlette in the males and Miranda Fellows and Vernice Wattley in the females.  He however indicated that champion athlete Shirvon Greene is indicating an interest in flying in for the meet from the US in order to give ‘Tazzi’  ‘a run for his money’. 

There is also the exciting prospect of a match up between ‘Tazzi’, Shirvon and the latest CSS long distance sensation, Kashka Forbes.

Up to this point a patron for the meet is yet to be determined but Hanley indicated that he is exploring the possibility of getting a former local champion athlete to feature on the big day.

May 3, 2010
Place Name and Address Time Gender Notes
1 Kashka Forbes, Nevis 43:30 M 1st time participant
2 Delvon Clarke, Nevis 43:35 M  
3 Reece Walters, Nevis 43:46 M  
4 Phil Jones, Nevis 50:43 M  
5 Carlton Davis 52:44 M  
6 William Wilkinson 53:21 M 1st time participant
7 Tonito Willett, Nevis 54:15 M  
8 Colin Stapleton 54:53 M 1st time participant
9 Elroy Kelly, Nevis 55:13 M  
10 Carl Tyson, Nevis 56:42 M  
11 Chris Clever, USA 56:54 M 1st time participant
12 Merville Morton, Nevis 57:38 M 1st time participant
13 Vernice Wattley, Nevis 58:00 F 2-time female winner
14 Fabian Cranston, Nevis 59:36.15 M  
15 Vern Clarke, Nevis 1:00.08 M  
16 Vanessa Williams, Nevis  1:02.00 F 1st time participant
17 Sylvester Bussue, Nevis 1:03.15 M  
18 Simeon Hill, Nevis 1:04.46 M  
19 Curtis Morton Jr, Nevis 1:05.49 M 1st time participant
20 Junie Richardson, Nevis 1:06.33 M 1st time participant
21 Alpha Bartlette, St. Kitts 1:08.10 M  
22 Stevee Jones, Nevis 1:08.12 F 1st time participant
23 Matt Lloyd, Wales 1:10.40 M  
24 Collin Walwyn, Nevis 1:11.30 M 1st time participant
25 Ophelia Morton, Nevis 1:14.47 F 1st time participant
26 Ronell Pemberton, Nevis 1:17.03 M  
27 Simeon Prentice, Nevis 1:18.45 M 1st time participant
28 Hon. Robelto Hector, Nevis 1:21.59 M 1st time participant
29 Karen James, Nevis 1:25.39 F 1st time participant
30 Claudette Brookes, St. Kitts 1:25:39.2 F 1st time participant
31 John Prentice, Nevis 1:27.47 M 1st time participant
32 Evan Nisbett, Nevis 1:28.50 M  
33 Iona Powell, Nevis 1:31.42 F  
34 Frank Ashley, UK 1:32.26 M  
35 Jermaine Stapleton, Nevis 1:33.07 M 1st time participant
36 Marion Browne, Nevis 1:36.23 F  
37 Donette Dyer, Nevis 1:57.13 F  
38 Mauricia Caines   F DID NOT FINISH
39 Denis Clarke   M DID NOT FINISH
40 Jody Lawrence   F NO SHOW
Males           29
Females           10
Total Participants           39
No Show             1
Total Registrants           40