Run Streamed "LIVE"


289 photos of the Church Ground Road Run - 3rd May 2010


Instructions for the "LIVE" viewing of the Church Ground Run to commence at 7:30 am on Monday 3rd May 2010  (Race starts at 8 am)
To view the race "LIVE" requires a Yahoo identity (i.e. a yahoo email account) and yahoo messenger installed on your computer.  Start the Yahoo messenger program and add as a contact in your yahoo messenger (if not a contact already). Select the "nevisaaa" contact, right click and then select the option "View webcam", likely found under "Actions" or "More Actions". The race will be seen in the webcam window.
The race will be streamed using a video camera with zoom capabilities, shot from the back of a moving pickup. The frame rate for the video will be in the order of 3 frames per sec (normal video frame rate is 30 frames per sec), due to the limited uplink speed of the wireless equipment. The pickup will normally precede the first runner, but from time to time, will stop to get video of other runners as they pass.
The production will commence from 7:30 am as the runners get ready for the start of the race at 8:00 am. We will attempt to also provide audio during the streaming.
Hope you will enjoy the 2nd time we are providing the "LIVE" streaming of a road run in the Nevis and likely the Leewards Islands & OECS.