Carifta 2010 Blogs

Carifta Games Blogs from Cayman Islands
By Clayton Clarke
of Trinidad & Tobago
From 3rd - 5th April 2010
7:06pm:Campbell now leads by about 70 metres from Wright with 8 laps to go. Harold Lamour(HAI) is in third.
7:04pm: Campbell opens up a lead of about 30 metes on Wright with 9 laps to go.
7:01pm: The finals of the Boys under 20 5000m just started. Kemoy Campbell(JAM) leads from Mathew Wright (BAR) with 12 laps to go. The two open a 50 metre on the rest of the field. The two lead with 10 laps to go.
6:57pm:The finals of the Boys under 17 Discus entering its final round. Fedrick Dacres(JAM) is leading with Chadrick De Costa(JAM) in second. Kenejah Williams(TRI) is third.
6:53pm:Carifta records established this afternoon to bring the total to seven(to be confirmed).
6:48pm: Kirani James(GRN) won the Boys under 20 200m in 20.76 seconds.
6:32pm:Odane Skeene(JAM) won the Boys under 17 200m in 20.84, a new Carifta record.
B U 17 200m finals
Wind +1.2m/s
1 Skeen, Odane 94 Jamaica 20.84C
2 Place, Jeneko 94 Bermuda 21.27
3 Todd, Odail 94 Jamaica 21.55
4 Sandy, Darvin 94 Trinidad & Tobago 21.64
5 Monroe, Julian 94 Bahamas 21.87
6 Walsh, Tahir Antigua & Barbuda 21.94
7 Douglas, Nicholas 96 Trinidad & Tobago 22.07
8 Cash, James 94 Bahamas 22.29

6:30pm:Sherika Jackson(JAM) won the girls under 17 200m ahead of teammate Saqukine Cameron.
6:29pm:Jehue Gordon(TRI) won in 13.41 sec, a new Carifta record.  He now has two gold medals in two Carifta records.
5:51pm: The Boys under 20 110m hurdles up next. The finals of the Girls 17 triple jump taking back on the outside of the back stretch.
5:49pm: The award ceremony for the Girls under 20 discus talking place.  The medalists in the Girls under 17 100m hurdles finals going to receive their medals.
5:45pm:Samantha Ellis(JAM) won the Girls under 20 100m hurdles1 in new Carifta record of 13.42 seconds ahead of teammate Tonique Davis. The Jamaican fans are singing and waving "Jamaica, Land we love".
5:38pm:The stands are full here at the Truman Bodden Sporting complex.  Lots of Jamaican fans.  Bahamians and the host Cayman Islands also in large numbers.
5:35pm:The medalists in the boys under 17 boys under 17 800m collecting their medals.The top three in the boys under 20 triple jumps now making their way to the podium.
5:33pm: Jamaica just finished one two in the girls under 17 100m hurdles and also in the boys under 17 event.
6:29pm: The sprint hurdles are up next.
5:28pm: Wilson wins the boys under 20 spot putt.
5:12pm:The boys under 20 shot finals taking place and Quincy Wilson(TRI) has broken the Carifta record with his first  throw of 18.67m. The old mark was 18.23m. The Boys under 17 long jump finals also taking place.
5:04pm:The afternoon session here on the final day is already underway. Jamaica won the girls under 17 and 20 800m gold medals while the boys under 17 and 20 finals went to Barbados.

11:36am: The stadium is empty at the moment. Cayman sprinter, Cyondie Mothersille is training at the moment, watched by her huband Ato Stephens.
11:33am; The morning session has ended.  Two finals were contested Girls under 20 High Jump and Boys under 20 Triple Jump. 
11:31am: Good morning viewers. I want to apologize for my absence.  I had two major problems: internet connection on my pc and a bout of food poisoning.  

6:52pm: The Girls under 17 Discus finals up next. 9 finalists.The competitors in the Boys open Heptathlon compete in their fourth event, the 200m.
6:30pm: The boys under 20 1500m finals Kemoy Camapbell(JAM) takes an early lead and extends with with 3 laps to go. In second is Kevin White (JAM) is second with Devery Robley(TRI) in third. Campbell is ahead with 2 laps to go.  White and Robley just behind. At the bell Campbell still leads. Mathew Wright (BAR) is in second ahead of White. Campbell wins by nearly 100m from Wright and White.
6:25pm: Girls under 20 1500m up next. Defending champion and record holder Natoya Goule (JAM) takes out and early lead and extends it.  Goule leads from team-mate Sharlene Nickle.  Goule leads at the bell and goes on to win . Dawnelle Colymore (TRI) moves into the second along the back stretch.  Nickle moves back in second and takes silver with Collymore in third.
6:09pm: The Boys under 17 1500m finals up next. Nine finalists. They are off. Oshane Turner(JAM) takes early lead and is front with 3 laps to go from Andre Colebrooke(BAH) with Mark London(TRI). Juma Mouchette (BER) leads with 2 laps to go from Turner wiht London in third. London takes lead at the bell and pulls away. London leads with 200m and go on to win. Nicholas Landeau (TRI) moves into third with 200m to go and movesbast Mouchette into second with 100m to go and takes the silver. Mouchette finishes in third.
6:07pm: The Boys under 20 high jump finals up next. Fourteen finalists.
6:01pm: The finals of the Girls under 17 1500m up next. Marlane Eubanks(JAM) leads with 3 lpas left. Jevina Straker(GUY) in second with Aleitha Mclaughlin (JAM) in third. Mclaughlin  leads with 2 laps to go.  Eubanks leads at the bell  ahead of Mclaughline and Straker .Straker moves into seconds behind Eubanks. With 150m to go Eubanks leads but Straker charges and passes Eubanks 10 metres before the finish line and wins with Mclaughlinin third.
5:54pm: Third heat up next. Jason Rogers (SKN) wins ahead of Trevorvano Mackey (BAH) in second ahead of Sabian Cox (TRI).
5:47pm: The second heat up next. False start. Hensely Paulina (AHO) charged and is dqed.  The race is off the second time. Shermund Allsop (TRI) wins ahed of Bernard Brady( JAM) and Vincent Michalet(MAR).
5:45pm: The boys under 20 100m heats up next. Heat one was one by Rachmi Van Lamoen (AHO) ahead of Geno Jones (BAH) with Brandon Tomlin(JAM).
5:39pm: The first heat of the Girls under 20 100m was won by Allison Peters (USVI) ahead of V'Alonee Robinson (BAH).  The second heat is under starter's order. They are off. Michelle Lee Ahye(TRI) wins ahead of Tynia Robinson (BAH) with Diandre Gilbert (JAM) in third.
4:36pm: The Girls under 20 shot putt finals taking place.
5:34pm: The boys in the under 17 triple jump finals are getting ready for their event.
5:32pm: Jeneko Monroe (BER) takes heat three ahead of Julian Monroe(BAH) and Zharnel Hughes (ANG) in third.
5:31pm: The competitors in the Boys open Heptathlon are now competingin their third event the Javelin throw while the Girls in the open Pentathlon are competing in their third event the high jump.
5:28pm: The second heat gets underway.Odane Shane(JAM) wins ahead of Tahir Walsh(ANT) and Ayodele Taffe (TRI).
5:25pm; The heats of the Boys under 17 up100m  next. Odail Simmons (JAM) takes an early lead in heat one and wins ahead of Yann-Oliver Delin(MAR) and Delano Davis(BAH).
5:23pm: Chantelle Morisson(CAY) wins from lane 7 Channiel Johnson (JAM).
5:18pm: Lisa Wickham (TRI) wins the second heat from Ramon Van Der Vlott(SUR) with Devynne Charlton (BAH) in the third.
5:14pm: In the first heat Lucy Fortune (GRN) takes an early lead but Kadisha Dallas(JAM) takes over and wins ahead of Fortune and Martar and  Etienne(BAH).
5:11pm: The heats of the girls under 17 100m up next.
3:40pm: The mascots are leading the way. They are turtles. I am running off to take pictures.3:36pm: Good afternoon. I am here in the media tent. We are located right after the finish line. As we speak the officials have started making their way out on to the field for the start of opening ceremony.



1:00pm: Adrian Williams (SKN) won the Boys under 17 Javelin with 57.86 metres ahead of Janiel Craig (BAR).
12:29am: The boys under 17 Javelin finals still taking place.
12:12pm: The second heat is off. Jermaine Gayle (JAM) makes up stagger on Christopher Davis(BAR).  Deon Lendore (TRI) comes into the homestretch ahead in lane 7.   Lendore wins ahead of Gayle.
12:10pm: The first heat is off. Demar Wright (JAM) takes early lead making up stagger on the defending champion and record holder Kirani James (GRN). James the lead with just about 150m to go and wins ahead of Wright.
11:57am: The third heat is off. Weekes( BAR) takes early lead making up stagger on Bennet(JAM). Weekes holds on to win with Katrina Seymour (BAH) finishing strongly to take second place ahead of Bennet.
11:48am: The first heat of the girls under 20 400m are off.  Four starters. Brooks(TRI) takes the lead from lane 5. She comes into the homestretch ahead and wins from Tresfn Wright(SKN) and Peterlyn Edwards(LUC).  The second heat is up next. They are off. Mc Knight(TRI) takes leads on the back stretch. Kanika Beckles (GRN) takes the lead with 40 meters to go and wins from McKnight.
11:33am: The boys under 17 400m event has gone straight to a final.
11:23am Sherica Jackson (JAM) won the first heat of the girls unde 17 400m. The defending champion and record holder beat Kernisha Spann (TRI). Shaynae  Milleer(BAH0 won heat two ahead Olivia James (JAM).
11:14am: Chad Wright just threw 63.11 to break Wilson's record.  Wilson fouls his last throw. Wright takes the gold.
10:33am: The Boys under 20 Discus finals, three rounds completed.
10:30am: The Boys open heptathlon long jump just completed.  Anthony Clarke (Turks and Caicos) had the best leap of 7.30 metres, followed by Tre Adderley (BAH) is second best with 6.88m.
10:28am: The Girls Under 17 shot putt finals are up next. The athletes are being briefed before the start of the event.
10:22am: The finalists of the boys under 17 Javelin are mking their way onto the field.
10:17am: Jones ram below the bar in her second attempt. She is getting ready for her final attempt at 1.88m.  She ran below the bar again.So the record stays at 1.85m
10:13am: Ramone Bailey(JAM)  just had an attempt in the Long Jump in the Boys Heptathlon. Kemar Jones (BAR) just had his attempt. Julien Fletcher (tTRI) up next. Jones failed on her first attempt at 1.88m
10:11am: Jones clears 1.85m. Jones has asked the bar to be put at 1.88m
10:10am: The bar is now at 1.85m for Jones.
10:07am: Jones clears 1.81m.  Wilson just threw 62.95m and set a new Carifta record, erasing the mark of 55.67m he set in last year.
10:04: Porter withdraws from the Girls Under 17  Jump leaving Jones to win the gold medal. Jones is now attempting to clear 1.81m, and set a new Carifta Record(1.80, the old mark set in 1999 and 2009).
10:03am: Quincy Wilson (TRI) just had a throw over 60m in the Boys Under 20 Discus finals.
10:00am: Porter failed her second attempted. Robert Collingwood just completed his second attempt.  Long Jump, the second event in the Boys Open Heptathlon is taking place at the pit on the outside of the back stretch while the Shot Putt, event 2 in the Girls Open Pentathlon is also taking place.
9:59am: Jones just cleared 1.77m on first attempt.
9:55am: The bar is at 1.71m in the Girls under 17 High Jump and only Akela Jones(BAR) and Chanice Porter (JAM) in the competiton.
9:25am: The competitors of the Boys under 20 Discus finals have just walked on the field.  That event is up next.   Eleven competitors.  This should be an interesting contest. The defending champion Quincy Wilson (TRI) set a new Carifta record last year and has already beaten that mark this year.   He will have to battle with Jamaicans Smikle( the 2009 World Youth Bronze medallist) and Wright both of whom have thrown further than Wilson in 2010.
9:23am: The first final of the 39th Carifta Games is being contested, Girls under 17 High Jump on the northern side, near the 200m start. Nine competitors.
9:21am: The first event of the Boys open Heptathlon, 110m hurdles was just completed. Kemar Jones(BAR) won from Tre Adderley(BAH) and Julien Fletcher (TRI).
9:00am: Good morning. The first event just got under the way, the 100m hurdles in the Girls Open Pentathlon. Audilia Daveiga (MAR) and Janieve Russel (JAM) were first and second.