BHS Sports 2012

held on Sunday 26th Feb 2012 at the Silver Jubilee Stadium, Bird Rock, St. Kitts
 45th Anniversary - Basseterre High School Sports Day

The event was streamed "LIVE" at  compliments Lester Blackett, TIME & partners
Photos, Events List, Results, Records, Meet Schedule & more are available on the website
"Nevis Athletics" Facebook page will soon feature sample photos.
 See the taped "LIVE" Video & Audio stream below
So make sure you review this exciting meet !!
Class Champions & Victrix / Victor Ludorum below

Some audio/video difficulties at the start & during the stream. Video can be fast forwarded & rewound using the slider bar
You can also go to a new section of the Meet by moving the slider bar to the end - the next video then plays
 Thanks to all the Production personnel, volunteers and other persons who greatly contributed to this broadcast.
They included from Nevis: Jack Ngumbah, Laurence Richards, Nicoyann Blackett & from St. Kitts: Wilbert Blackett, BHS students (including Kimi-Lee Knight, Jonathon Brown, Noel Nicholls & others - data entry, uploads & chat monitoring), Members of the SKNAAA, BHS staff, Commentators including Springer, Virgil, Delwayne & others
Basseterre High Photos 2012 posted during & after the Meet 

Basseterre High Sports 2012 - Photos compliments of Laurence Richards - More Photos to be posted


Basseterre High Sports - Set 2 - Photos compliments of Laurence Richards - More Photos to be posted

Class Champions & Victrix / Victor Ludorum 
Class 4 Males & Females
(Champions & Runner Ups)
Tywanya Robinson (OR) 31pts
Demetria Jones (BL) 21pts
Kyle Nisbett (GR) 31pts
Ian Liburd (OR) 19pts
Class 3 Males & Females
Terisha Willlock (OR) 25pts
Kimiko Rouse (OR) 24pts
Trivon Rogers (RD) 29pts
Joshua Simmonds (OR) 19pts
Class 2 Males & Females
Keressa Eddy (BL) 33pts
Vernica Joseph (BL) 20pts
Savaughn Boston (OR) 28pts
Chevaun Matthew (BL) 20pts
Class 1 Males & Females
Valenticia Lindsay (RD) 29pts
Shyan Williams (BL) 20pts
Jamal Adams (OR) 36pts
Brenton Skeete (GR) 21pts
Victrix & Victor Ludorum
Keressa Eddy (BL) 44pts
Shenella Mitchum (OR) 38pts
Trivon Rogers (RD) 44pts
Kyle Nisbett (GR) 38pts
Sports Day
4th Green - 160
3rd Red - 164
2nd Orange - 240
1st Blue - 258
4th Green - 1470
3rd Red - 1510
2nd Orange - 1588
1st Blue - 1631