Meet Information

Interviews by Clayton Clarke with Meet Director, Wendy Barrow-Smith:



Invites you to attend the



-A Tradition of Excellence-

(U 11, 13, 15, 17, Open Men & Women)



In celebration of our 19th anniversary

Saturday 9th May
Sunday 10th May 2009
   2 pm & 3 pm

National Stadium, Waterford, Barbados


Join us as we continue to provide quality competition

 for our emerging athletes


We look forward to your presence

Wendy Barrow-Smith, BSc. Meet Director



14-01-2009: Wendy Barrow Smith, head coach and secretary of BC Trac, welcomed the initiative (All athletes competing under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) will now have to consent to mandatory drug testing) as a deterrent to the many juvenile athletes under her care. "The drug testing is mandatory and we agree with it. It should not reach as far as the juveniles as yet, but it is a means of discouraging them and they would get early warning and knowledge of what it means," she said.  Source
2007 News Item  "Each year the standard of competition is rising and about seven records were set last year. However, there are more than 20 records which date back to 1996 and those should be another challenge for athletes."

B C TRAC Athletic Club’s 

2009 “Austin Sealy Invitational Trac Classic”

Date:      Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th May 2009

Time:      2 pm & 3 pm
     Venue:          National Stadium, Waterford, Barbados
     Entry Fees:     $10.00 per individual athlete

$25.00 per school/club, plus $3 for each individual athlete entered -to accompany entries

# $10.00 additional for late entries (this fee will also be assessed against teams whose fees remains unpaid at the start of the competition) 

Entries:        Closing date for entries-Sat May 2nd, 2009

Late entries will be accepted up to May 5th Final date for changes- Thur. May 7th,2009

**Entries can be made on the team manager software

Prizes:         1st to 3rd position trophies for each individual event

1st position in relays

                Most Outstanding Athlete in each division

Conditions:     * Entries can be delivered to the National Stadium any evening after 5 pm, or the meet file can be emailed 

* All fees must be paid in order for athletes to participate

* Meet will be conducted under IAAF rules

* Management reserves the right to accept/refuse any or all entries

* Competing teams should have a small group (10) present on Sat 9th at 1.45 pm for the Parade of Teams & Opening Ceremony

Technical       Will take place in the lounge of the National Stadium at 6.30 pm on Thursday 7th May.

Meeting:        Competitors numbers, passes, start lists will be distributed & fees collected, as well as final changes made. No additions    

     Contacts:       Wendy Barrow-Smith, BSc. Meet Coordinator (246)417-0174/238-0772



Events to be contested at the 9th Edition of the Classic

Open Men  & Women:

100 Meters                              High Jump

200 Meters                              Long Jump

400 Meters                              Triple Jump

800 Meters                              Shot Putt

1500 Meters (W)                     Discus

3000 Meters (M)                     Javelin

100 m Hurdles (W)                  4 X 100 M Relay

110 M Hurdles (M)                  4 X 400 M Relay

400 m Hurdles

Under 18 Girls & Boys:

100 M Hurdles (G) 76 cm       Discus (B) 1.5 kg

110 M Hurdles (B) 91 cm      Javelin (B) 700 gm

400 M Hurdles (B)                   Shot Putt (B) 5 kg

Under 17 Girls &  Boys:

100 Meters                              Discus (G)

200 Meters                              Shot Putt (G)

400 Meters                              Javelin (G)

800 Meters                              4 X 100 M Relay

1500 M (B)                             

300 M Hurdles (G)                  High Jump (B)

400 M Hurdles (B)                   Long Jump

Under 15 Girls & Boys:

100 Meters                              Long Jump

200 Meters                              Shot Putt-3 kg

600 Meters (G)                                   

800 Meters (B)

75 M Hurdles (G)                    4 x 100 M Relay

80 M Hurdles (B)                     Sprint Medley Relay

Under 13 Girls & Boys:

200 Meters                              400 Meters

Under 11 Girls & Boys:

100 Meters                              200 Meters

Rules of the Games:


·      The meet has been sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Association of Barbados, and will be conducted under IAAF rules

·        NO NATIONAL UNIFORMS (of any country) are to be worn by local participants. Violators will be disqualified immediately

·        The ‘1 false start rule’ will be in operation

·        All track events up to U 15 will be timed finals; U 17 & Open division sprints events will comprise 2 rounds

·        All distance races (600 m and up) will be run from the respective scratch lines

·        All field events will comprise 4 attempts (U 15), or 6 attempts ( U 17 & Open ) for each registered competitor

·        Triple jump - Women – 8.5 meter board

·        Starting heights for High Jump-

U 17 Boys- 1.50 m

Women- 1.40 m             Men- 1.60 m

·        Hurdle heights-

75/80 m H-76/84 cm

300 m H- 76 cm

100/110 m H-76/84/91/106 cm

400 m H- 76/84/91 cm

·        Implements to be used-

shot putt-3/4/5/7.26 kg.

 discus-1/1.5/2 kg,

javelin- 600/700/800 gm.

·        Awards will be given for the top three (3) finishers in each event, 1st place in the relay events, and the outstanding male & female athlete in each division