Day Two Tobago Champs

2010 Tobago Secondary School track and field Championships.

Day two

5:05pm: The final race of the Championships,B U 20 4 x 400m relay, up next. They are off. Signal hill hold a slight edge from Scar Sec. Signal Hill leads at the break just ahead of Goodwood.  Signal Hill leads with 50m go on the first leg go but Goodwood edges ahead and passes first from Signal Hill with Harmons SDA in third.  Signal Hill still ahead with UWI in second. Signal Hill leads with UWI in  pursuit. Signal Hill leads with 200m to go. Signal hill drives home to win ahead of UWI and Mason Hall.

4:58pm: They are off.  Roxborough in lane 7 makes up the stagger on Goodwood in lane 8. UWI hands over first. Roxborought lead with 200m to go.  UWI leads then Roxborough regains lead and opens big leads (100m). Roxborough comes into the home stretch ahead and drives to finish to take gold. Mason hall comes in second.

4:54pm: G U 20 4 x 400m relay up next.

4:49pm: They are off.  Sec Sec in lane 6  makes up stagger on Bishops. Masoan Hall hand over first and Signal Hill in second. Signal Hill leads on the break from Mason hall.  Signall Hill hand over first from Mason hall and Scar Sec. Signal Hill leads going into the final hand over.  Signal hand over first from Scar Sec and Mason Hall. Signal Hill leads with 100m to go and wins. Bishops passes Scar Sec with 50m to go to take second ahead of Scar Sec.

4:46pm: B U 17 4 x400m relay up next.

4:40 pm: G U 17 4x 400m relay on. Pentecostal makes up stagger on Signal Hill on first bend. Scar Sec leads coming into the home straight and hands over first from Signal Hill and then Pentecostal. Bishops in fourth and Goodwood in fifth. Scar Sec still ahead from Good wood and Bishops.  Scar Sec powers to victory ahead of Speyside who finishes strongly.

4:34pm: B U 15 4x400m relay. Scar Sec leads from Mason Hall and Bishop. Scar Sec leads from Bishops and Goodwood. Bishops passes Scar sec with 150m to go.  Mason Hall now in second with Good wood third. Scar Sec falls back to fourth. Scar Sec moves into second. Bishops still in front.  Scar Sec runs down  Bishops but Bishops holds to win ahead Scar Sec.

4:22pm: G U 15 4x400m relay up next. Six teams. They are off. Mason Hall in lane 6 makes up the stagger on Scar Sec and Bishops on the outside. Mason Hall comes into the straight ahead and hands over first followed by Signal Hill. Mason Hall leads with Goodwood in hot pursuit. Goodwood closes the gap and passes Mason Hall with 50 m to go.  Goodwood leads after the next exchange. Mason takes over at 250m.  Goodwood regains lead at 150m. Mason Hall takes over with 100m to go.   Mason Hall

4:09pm: B U14 4 x 100m off. Scar Sec in lane 7 takes an early lead and wins from Bishops and Spey side.

4:05pm: The G U 14 4x 100m relay final about to start. They are off.  Scar Sec makes up stagger on first leg. Scar Sec and Roxborough in close fight. Agard anchors Scar Sec to victory.


3:54pm:More results from yesterday.

B U17 Long Jump: 1st.  Haysean Cowie Clarke (Scar Sec) 6.09. 2nd Shaquille Jack (Speyside High) 5.91. 3rd. Siemel Crichlow (Scar Sec) 5.64

B U 17 High Jump: 1st  Kensel Dates (Signal Hill Sec)1.65m 2nd Davie Thomas 1.60. 3rd Jharon Phillips 1.60

B U 14 Long Jump: 1st Edson Moses(Bishops High) 5.03 m. 2nd Adwuelle Wright (Harmons SDA) 4.67M 3rd. Rekeil Stewart (Signal Hill) 4.27

3:49pm: One lap to go in the Boys Open 5000m. Roxborough wins ahead of Mason Hall duo.

3:33pm: More results from yesterday:

G U 14 100m:  1st Nikeish Agard (Scar Sec) 13.89 sec. 2nd Chevelle McPherson (Signal Hill Sen) 14.17. 3rd Reneige Joseph (Mason Hall Sec) 14.57.

B U 14 100m: 1st Kadeem Chance(Scar Sec) 13.04. 2nd Andwuelle Wright( Harmon’s SDA) 13.05. 3rd. Ackel Carrington (Bishops High) 13.16

G U 15 100m: 1st Trishelle Leacock (Bishops) 14.38. 2nd Rejanne Wallace (Scar Sec) 14.43. 3rd. Brithney Williams (Scar Sec) 14.67.

B U 15 100m: 1st Nicholas Douglas (Mason Hall) 11.43. 2nd. Ron Wright(Scar Sec) 12.03. 3rd Areion De Freitas(Goodwood) 12.34

B U 17 100m: Haysean Cowie Clarke (Scar Sec) 11.85. 2nd. Arion James (Scar Sec) 12.02. 3rd Akieni Wright (Signal Hill Sec) 12.32

3:27pm:  They are off.

3:27pm: B Open 5000m finals up next. The athletes to complete 12 and half laps.

3:21pm: Finals of the B U 15 800m up. They are off. Speyside leads at the break followed at the Pentecostal. Two Speyside athletes lead at the bell. With 300m to go two Speyside athletes still in the lead. With 200m  to go Speyside still 1-2.  They sprint into the home straight. Speyside pulls away from his teamate. Signal Hill finishes strongly  and closed on Harmson SDA as the two cross the line virtually together.

3:15pm: B U20 finals are off.  Kristian Joseph (Harmon SDA) in lane 3 takes early lead and powers to victory from Ken Alleyne (Mason Hall). In third place is Maurice Hackett(Bishops)

3:13pm: They  are off. Crystal Hackett(Harmons SDA) wins from Kamicia Toney(Mason Hall).  Hackett completes sprint double.

3:12pm: G U 20 finalists on the line.

3:09pm: B U17 finals up next. They are off. Lane 5 and Haysean Cowie Clark in lane 4 take lead but Cowie Clarke pulls away coming into home stretch and wins ahead of Kuniba Stewart (Signal Hill) in lane 5 to complete sprint double. Jayon Taylor(Roxborough Sec) takes third.

3:06pm: G U17 finals about to start. They are off. Shahaweh Arthur (Speyside) in Lane 5 takes early lead but school mate Zakiya Dennon in Lane 3 comes into the straight first and wins from Arthur. In third is Corise Alfred (Pentecostal Light)/

3:01pm: They are off. Nicholas Douglas of Mason Hall pulls ahead of comes into the straight ahead of  Ron Wright Scar Sec and wins.  Wright takes silver with Areion De Freitas (Goodwood.) in third.

3:01pm: B U 15 200m on the line.

3:00pm: G U15 up next. They are off. Onisha John in Lane 5  Mason Hall takes an early lead and coming into the straight ahead but is passed by Trishelle Leacock(Bishops)in lane 3 and  Rejeanne Wallace (Scar Sec) in lane 4. Leacock wins from Wallace.  John is in third.

2:58pm: B U 14 under starter’s order. Akel Carrington of Bishops leads into the straight ahead of teammate Edson Moses. Carrington takes gold with Moses second. Rekeil Steward of Speyside is in third.

2:56pm: The Girls Under 14 200m just went off.   Nathalia Thomas of Pentecostal Light won from Nikeisha Agard Scar Sec. Chevelle Mc Pherson of Signal Hill takes third.


2:32pm: G Open 3000m on the line. Seven and half laps. Scar Sec leads from Bishops.

2:24pm: They are off. UWI leads at the break from lane 8. UWI Leads at the bell from BHS and Scar Sec.  With 300m to go UWI still ahead. He lead is 50m with 200m to go. He tires but still ahead. With 100m to go he fights his way home driving the arm. He crosses the line first ahead of Mason Hall and Bishops High.

2:23pm: Seven athletes on the line.

2:22pm:Second heat of B U20 about to start.

2:19pm: They are off. Signal Hill leads at the break from Scar Sec. With 500m to go Signal Hill leads from Scar Sec, Speyside and Mason Hall. Signal Hill leads at the bell. Signal Hill still ahead with 300m to go.  Signal Hill ahead with 200m go and pulls ahead further ahead. With 100m to go Signal Hill sprints to finish and wins ahead of Scar Sec.  Harmons SDA passes Goodwood in the last 50 m to take third.

2:17pm: First heat of the B U20 800m.  G  U20 Discus finals taking place.

2:11pm: G U20 800m finals up next. Six entrants. They are off. Mason Hall leads at the break. She leads with 500m to go. In second place is Scar Sec who drops out just after the bell.  Goodwood takes with just over 200m left. Goodwood comes into the home stretch ahead and drives to finish. Goodwood wins with Mason Hall in second and Bishops in third

2:07pm: Second heat is on. Three athletes in this race. Bishops leads at the break. Bishops leads with 500m to go.  Bishops leads at the bell from Scar Sec and Mason Hall. With 300m to go Bishops still leads. With 200m to Bishops still ahead. Mason Hall now in second. Coming into home stretch Bishops still leads and drives for home to win ahead of Mason Hall who finishes strongly. Scar Sec is third.

2:03pm: They are off. Mark London take the lead is in front at 600m. In second is Signal Hill. London leads at the bell from Signal. London opens gap with 350m to go. With 200m to go London still leads and comes into home stretch. He drives for home and finishes comfortable with Signal Hill in second with Mason Hall in third.

2:01pm: First heat of the  Boys U17 about to start.

1:57am: They are off. Signal Hill takes an early lead.  Scarborough Sec takes the lead 50m before the bell and opens a 30m lead. With 200m to go Scar Sec leads from Signal Hill. With 100m to go Scar Sec sprints to the finish the finish. Signal Hill holds on for second with Bishops in third.

1:54pm: Second heat about to start.

1:50pm: They are off. Athletes tightly bunch. One tumbles at about 650m. Tiffany Hackett takes the lead and takes the bell ahead from Signal Hill . With 300m to go Hackett leads from Signal Hill who starts to walk. Hackett comes into the home stretch and sprints to the finish to the finish. Goodwood finishes third.

1:48pm: First heat of the G U 17 800m about to start.

1:41pm: Second heat is off. Mason Hall starts strongly and leads with 500m to go from Signal Hill and Scar Sec. Mason Hall still leads at the bell. She stops with just under 300m to go.  She leads with 200m to go. Bishops moves into second ahead of Scar Sec. Scar Sec makes move with 150m to go and takes lead. Mason Hall responds but Scar Sec wins from Mason Hall and Bishops.

1:33pm: First heat of G U 15 800m about to start. They are off. Reneice Joseph Mason Hall leads at the break. With 600m to go is ahead of Nathalia Garcia of  Roxborough Sec.  Joseph leads at the bell from Roxborough with Speyside in third. Joseph opens lead of about 50m with 250m to go. She leads coming into the home stretch and finishes comfortably by 100m. Roxborough is in second with Bishops in third but she is passed by Scar Sec who finished strongly for third.

1:28pm: Second heat off.  Speyside takes an early lead. Speyside and Scar Sec take the bell together. With 200m go Speyside still ahead. Speyside sprints to the finish and wins from Signal Hill.

1:12pm: First Heat of B U 15 800m on the line.  Goodwood High leads after the break and opens up a lead from Speyside High. Speyside takes the lead with 300m to go. Speyside opens a 50 cap and drives to the line and win. Bishops overtakes Goodwood with 100m to go and takes  second. Goodwood holds on for third.

12:48am: More results from yesterday:

G U 17 Long Jump: 1st Shanice Roachford (Scar Sec) 5.11m. 2nd Kayla Chapman (Scar Sec) 4.67m. 3rd Kersean Rodriguez ( Signal Hill Sec) 4.54m.

G U 15 Javelin: 1st Khadejah Sterling(Speyside High) 18.79m. 2nd Subrina Henry( Mason Hall Sec) 17.29m. 3rd Jaylell Daniel (Signal Hill Sec) 14.29.

B U 20 High Jump:1st Karim Mitchell (Scar Sec) 1.80m. 2nd Nkem Scotland (Signal Hill Sec) 1.75m. 3rd Dajuan Melville(Pentecostal Light) 1.75.

G U20 High Jump: 1st Shanice Sylvester 1.40m. 2nd Nicollette Leacock (Bishops High) 1.35m. 3rd Kamicia Toney (Mason Hall Sec) 1.35m

12:42am: Second heat off. Heat 6 of Bishops wins but he limps over the line.

12:37am: The B U20 heats up next. First heat if off.  Lane4 Chirstian Joseph(Harmons SDA) wins from lane 4 wins from Scar Sec.

12:33am: Second heat up next. Four entrant. Kamica Toney (Mason Hall) in lane 8 leads and wins from Crystall Hackett (Harmon SDA), the 100m win.

12:29am: G U20 heats up next. First heat off. Chantal Clarke (Pentcostal Light) in Lane 8 leads into the straight and wins.

12:24am: Third heat is up next. Five entrants. They are off. Haysean Cowie Clarke (Scar Sec) running in lane 4  takes an early leads and win.

12:20pm: Second heat on the line. Kuniba Stewart of  Signal Hill in lane 3 comes in the straight ahead and wins.

12:15pm: B U 17 heat one up next. Four entrants. They are off. Arion James(Scar Sec)Lane 6 takes the lead  on the straight and wins.

12:13am: In heat 2 Zakiya Denoon (Speyside) in Lane 7 takes the lead and wins from Lersean Rodriguez(Signa Hill) in  lane 1.

12:12am: Second heat up next. Girls U 14 High Jump up next.

12:08am: First heat of the  G u 17 up next. Seven runners on the line. Shahaweh Arthur (Speyside High) in Lane 7 and  Corise Alfred (Pentecostal Light) in lane8 in come into the straight ahead and the too battle across line. Arthur wins ahead Alfred.

12:06am: Second heat is off. Scar Sec in lane 3 takes the lead and wins from Goodwood.

12:00am: B U 15 heats up next. Heat one off. 100m winner NicholasDouglas of Mason Hall takes a early leads and wins comfortable from lane one.

11:58: 2nd heat G 15 off. Trishelle Leacock  ofBishops running in lane 2 takes the lead with 70 meters to go and wins.

11:56am: B U 20 Javelin on the way. Stewart (Scar Sec)  just made a throw.a

11:55am: G U20 Discus finals up next. G U 15 20m heat one underway. Lane 2 Rejanne Wallace of Scar Sec wins.

11:52: G U15 200m heat one on the line.

11:50am: Second heat off.  Lane 6 Ackel Carrington of Bishops takes the lead and wins from Shayne Solomon of Scar Sec running out of lane 1.

11:49am: First heat of the B U 14 off. Edson Moses (Bishops High) leads coming in the home straight but is passed by Kadeem Chance of Scar Sec who wins from Moses.

11:45am: Second heat is off. Lane5  Natalia Thomas of Pentecostal comes into the home straight ahead and wins.

11:42am: The first race is off. Nickeisha Agard of Scar Sec in lane3 comes into the final straight and wins easily. Agard won the 100m yesterday.

11:40am: The athletes in the first heat are on the line adjusting their starting blocks.

11:38am: Heats of the 200m  up next beginning with the Girls U 14.

11:28am: More results from yesterday:

G U15 1500m: 1st Anecia Baptiste (Scar. Sec) 6min 29.71 sec. 2nd Kristen Julien (Bishop High) 6:37:05. 3rd Shenell Pierre (Bishops High) 6:39:84.

B U15 1500m: 1st Sampson Caesar (Speyside High) 5:20:50. 2nd Desmond Legerton (Signal Hill Secondary) 5:22:41. 3rd Aushel Jacobs (Bishops High)5:30:70

G U17 1500m: 1st Shianne Thomas (Scar Sec) 5:32:69. 2nd Elsa Davidson (Signal Hill Secondary) 5:53:51. 3rd Tiffany Hackett (Pentecostal Light and Life) 5:58:99

 B U17 1500m: 1st Mark London (Bishops High) 4:31:45. 2nd Stephon Revello (Bishops High) 4:46:28. 3rd Quincy Sylvester (Goodwood High) 4:51:82)

G U 20 1500m: Chrystiann Roberts (Scar Sec) 5:39:42. 2nd Anike Tayler(Scar Sec) 5:40:74. 3rd Kimberly Stewart (Goodwood High) 6:07:56

B U 20 1500m: Kershan Adams (Signal Hill Secondary) 4:33:55. 2nd Jimeel Cunningham (Mason Hall Secondary) 4:41:11. 3rd Shaquille Scott (Scar Secondary) 4:43:00.

11:27am: Mason Hall comes intot he final stretch with about a 40 m lead.  He celebrates as he crossed the line. Close fight for second with Mason Hall and Speyside High as both cross the line together.

11:25am : Mason Hall in first and second with one lap to go.

11:22am: Bright sunshine here at the Dwight Yorke stadium. G  U15 Long Jump taking place.

11:20am. They are off. Mason Hall athlete off to a quick start with Scarborough Sec in second.

11:16am: Boys Open 1500m walk up next.

11:12am: B U14  High Jump finals about the start.

11:12am: Close finish in the G open walk.  Scar Sec passes Goodwood with less than 50 metres to go to win. Mason Hall finishes third.

11:04am: Results from Day one:

B U15 80m hurdles: 1st Nicholan Caesar(Scar Sec) 11.91 sec. 2nd Elone James (Scar Sec) 14.84 seco. 3rd Che Bailey (Mason  Hall Sec) 16.17 sec.

G U 17 100m hurdles: 1st Kayla Chapman (Scar Sec) 19.93. 2nd Kai Arthur (Bishops High) 20.91. 3rd Leatoya Roach (Scar Sec) 21.40.

G U20 100m hurdles : 1st Amica Orr(Speyside High) 21.09. 2nd Danika Parisiene (Goodwood High) 21.97

B U17 100m hurdles: 1st Antonia Thomas (Bishops High) 16.71. 2nd James Williams(Scar Sec) 17.51. 3rd. Shonori Richardson (Bishops High) 17.76.

B U20 110m hurdles: 1st Atiba Wright( Harmons SDA) 15.84. 2nd  Seylon Williams (Signal Hill Secondary) 17.44. 3rd Selvon Williams( Signal Hill Secondary) 18.60

11:03am: They are off.

10:57am: The girls for the 1500m walk on the line.

10:54: The Points standing after day one:

1st Scarborough Secondary 520

2nd Signal Hill Secondary 374

3rd Bishops High 369

4th Mason Hall Secondary 310

5th Speyside High 278

6th Harmons SDA 126

7th Goodwood High 118

8th Pentecostal Light and Life 109

9th Roxborough Secondary 83

10th UWI –Sixth Fom 56

10:52am:  Girls Open 1500m walks up next.  The finalists walk over to the start.

10:42am: B U15 Javelin finals just started. The track officials are clearing the hurdles.

10:39am: Lane 4 takes the lead from the first hurdles. He leads with two hurdles to go. Comes into the home stretch ahead. But is passed by lane 3 with less than 20 meters to go.

10:39am: The B U20 hurdles-on their marks. And they are off.

10:37am: G U 15 Long Jump just about to start.

10:33am: The B U20 Hurdles finals up next. Seven starters.

Lane 1 Signal Hill Secondary

Lane 2 Bishops High

Lane 3 Signal Hill Secondary

Lane 4  Pentecostal Light and Life

Lane 5 Speyside

Lane 7 Bishops High

10:31am: The race is under way. Lane 6 leads from lane 4. Lane 4 takes the lead with two hurdles to go. She pulls aways to finish strongly. Lane 6 finishes second from lane1 in third.

10:28am: G U17 Shot Putt underway as well.

10:25 am: Five on the line.

Lane 1 Signal Hill Secondary

Lane 2 Bishops High

Lane 3 Signal Hill Secondary

Lane 4 Speyside High

Lane 6 Goodwood High

10:23am: The G U20 on the starting line.

10:21am: The second heat just started. Thomas of BHS in lane 4 takes the lead. Mason Hall’s James in land 6  is in second. Coming in the home stretch BHS leads from Mason Hall. BHS wins from Mason hall with Scar Sec in third.

10:16am: The first heat BU17 400m hurdles just completed. Lane 6 led coming into the home stretch and is challenged by lane 7 at the 9th hurdle. Lane 7 hit last hurdle and fell. Lane 6 wins. Lane 7 recovered to finish second.