OECS Relays 2004



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Kurvin Wallace (left) at OECS Relays

DAY 2 (6th June)

TORTOLA—St. Kitts-Nevis overcame defending champions St. Lucia’s narrow one point 11-10 deficit after the first day to with strong performances from its men’s and women’s teams on Sunday, to win the 2nd Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Relays held at the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds on Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

St. Kitts-Nevis amassed 29 points to St. Lucia's 19. The BVI was third with 16. Grenada had 12, Antigua-Barbuda 10, St. Vincent & the Grenadines 4. The Commonwealth of Dominica and Anguilla did not score.

Manager Scotty Hanley said his team did the job they came to do. “Everybody worked had and we knew exactly what we had to do,” Hanley said even though his team was one point behind St. Lucia after the first day of competition. “We went back to the hotel [Saturday] night and worked on strategy and made changes here and there. Some guys who were not supposed to run some events stepped forward and ran other events. It was a total team effort.”

Hanley said the victory is a good boost for his squad after losing the inaugural relays in 2002. “We took that loss very hard last time,” he said. “We knew what mistakes were made and we corrected them. I can tell you this much, the next time, we’re going to win again.”

BVI Amateur Athletic Association president Ephraim Penn said the meet was a good one with great competition. “All the teams performed well and the track held up well and it was just a good event.”

While there was representation from all the OECS countries, some teams—Antigua-Barbuda for example only competed in the women’s division, while St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Grenada fielded men’s only teams. Anguilla was represented by one athlete.

Day 1 (5th June)

The second Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Relays got underway on Saturday in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Defending champions St. Lucia have an 11-10 edge over St. Kitts-Nevis after day 1. (The relays are being scored on a 5-3-1 basis.)

The defending champions, St. Lucia won the men's Distance Medley Relay (DMR) - 4x800x1200x1600, through anchor Victor Ledgers. The 37-year-old finished strong on a team that included Bryan Hubain, Phileus Biscette and Ray Joseph. Victor crossed the line in 11:02.91, just ahead of Everist Tempro from St. Vincent & the Grenadines (11:09.34) and well ahead of St. Kitts-Nevis (11:41.16) and BVI (12:01.63), the host territory rounding out the field.

In the women’s DMR, officials needed the photo finish to declare St. Lucia the winner in 13:32.18 seconds to 13:32.19 over St. Kitts-Nevis. Kasha Christophe and 14 year old Kerish Richards traded places over the final 200 metres, then ran stride for stride to the finish with Christophe out-leaning Richards for the win.

Anchored by Central American and Caribbean Games champion Dion Crabbe, the BVI successfully defended its 4x100m men's title with a time of 41.75 seconds. St. Kitts-Nevis’ Tristan Hensley ran past Grenada’s Greg Campbell to finish in second and third respectively with times of 42.04 and 42.46.

Heather Samuel won the women's 100m dash in 11.77 seconds, well ahead of Carol Clarke (11.99) of St. Kitts-Nevis. Heather then led Antigua-Barbuda (48.20) to victory in the 4x100m relay, along with sisters Andrea (lead-off) and Aneika (anchor) Jno Baptiste, and Sonia Williams.  St. Kitts-Nevis placed second in 48.99 and St. Lucia was third in 50.63. The BVI did not get their pass off on the second exchange and did not finish.

Alleyne Lett (Grenada) was second to Raphael Jack (BVI) in the men's shot put. On Sunday from 4pm, along with the mile relay and other exciting track action, spectators at the A. O. Shirley Recreation grounds will be treated to action in the women's javelin throw.


Photos from 2002 OECS Relays


FINAL RESULTS - 2004 Organisation Of Eastern Caribbean States Relay Championships
A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds (400m Cinder Track. Electronic Timing)

Teams: Grenada, (GRN). St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG). St. Lucia (STL). Dominica (DOM). Antigua-Barbuda (ANT). St. Kitts-Nevis (SKN). Anguilla (ANG). British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Final Standings: 1. SKN, 29. 2. STL, 19. 3. BVI, 16. 4. GRN. 12. 5. ANT, 10. 6. SVG, 4. 7. DOM, 0. 8. ANG, 0.

100m OECS Women: 1. Heather Samuel, Ant; 11.77. 2. Carol Clarke, SKN, 11.99. 3. Anika Jno Baptiste, 12.39. 4. Maritza Williams, SKN, 12.53. 5.Stacia Gill, BVI, 12.92. 6. Alyssa Shepherd, BVI, 13.40.

100m OECS Men: Heat 1. Donnell Esdaille, SKN, 11.14. 2. Marcus Julien, GRN, 11.27. 3. Carbiniere Whyte, ANG, 11.46. 4. Ozari Williams, SVG, 11.52. Heat 2. 1. Mark Kendall, BVI, 11.43. 2. Triscan Henseley, SKN, 11.44. 3. Jason Fedee, St.L, 11.45. 4. Kimberly Goodluck, SVG, 11:46. U-17 Males: OECS. 1. Robert Morton, SKN, 11.27. 2. Whitley Williams, SKN, 11.33. 3. McKenzie Baltimore, BVI, 12.00.

Shot Put OECS Men: 1. Raphael Jack, BVI, 13.60. 2. Alleyne Lett, GRN, 13.45. 3. Cliff Williams, BVI, 13.22. 4. Charles Molyneaux, SKN, 11.02. Kyle Francis, BVI, 10.44. 6. Omar Jones, BVI, 9.42.

Shot Put OECS Women: 1. Tahirah Lewis, BVI, 11.18. 2. Tylia Nibbs, BVI, 9.92.

Discus Throw OECS Women: 1. Tahirah Lewis, BVI, 35.13. 2. Sabrina Christmas, DOM, 28.41. 3. Nadia Collins, BVI, 26.31. 4. Kimone Hannibal, BVI, 26.13.

Discus Throw OECS Men: 1. Allyene Lett, GRN, 46.97 Meters. 2. Cliff Williams, BVI, 36.94. 3. Kyle Francis, BVI, 33.76. 4. Charles Molyneaur, SVG, 31.02.

800m OECS Men: 1. Everist Tempro, SVG, 2:02.26. 2. Noel Samuel, SVG, 2:06.02.

800m OECS Women: Marie-Lyne Joseph, DOM, 2:34.17.

Long Jump OECS Men: 1. Marcus Julien, GRN, 7.05. 2. Ralston Henry, BVI, 6.69. 3. Christopher Lewis, BVI, 6.61. 4. Nicols Charles, DOM, 6.48. 5. Nateshon Thomas, BVI, 6.41. 6. McKenzie Baltimore, BVI, 6.12. 7. Charmant Ollivierre, SVG, 6.07. Cashel Bushy, SVG, 5.78.

4x100m OECS Women: 1. ANT. (Andrea Jno Baptiste, Heather Samuel, Sonia Williams, Anika Jno Baptiste) 48.20. 2. St. Kitts, Nolise Henry, Carol Clarke, Nathandra John, Maritza Williams, 48.99. 3. STL. Melenie Beausoleil, Sancha Epiphane, Theodora Henry, Shanne Thomas, 50.63. Dnf. BVI.

4x100m OECS Men: BVI (Ralston Henry, Keita Cline, Kevin Fahie, Dion Crabbe) 41.75. 2. SKN (Delwayne Delaney, Curvin Wallace, Donnell Esdalle, Triscan Hensley) 42.06. 3. GRN (Bruce Swan, Moncus Julien, Devon Ross, Greg Campbell) 42.46. 4. SVG: (Casnel Bashay, Kimberly Goodluck, Charmant Ollivierre, Ozari Williams) 43.91. 5. DCA: (Del Laurien, Joseph Bazil, Nadi Wallace, Nicols Charles) 44.17. 6. STL: (Jason Fedee, Pheleus Busette, Bryan Hubain, Ray Joseph) 44.89.

Distance Medley OECS Women: 1. STL: (Sancha Epiphane, Melenie Beausolleil, Theodora Henry, Khasha Christophe) 13:32.18. 2. SKN: (Trefansa Whyte, Nathandra John, Rochelle James, Kerish Richards) 13:32.19. 3. BVI (Regina Hewlett, Leniece Lewis, Bianca Dougan, Darwn Peters) 13:56.26.

Distance Medley OECS Men: STL: (Brian Hubain, Phileus Busette, Ray Joseph, Victor Ledgers) 11:02.91. 2. SVG: (Charmant Ollivierre, Andrew Brad, Noel Samuel, Everest Tempro) 11:09.34. 3. SKN: Nigel Duncan, Jakira Joseph, Adalphus Jones, O’Brien Huggins) 11:41.16. 5. BVI (Kimon Lewis, Ackim Lewis, Ludence Smith, Linden Peters) 12:01.63.

Swedish Medley OECS Women: 1. ANT (Anika Jno Baptiste, Sonia Williams, Heather Samuel, Janil Williams) 2:17.60. 2. SKN (Maritza Williams, Kersh Richardson, Nathandra John) 2:19.22. 3. STL (Melenie Beausolleil, Shanne Thomas, Theodora Henry, Sancha Epiphane) 2:25.14. 4. BVI (Adriana Herbert, Steina Fleming, Stephanie Russ Penn, Leniece Lewis) 2:31.15.

Swedish Medley OECS Men: SKN (manual times) (Donnell Esdale, Delwayne Delaney, Kurvin Wallace, Jakaiba Joseph) 1:58.7. 2. GDA (Marcud Julien, Bruce Swan, Deron Ross, Greg Campbell) 2:00.2. 3. BVI (Ralston Henry, Dwight Brooks, Ackim Lewis, Kimon Lewis) 2:02.0. 4. STL. (Jason Fedee, Phileus Busette, Ray Joseph, Brian Hubain) 2:03.7. 5. SVG: (Casnel Bushay, Ozari Williams, Andrew Bradshaw, Charmant Ollivierre) 2:04.3. 6. DOM: (Nicols Charles, Del Lurier, Dani Buiton, Joseph Bazil) 2:07.2.

Javelin Throw OECS Women: 1. Sabrina Christmas, DOM, 40.21 Meters. 2. Tahirah Lewis, BVI, 29.25. 3. Nadia Collins, 28.85.

Javelin Throw OECS Men: Alleyne Lett GRN, 51.83 meters. 2. Omar Jones, BVI, 47.95. 3. Cliff Williams, BVI, 44.64. 4. Karl Scatliffe BVI, 43.22. 5. Nicholas Laurac, DOM, 38.89. 6. Andrew Thomas, BVI, 35.91. 7. Kyle Francis, 23.60.

Sprint Medley OECS Women: 1. SKN: (Nathandra John, Maritza Williams, Carol Clarke, Kerish Richardson) 4:26.40. 2. BVI (Bianca Dougan, Adriana Herbert, Sanya Penn, Regina Hewlett) 4:30.43. 3. STL (Theodora Henry, Shanne Thomas, Melenie Beausolleil, Khasha Christophe) 4:33.53.

Sprint Medley OECS Men: SKN (Jakiba Joseph, Kurvin Wallace, Delwayne Delaney, Curtis Duncan) 3:36.79. 2. GRN (Bruce Swan, Marcus Julien, Greg Campbell, Leon Hall) 3:36.82. 3. STL ( Brian Hubain, Jason Fedee, Phileus Busette, Ray Joseph) 3:37.91. 4. SVG (Andrew Bradshaw, Kimberly Goodluck, Casnel Bushay, Everest Tempro) 3:47.27. Dnf. BVI.

4x400m OECS Women: 1. STL (Sancha Epiphane, Melenie Beausolleil, Theodora Henry, Khasha Christophe) 4:11.31. 2. BVI (Stephanie Russ Penn, Steina Fleming, Regina Hewlett, Bianca Dougan) 4:14.72. 3. SKN: (Kerish Richardson, Kazzan Whyle, Rochlette James, Nathandra John) 4:17.45.

4x400m OECS Men: 1. GRN (Leon Hall, Marcus Julien, Bruce Swan, Greg Campbell) 3:24.23. 2. BVI (Lucence Smith, Ackim Lewis, Kimon Lewis, Keita Cline) 3:26.45.  3. SVG (Andrew Bradshaw, Charmant Olliverre, Ozary Williams, Noel Samuel) 3:32.61. 4. SKN (Kemroy Percival, O’Brien Huggins, Curtis Duncan, Adolphus Jones) 3:34.96. 5. DOM (Nabi Wallace, Dani Buiton, Joseph Bazil, Del Laurien) 3:37.92. 6. STL (Phileus Biscette, Bryan Hubain, Ray Joseph) 3:46.23.