NCAA Nat'ls 2004



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PB=Personal Best: REG=Regional Qualifier: SB=Season Best

12th June 2004 - DAY 4


Tiandra Ponteen (St. Kitts) ran her best ever outdoor 400m to place 5th on the final day of the NCAA Nationals.  Her time of 51.41s ranks her 20th in the World, based on the current IAAF rankings (Note: her recent time is not yet ranked). The time also meets the "A" qualifier standard time for the Olympics, which was also achieved indoors with 51.23s on 12th March. Tiandra had the 5th best time going into the finals with 51.99s.

Tiandra and Virgil emerged as "All-Americans", a status bestowed on the top 8 finishers in each event. Tanika Liburd (Nevis) placed 17th in the Long Jump, an excellent result for a "freshman".

  • 5th 400m Tiandra Ponteen FR Florida 51.41 (new Outdoor Personal Best)
  • 9th 200m Brendan Christian SO Texas 20.88 w2.3

Tiandra Ponteen - 5th in the 400m with new personal best

11th June 2004 - DAY 3

Virgil Hodge (St. Kitts) combined with her teammates in the 4x100m to place 7th in the country with 44.43s. Tiandra Ponteen advanced to the 400m finals with the 5th best time in the heats with 51.99s.

  • 7th 4x100m Finals  TCU 44.43  -  1) Jamee Jones FR  2) Donita Harmon SO  3) Larissa Bakasa SR  4) Virgil Hodge FR
  • 7th 4x100m Finals Texas 39.88  -  1) Jermaine Cooper SR  2) Quincy Boles SO  3) Brendan Christian SO   4) Ashton Collins SO
  • 6th/28 400m  Tiandra Ponteen FR Florida 51.99 q (2nd in Heat 3)  - Advanced to Finals
  • 6th 100m Finals  Laverne Jones SR Oklahoma 11.36
  • 8th 100m Finals Brendan Christian SO Texas 10.30 w1.7
  • Tiandra Ponteen (St. Kitts & Florida Univ) - 2nd in the 400m heats 

    10th June 2004 - DAY 2

    • Virgil Hodge (St. Kitts) placed 5th in heat 3 of the 100m in 11.55s, and 20th overall, with a positive wind speed of 1.3 m/s. She does not advance to the Finals.
    • Tanika Liburd (Nevis) placed 17th overall in the Long Jump with her best leap of 19' 11.75" (6.09m). Tanika placed 4th in her "flight" of 10 jumpers. Her jump series was 5.86m, 6.09m and 5.86m.
    • Tiandra Ponteen (St. Kitts) combined with her teammates from Florida in the 4x400m to return 3:33.29 and 11th overall. She competes in the 400m on Friday evening at 9:20.
    • Laverne Jones (USVI) and Brendan Christian (Antigua/Barbuda) have both advanced to the 100m finals with 11.25 and 10.06 respectively. Brendan (# 1169 in photo below) also made Finals in the 200m with 20.35s, and with his 4x100m team from Oklahoma which placed 9th overall in 39.42s.



    • 20th/28 100m Virgil Hodge FR TCU 11.55 w1.3 (5th in Heat 3) - Did not advance to Finals
    • 8th/28 100m Laverne Jones SR Oklahoma 11.25q  w1.3 (2nd in Heat 3) - Advanced to Finals
    • 4th/26 100m Brendan Christian SO Texas 10.06q w4.2 (2nd in Heat 2) - Advanced to Finals
    • 3rd/28 200m Brendan Christian SO Texas 20.35Q w1.6 (1st Heat 4) - Advanced to Finals
    • 17th/32 Long Jump Tanika Liburd FR S. Mississippi 6.09m w2.3 19-11.75 - Series 5.86m (w2.2) 6.09m (w2.3) 5.86m (w3.9) - Did not advance to Finals
    • 11th/20 4x400m Florida 3:33.29 (4th in Heat 3) -  1) Tiandra Ponteen FR  2) Kamille Bratton SR  3) Andrea Bliss SR  4) Novlene Williams SR (Unofficial Splits for Florida: Ponteen 51.2, Bratton 57.5, Bliss 54.2, Williams 50.4) - Did not advance to Finals

    #536 Tanika Liburd (Nevis & U-Miss) in the 4x100m 

    100m Heats - Laverne Jones (2nd) & Virgil Hodge (5th)

    100m Heats - Brendan Christian (2nd)  

    4x100m:  Heat 1 - TCU made the best of a superior final exchange to edge defending champs LSU. Those two teams have won a combined six of the last 10 NCAA 4x1 titles. Heat 2 - Southern Cal, ranked #7 coming in, ran poorly and did not advance. Georgia dropped the baton at the first exchange. Heat 3 - Florida State turns in the fastest time overall, matching the yearly collegiate best by Arizona State earlier this year.

    • 9th/19 4x100m Texas 39.42q (3rd Heat 1) -  1) Jermaine Cooper SR  2) Quincy Boles SO  3) Brendan Christian SO  4) Ashton Collins SO - Advanced to Finals

    9th June 2004 - DAY 1

    Weather was the factor on day one of the NCAA Nationals as heavy rain and lightning caused several events to be rescheduled for Thursday. Three athletes from St. Kitts and Nevis are competing in the NCAA Nationals being held on June 9 -12 in Austin, Texas.

    • Tanika Liburd qualified as 25th/32 in the Long Jump with 20' 5", and 20th/20 with her 4x100m teammates from the University of Southern Mississippi with 45.06.
    • Virgil Hodge qualified as 21st/28 in the 100 metres with 11.52s, and 8th/20 with her 4x100m teammates from the Texas Christian University with 44.05.
    • Tiandra Ponteen qualified as 12th/28 in the 400 metres with 51.82s, and 8th/20 with her 4x400m teammates from the University of Florida with 3:32.47.

    Athletes from the Leeward Islands - Brendan Christian (Antigua) & Laverne Jones (USVI) - will be competing in the 100 & 200 metres, with both ranked in the top 10 in both events.

    4X100m Female

    Defending champ LSU advances with the fastest qualifying time. TCU grabs the 9th position by .006 seconds over UCLA, whose less-than-perfect first exchange cost them a place in the final.

    • 9th/20  TCU 44.51q (4th in Heat 2) - 1) Jamee Jones FR  2) Donita Harmon SO  3) Larissa Bakasa SR 4) Virgil Hodge FR
    • 19th/20 Southern Mississippi  45.19 (7th in Heat 2) -  1) Tanika Liburd FR  2) Raquel Washington  3) Tori Wells FR  4) Angela Johnson SO

    Photofinish with Virgil Hodge in 4th place - 4x100m Heat 2 (TCU advances to the Finals)

    27- 29 May 2004

    NCAA REGIONALS & NAIA (scroll down for pictures)

    SUMMARY for Thu 27 & Fri 28 May:

    Athletes from St. Kitts, Nevis and the Leewards performed well during the initial days of the NCAA Regional & NAIA Championships.

    Tanika Liburd of Nevis missed making the NCAA National in the Long Jump by 1/4", jumping 20' 2.25", placing 7th (just 2.5" under the personal best). Her U-Miss 4x100 team could make Nationals with a 3rd place position on Saturday.

    Virgil Hodge of St. Kitts missed the finals by 5/100th of a sec placing 10th in 11.52s, tying her personal best legal time. Her 4x100m TCU team should reach Nationals. Carol Clarke of St. Kitts won a silver medal in the NAIA 100m with 11.71s, after running a personal best of 11.49s in the heats. She also qualified for the 200m final with 2nd place in 24.65s. Her Lindenwood team qualified for the finals in the 4x100m and 4x400m. Iantha Burke of St. Kitts made the NAIA 400m finals with 57.36s, with 8th place in the semifinals.

    Athletes from the Leewards also excelled with Brendan Christian (ANT) & Laverne Jones (USVI)reaching the 100 & 200 finals with 10.11/20.22 and 11.25/22.90 respectively.

    SUMMARY for Sat 29 May:

    Tanika LIburd (Nevis) and Virgil Hodge (St. Kitts) booked their passage to the NCAA Nationals slated for June 9-12, by ensuring that their respective 4x100m relay teams placed in the top three. U-Miss won the silver medal with 45.06s (a new School record) and TCU placed 3rd with 44.59s.

    Tiandra Ponteen (St. Kitts) secured the best time in the 400m heats with 52.19s, and placed 4th in the finals with 51.82s, a new Personal Best and 4th best time ever for the University of Florida, good enough to ensure her place at Nationals. In the penultimate event of the meet, the team of Ponteen, Bratton, Bliss and Williams were the runners-up in the 4x400m relay, finishing in 3:32.47 to clock the seventh-fastest time in school history.

    Brendan Christian (ANT) and Laverne Jones (USVI) captured medals in the sprint events. Brendan won the 100m in 10.09 (a new Personal best and top 10 World ranking) and placed 2nd in the 200m in 20.19s, Laverne won 2 silver medals in the 100m in 11.23 (a new Season best) and 200m in 23.01s.

    Carol Clarke (St. Kitts) won bronze in the 200m in 24.00s (a new personal best) and combined with her teammates to capture the gold in the 4x100m in 45.33. Iantha Burke also of St. Kitts, placed 9th in the 400m finals with 57.58s.

    Tanika Liburd of Nevis

          Virgil Hodge (St. Kitts)   Brendan Christian (Antigua/Barbuda)   Laverne Jones (USVI)

    Tiandra Ponteen (extreme right)