NACAC U-23 2004




01 Aug  NACAC U-23 CHAMPIONSHIPS - Website  (Results and Timetable links below)

Tanika Liburd competed in the Long Jump at 3:45 p.m. on Sunday, placing 6th with a distance of 6.02m (19' 9"), 0.20m (8") off her National record of 6.22m (20' 5"). Tanika is now expected to travel to Trinidad to participate in the Caribbean Netball Association Championships, as a member of the Nevis team.

Insights and some results were posted with the assistance of  "at-the-meet" contacts - Vernon Springer of WINN-FM (St. Kitts) and John Bowers of Ontario University Athletics and JB3 Communications. We hope to have a picture of the presentation award for the 400m, featuring Tiandra Ponteen with the GOLD.

Long Jump Finals (Pos Name Country Distance Wind speed)

  • 1 Holiness, April United States 6.28m 3.3
  • 2 Geddes, Kedine Jamaica 6.26m 6.5
  • 3 Hammond, Chelsea Jamaica 6.24m 3.9
  • 4 Espencer, Maria Dominican Republic 6.20m 5.2
  • 5 Aduba, Chioma United States 6.14m 4.0
  • 6 Liburd, Tanika St Kitts and Nevis 6.02m 5.0
  • 7 Bustamante-Dominique, Yu Mexico 5.92m 2.3
  • 8 Lachapelle, Melanie Canada 5.57m 4.2


St. Kitts and Nevis long jumper Tanika Liburd has come along way in the past year since leaving the twin-island nation to head to the United States on an athletic scholarship to study at the University of Southern Mississippi. But her learning curve took arguably the biggest step on Sunday at the 2004 NACAC Under-23 Track and Field Championships in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

Tanika finished in sixth place with a 6.02m jump on her fifth attempt, but is taking the results in stride knowing that she could very well have made the podium. “My season best performance this season was 6.22m and it would have been enough to have put me in contention for a medal,” she commented after the competition. American April Holiness won the gold medal with a jump of 6.28m, followed by a pair of Jamaicans, Kedine Geddes and Chelsea Hammond who finished at 6.26m and 6.24m respectively.

Liburd described her performance as sluggish, noting that she couldn’t generate enough speed on the run up to her jumps. “I had a great opportunity to medal today, but I just needed to be faster.” And speed is something that she has been focusing on in order to improve her results. When she arrived at the University of Southern Mississippi last fall, her personal best distance was 5.77m, more than a half a metre less than the personal best that she set earlier this year. She attributes a lot of her success to changes that have been made to her technique since arriving in the USA. She said that she used to train on a grass track but now trains exclusively on a synthetic track made by Mondo Sports Surfaces, the standard for all international competitions. “I’ve had to make some real changes in the way I approach a jump trying to get more speed that I used to and that’s meant some changes to my stride.”

Her results are encouraging, as she is quickly moving up the international ranks. Heading into Sherbrooke, she was ranked fifth in the NACAC region. Now, she just has to parlay that experience and knowledge into results on the world stage. “I know I can jump 6.28m and up. I know that I can compete with the best in the world, I just have to do better at future meets.”

John Bower is a freelance journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario. He has covered numerous national and international athletics competitions in Canada and is a former report for CBC Radio Sports in Windsor, Ontario.

Melville Rogers placed 7th in the 400m Finals, with a time of 49.02. Rogers said after his race that " It was a really rough race today with the wind. (approx 30 km/h with gusts to 45 km/h).  I had a good run down the backstretch, but it found it really hard to run well with the wind today".  The 400m results (preliminaries/finals) are as follows:


  • Pos Name               Team Prelims Finals
  • 1 Christopher, Tyler Canada 46.93 45.25
  • 2 Williams, Andrae Bahamas 46.77 45.91
  • 3 Clarke, Sekou Jamaica 46.72 45.98
  • 4 Everhart, Craig United States 47.53 46.02
  • 5 Louis, Wilan Barbados 47.06 47.75
  • 6 Martinez, Fabian Porto Rico NT 47.92
  • 7 Rogers, Melville St Kitts and Nevis 48.97 49.02

31 July  

Tiandra Ponteen of St. Kitts - Nevis captured the 400m GOLD medal on the 2nd day of the NACAC U-23 Championships, with a superlative run in 51.19s. The time was just 0.19 s outside her personal best and National record of 51.00s.  Vernon Springer (of WINN FM) was there to see all the action. Tiandra indicated to Springer that she did what she needed to do, given her competition and kicked for the finish line, a kick that the others could not match.  CONGRATULATIONS!  -  A WELL DESERVED VICTORY and a confidence booster going into the Athens Olympics.

  • 1st Tiandra Ponteen  St. Kitts/Nevis 51.19
  • 2nd Dehashia Trottier USA 51.46
  • 3rd Monique Henderson USA 51.67
  • 4th Moya Thompson JCA 54.76
  • 5th Mandy Upuu CAN 55.35
  • 6th Meliisa Moraga-Zuniga Costa Rica 58.37

Melville Rogers competed in the 400m heats, placing 5th in 48.97s and 8th overall from 2 heats. He will be advancing to the finals to be held on Sunday afternoon. The combined 400m heat results were as follows:

  • 1 Mc Kinney, Nathaniel Bahamas 46.50Q 1
  • 2 Williams, Andrae Bahamas 46.77Q 2
  • 3 Clarke, Sekou Jamaica 46.72Q 1
  • 4 Christopher, Tyler Canada 46.93Q 2
  • 5 Louis, Wilan Barbados 47.06Q 2
  • 6 Vadeboncoeur, Nathan Canada 47.68Q 1
  • 7 Everhart, Craig United States 47.53q 2
  • 8 Rogers, Melville St Kitts and Nevis 48.97q 2

Delwayne Delaney competed in the 200m heats, placing 3rd in Heat 3, in 21.46s and 9th overall based on the 3 heats. He will not advance to the finals to be held later this evening, missing the finals by 0.12s. The combined 200m heat results were as follows:

  • 1 Christian, Brendan Antigua/Barbuda 20.67Q
  • 2 Spearmon, Wallace United States 20.71Q
  • 3 Farmer, Kyle United States 21.01Q
  • 4 Martina, Churandy Netherland Antille 20.90Q
  • 5 Thompson, Oral Jamaica 21.13Q
  • 6 Durant, Adrian Virgin Islands 21.14Q
  • 7 Hunte, Jason Barbados 21.15q
  • 8 Parris, Emanuel Canada 21.38q
  • 9 Delaney, Delwayne St Kitts/Nevis 21.46 w-1.4

30/7  Delwayne Delaney competed in the 100m heats, placing 4th in 10.69s and 10th overall from 3 heats. He did not advance to the finals to be held later this evening. Delwayne is expected to also compete in the 200m on Saturday. The combined 100m heat results were as follows:

  • 1 Martina, Churandy Netherland Antilles 10.30Q
  • 2 Lambert, Sean Grenada 10.39Q
  • 3 Wiggins, Ernest United States 10.47Q
  • 4 Felix, Paul United States 10.45Q
  • 5 Parris, Emanuel Canada 10.56Q
  • 6 Atkins, Dereck Bahamas 10.65Q
  • 7 Durant, Adrian Virgin Islands 10.53q
  • 8 Hinds, Andrew Barbados 10.55q
  • 9 Brown, Xavier Jamaica 10.64
  • 10 Delaney, Delwayne St Kitts and Nevis 10.69 w+0.0 3


  • 1 Martina, Churandy Netherland Antille 10.21 w+0.1
  • 2 Wiggins, Ernest United States 10.33
  • 3 Lambert, Sean Grenada 10.40

NACAC U-23 Results (30 July - 1 August)

Tanika Liburd, Tiandra Ponteen, Melville Rogers and Delwayne Delaney, travelled to Sherbrooke, Canada for the Under 23 - North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships (NACAC). Tanika is expected to compete in the Long Jump (pb - 20' 5" / 6.22m); Tiandra in the 400m (pb - 51.00s); Melville in the 400m (pb - 46.88s) and Delwayne in the 100 (pb - 10.36s) and 200m (pb - 20.78s). They were accompanied by Eric and Diane Francis and Ishton Hanley.

Tanika and Tiandra are currently ranked No. 3 each in their events for the Central American and Caribbean region (CAC). Tiandra Ponteen probably has the best chance at a gold medal, with Tanika good possibility for a medal; Delwayne and Melville have fair probabilities of medalling in their individual events. 401 athletes from 28 countries will participate at the meet, comprising 300 athletes, 78 officials and 101 coaches and assistants. During the three days of the competition, 44 events will be held and 15,000 spectators are expected.

The NACAC Athletic Association’s Under-23 Championships are held every two years in one of the 32 member countries of the North America, Central America and Caribbean Athletic Association, one of six regional athletics associations affiliated with the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF). Sherbrooke will be the third North American city to host the NACAC Track & Field Championships. The first Championships were held in 2000 in Monterrey, Mexico, and San Antonio, USA, hosted the second Championships in 2002.

Each national team will be made up of athletes between 20 and 22 years of age, as of 31st December 2004. Consequently, they have a lot more experience than the young athletes who participated in the World's Youth Athletics Championships in 2003. Some of the participating athletes will be in Sherbrooke for a final rehearsal before flying to Athens, venue of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, while others will be acquiring experience in an international-class event. These Championships therefore will show a very high degree of competition.

Reports for the Meet which commenced on Friday evening, will be posted after each day of competition.

Schedule for St. Kitts - Nevis athletes (Venue time)

  • Fri 18:30 M 100m Round 1 (Delwayne)
  • Fri 20:00 M 100m Final
  • Sat 10:30 M 400m Round 1 (Melville)
  • Sat 11:30 M 200 m Round 1 (Delwayne)
  • Sat 18:10 W 400m Final (Tiandra)
  • Sat 18:55 M 200m Final
  • Sun 14:10 M 400m Final
  • Sun 15:45 W Long Jump Final (Tanika)

NACAC U-23 Event Timetable (Click here to download Adobe pdf document)


  • 1 USA 28 gold 21 silver 9 bronze (Total 58)
  • 2 JAMAICA 4 gold 7 silver 7 bronze (18)
  • 3 CANADA 4 gold 4 silver 10 bronze (18)
  • 4 MEXICO 4 gold 4 silver 4 bronze (12)
  • 5 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES 1 gold 1 silver (2)
  • 6 ST. KITTS/NEVIS 1 gold (1)
  • 7 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  2 silver (2)
  • 8 BARBADOS 1silver and 5 bronze (6)
  • 9 BAHAMAS 1silver and 3 bronze (4)
  • 10 ST. LUCIA  1 silver 1 bronze (2)
  • 11 GRENADA 1 bronze (1)