LIAA Info 2002



A new Sporting Organization was formed at a special meeting at the recently concluded Leeward Islands Track & Field Junior Championships, held June 1st & 2nd in Tortola. The organization named, the "Leeward Islands Athletics Association" (LIAA), will be responsible for the promotion, development and expansion of Athletics; the organization of competitions; and the transfer of technical knowledge and information throughout the Leeward Islands.

The following persons were elected to serve for a two (2) year term (each being the President of their respective Country/Island Associations).

  • Lester Blackett (Nevis) ‑ President         
  • Ray O'Neal (BVI) ‑ Vice President
  • Everton Cornelius (Antigua) ‑ Officer       Posted by NAAA on 6/8/2002, 46KB
  • Les Browne (Dutch St. Martin) ‑ Officer
  • Raphael Jenkins (St. Kitts) ‑ Officer         Posted by NAAA on 6/9/2002, 65KB

James Kelly of St. Kitts was also nominated as the Technical Officer, while the Secretary‑Treasurer will be chosen from Nevis, the residence of the President.

During the meeting, the final version of the LIAA Constitution was agreed by the official representatives of the members Associations that includes the B.V.I., St. Kitts, U.S.V.I., Nevis, Antigua, Dutch St. Martin, Anguilla and Montserrat.

The meeting also addressed a number of issues including;

  1. nomination of host and alternate countries for the 2003 LIAA competitions, which includes the Youth Championships (Under 11/13/15), Junior Championships (Under 17/20) and Senior Championships (Open).
  2. dissolution of the interim Leeward Islands Athletics Steering Committee (LIASE), the predecessor to LIAA.
  3. proposals for identifying an Inter‑islands competition sponsor
  4. communication protocols
  5. problems of hosting the 2002 Leewards competitions and future solutions

The president, Mr. Blackett stated that "he expects that with the creation of a formal Association, Athletics in the Leewards region would be better coordinated and planned, to produce improved meet management and performances that would rival and surpass those of other regions. The examples set by the Kim Collins' of the Leewards, would be built upon though the creation of better and more competitive events such as a Leewards ‑ Windwards Championships, Cross Country and Road Run Championships etc." Mr. Blackett was optimistic that the new organization would generate the needed impetus to expand and promote the development of Athletics in the region.