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pulseaudio-equalizer refers to my work on pulseaudio giving it a virtual sink that performs high quality digital equalization.  Although it's a fairly simple algorithm, due to the over-abuse of IIR filters in the desktop world, pulseaudio's equalizer aims to be the most powerful and high-quality equalizer available, perhaps on any platform.  It also offers all bands possible given your samplerate and easy interpolation between control-points you might specify.  It is also controlled over dbus so other applications can easily control it in real-time.   I chose pulseaudio as the point of equalization so that the likes of flash could not escape my wrath and wanted results tested/immediately working in the pulse environment.  I also knew it would be ubiquitous one day for linux desktop distros.

Sister project qpaeq is the reference implementation of a gui to the equalizer.

Here's a rather long blog entry I wrote about equalization and my personal motivations for this project.

Getting it

This project made it into upstream pulseaudio.  You can find more information on how to use it here

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I've gotten a few requests/suggestions to move the dsp code into an external library.  Please drop me a comment asking for this if you care and I might find the motivation to do so given enough requests.  In particular I've noted many fixed n-band equalizers in gstreamer, amarok, vlc, banshee etc which all seem to be using/copying the same IIR code/filters.  So one equalizer library to rule them all is appealing but only if people actually want to use it.  Note that the equalizer code is FIR and not IIR.