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tagline: Bullcrap free audio conversion. 


audiomap is a program which converts from any audio format to any other in a uniform & sane fashion so you don't have to learn all the options for conversion program x. It will preserve all tags in the process. It's goal is bullcrap free conversion.  I wrote it because while there are plunty of shell scripts out there to convert things to/from a few formats, they suck at handling weird characters and often even spaces!  On top of this, they usually do not properly preserve metadata.  Audiomap works with funky chars, spaces, and preserves metadata - all whilst providing encoding/decoding through many formats.

Audiomap is a few years old now and the second try I've made at something that can map one format into any other while making nice filenames and preserving metadata reliably. It is command line only but very usable for scripting in a gui or other program.

audiomap is written in ruby and actually hosted at sourceforge.

taglib :
rubygems :
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mp3 => lame
flac => flac
ogg => vorbis-tools
ape => jmac
mpc => mpc123
wv => wavpack
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