I am a Research Fellow (i.e., an Assistant Professor) at Australian Catholic UniversityI received my Ph.D. in 2017 from the Philosophy Department at Notre Dame, with a graduate minor in History and Philosophy of Science. After receiving my Ph.D., I was a postdoc at Notre Dame for one year, during which time I was the Managing Editor for Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. Before coming to Notre Dame, I received an M.A. in Philosophy from Western Michigan University and a B.A. in Humanities and Peace & Conflict Studies from Messiah College.

My research focuses on epistemology and philosophy of science. In my dissertation, supervised by Robert Audi, I defended a form of infallibilism about knowledge, according to which we know all and only those propositions that are certain for us. I see knowledge, so understood, as playing a foundational role in determining the rationality of belief and credence, in that we ought to be confident in a given proposition to the extent that it is made probable by what we know. I am actively engaged in research on probability, understood as constraining rational confidence in this way. I am especially interested in applications of probability theory to scientific reasoning and scientific methodology.

In addition to epistemology and philosophy of science, I have research interests in philosophy of religion, metaphysics, and ethics. My work in all of these areas tends to center around rationality, and more generally, normativity. This includes both meta-level questions about the nature of normativity and rationality and first-order questions about what it is rational to do or believe.

I can be reached at nevin.climenhaga[at]acu.edu.au.