Do Not Be Fooled

A Cautionary Word For All Potential Clients:
Currently, ghost hunters and paranormal investigators are plentiful. Almost every town in America can now boast its own team or group or society.  In a way, this is somewhat comforting. It means that society is becoming less and less afraid of the subject of the paranormal; specifically, the existence of something beyond our scope of understanding and often times dealing specifically with life after death.
The flipside of this very odd coin, however, is that not all groups are cut from the same cloth.
All groups are comprised of individuals. Each group is Autonomous and answerable to no known regulatory or certification board.  In short: Anybody with a camera, flashlight and a voice recorder can be a ghost hunter.
To avoid being taken advantage of by less than ethical individuals and for the safety of your self and personal property and privacy,  N.P.I. would like to caution you to always consider the following details before deciding to allow a group access to your property and information.

 Does the group charge?  
    • A legitimate group will never ask you for a retainer or money up front or bill you for their assistance. They will never ask for your personal information beyond that of necessary contact information: Name, Email, Phone, Address
Does the group provide references upon request?
  • A legitimate group will always be willing to provide you with references that you can follow up with should you have concerns.
    • Our personal advice:  If you feel concerned enough to ask for references,  you may want to just choose to go with a different group.  Sometimes one group's approach or methodology may not fit your needs. This does not mean no one can assist you, it simply means they may not be the right group for you specifically.  Not everyone uses the same doctor, lawyer, mechanic or even lawn care service.  Make sure you are comfortable with the group you have chosen.
 Is the group willing to stop and desist all investigation if you request it 
  •     A legitimate group understands that you call the shots.  If you decide 20 minutes into the investigation that you no longer want to proceed, a legitimate group will immediately accept this.  They will pack up their equipment and go. Understand though that they may not be willing to return should you change your mind at a later date.  Since they do not charge for their services, the cost for travel, food, shelter etc. is out of their own pocket as is their time.
Are they comfortable with your presence?
    • A legitimate group will NEVER ask you to leave the property while they investigate. If someone asks you to allow them free and private access to your property, we advise you to immediately find someone else to do the job.

Do they guarantee your privacy?

    • A legitimate group will keep your information completely confidential unless you  have signed a release of information that allows them to disclose certain details of the investigation. Again, they will NEVER EVER disclose your name or personal information or your image (footage/photo) without prior consent in writing.


One last  item: 
          Remember that there is NO SUCH THING as an "Expert" in paranormal investigations. Anyone who claims to be an expert should be immediately expected to provide you with the documentation that shows some form of concrete proof/evidence that can be confirmed easily by a phone call to a reputable institution.
The field of paranormal research is uncharted territory. A person may be a professional only as it applies to the scope of their level of personal experiences, educationl and skills acquired over time. The may hold a trade certification, professional certification or college degree in a specific area which affords them a higher level of ethical responsibility, knowledge, skill and performance but that does not make them an "Expert."
One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch, but it does make the rest look un-appetizing.  Be cautious when contacting investigative groups. Never be afraid to request and recieve  honesty, ethical behavior and respectful attitudes from those you ask for assistance.  You are the client, this is a service and you deserve to be treated accordingly.