Is it true that Ghanaian staple grain growers are the richest?

ADM Institute for Prevention of PHL 

says African growers:

  • lose 30% quality & volume
  • waste 30% related inputs
  • pay interest on loans
  • ignore 20% marketing and 
  • lack incentive to manage land more productively.

NeverIdle Farms says:
replaces Postharvest (and related input) loss with grower net yield.

  If Ghana growers are not rich, how do they harvest again and again?

AID brags about increasing yields (gross). However, unless gross yield is stored without loss and marketed for grower net, merely increasing yields with mechanization, seed, fertilizer, irrigation and pest management lacks meaning: especially to women.

  • "Only 1.5 percent of the total capacity (storage), less than 50,000mt, is located in surplus producing rural areas, and only 8.4 percent is used for storing agricultural commodities (excluding cocoa)." See link below to GCAP Appraisal, Page 56, starting #61 and Page 130 Bullet 6 and 12 - C. #35)
  • "Warehouse receipt systems do not help the small holder" Postharvest Loss: The Case of Missing Food in Sub-Saharan Africa, (Page 34, Text box 3.5) World Bank, 2013.
  • "Women are about three times as disempowered as men in Tajikistan and Ghana". Malapit, HJ., et al. "Measuring Progress towardEmpowerment"

Can mobile utility storage help daughters graduate, instead of working to repay loss, waste and missed markets?

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