Never Die Airsoft Team

Field located on intersection of Hughes road and Euless Grapevine Road in Grapevine, Texas


Grapevine Never Die Team

Collin Chitwood

Weapon: aftermath MP5, 350 fps

Position: assault

Specialty: quick and good bunker movement

Kelsey Cook

Weapon: galaxy MP5, 350 fps

Position: spec ops

Specialty: Fast and a good shot.

Nolan Brown

Weapon: aftermath MP5, 350 fps

Position: surpresser

Specialty: Surpressing Fire Expert

Cameron Cunningham

Weapon: MP5, 330 fps

Position: Assault

Specialty: Brains

Kyle Chitwood

Weapon: Aftermath M16 w/ granade launcher, 310 FPS, 500 FPS

Position: Assault

Specialty: really accurate

KJ Grafton

Weapon: Crossman shotgun, 350 fps

Position: surpresser

Specialty: good tactics

Adam Simo

Weapon: CO2 pistol, 475 fps

Position: spec ops

Specialty: Scary Gun

Rex Montes

Weapon: Aftermath M4, 380 FPS

Position: Surpresser

Specialty: idk...he's tall

Ty Hy

Weapon: Sniper rifle, 480 fps

Position: Sniper

Specialty: he's oober accurate

Trent Gibbs

Weapon: Sniper Rifle, 480 fps

Position: Sniper

Specialty: he's oober accurate too

Never Die Airsoft Moto



if you are an airsoft company or any company, we are looking for sponsors to help us through the season.


     Never Die team

This Summer...

Join us at our brand new field.  New bunkers and courses are ready to go!!!

Rental Package: $10 (includes gun, 1000 ammo, and googles)

Gun rental: $5

Ammo: $5 for 1000 6mm .12g BB's

Goggles: $1

Night Games: starting at 8:00 p.m.


  • We will be having tournaments so if u have a 5 man team or more come play us and more teams to really get things goin. 
  • Tourneys will be $5 per player and you must provide your own equipment.
  • you MUST have safety goggles for every player on the team.
  • 400 fps limit on automatic guns-500 fps limit for pistols or other kinds of spring guns.
  • games will be played best of 7 (first one to win 4 games)
  • if there is an unbalanced amount of teams, seeding games will be held before the initial tournament.
  • games played on field #2


  • $5 per player
  • 7 week seeding games-7 games over 7 weeks (one per week)
  • best 4 of 7
  • must supply own equipment
  • 8th week will be a tournament
  • games played on field #1


 we were sorta bored so we took some pics...


Field #2 pics

Rules of Airsoft

1. One Shot Kill-if you or your enemy are hit, they are out!

2. Boundaries-if you step out of bounds, you are out

3. NO CHEATING!-you'll play pleanty of games and have pleanty of time to get players out!

4. Equipment-Treat the Equipment and bunkers properly, No one likes broken stuff



Airsoft Playground