Nevada Nestwatch is a citizen science project that gives you the opportunity to be a biologist in your backyard.  Observations of breeding birds in your neighborhood help answer questions about the impact of urban development and a changing environment on bird populations in the Great Basin.  Data on nest-site selection, predation rates, and nestling condition can help with local habitat improvement. 

Monitor a nest! Have a bird nesting in your backyard or neighborhood?  We want to hear about it.  Anyone can observe a nest and record its progress for Nevada Nestwatch.  Participation in the project is as simple as visiting the nest once or twice a week and writing down what you see.  Start by visiting the Participants page for instructions on how to observe without disturbing the nest and learn about the nesting habits of some local species. 


The responsibilities of preparing for parenthood often fall on the female in many bird species.  A local exception are Black-headed Grosbeaks.  Males collect stems and small twigs for the nest and share incubation duty, often singing loudly while sitting on eggs!  Learn more about the nest cycle of grosbeaks and other local breeding birds on the participants page.