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GEMS Checkout Procedures

The GEMS site is stocked with 80 kits for you to check out for Professional Development purposes and for classroom use with students.  Due to the generosity of the Nevada Department of Education and the creativity of WNC we have all of the kits currently available from Carolina Biological for use.  Please note the two attached inventories when placing an order. The cost of checking out each kit will be nominal $20.00  charge for each four week period plus any shipping involved.  The library of 80 GEMS guides are available for you to check out at no charge, except shipping if needed for out of the area teachers.  You may check out up to three guides at a time.

Please give us at least one week notice before you need a kit or book as we have no paid employees and the Associates help with checkout. Those who live within driving distance of Carson City may send in the order form by fax, e-mail or snail mail, and pick up their kits directly from Carson Middle School 1140 W King St, Carson City or by arrangement.

If you are new to GEMS use the Links button on the left to explore the science or math content of each kit.

Then go to the Kit Checkout tab and download the kit checkout form list the kits and cost for each and email it to Gail Bushey at gmbushey@gmail.com.  Someone will contact you about delivery when we have your contact information.


Please check the inventory sheet that is included with each kit, and attach a note for items that were used and need to be restocked.  As we are a “volunteer” GEMS Site this will really save restock time on our end.  Shipping will be your responsibility.  Some inexpensive items may need to be purchased locally (vinegar, oil, etc.) that add a great deal to the weight of the kit.  Please check the inventory sheet inside the kit for contents that need to be acquired in your area.

Gail Bushey

Nevada GEMS Site Director 

                        FOR KIT CHECKOUT      

 Download the kit checkout form from the Attachment list on the checkout page fill out and send with check or Purchase Order made out to the Nevada GEMS Site to:

Gail Bushey

1175 Chaparral Court
Minden, NV 89423

Phone: 775-240-4086 (before 8:30 AM or after 2:15 PM)

Fax    : 775-267-3320 (CALL FIRST TO TURN ON)

 Email: gmbushey@gmail.com