link to download neurovr  2.0 software 

(manual included) 

(scenes in packs to download separately, find links of what you need below)

before contacting our help center  please be sure you read the manual and  you run the program as administrator.

The program NeuroVR 2.0.1 is a Beta Version, all your contribution to debug it will be welcome! 

help and debugs at

The SCENES are divided in packs, please download the scenes you need and add them to the software 

(read instruction in the manual)

BASE CONTENTS PACK (Office, class, apartment, bivrs) to download click here

BODY PERCEPTION PACK (scale, swimming pool, restaurant)  to download click here

GREEN NATURE PACK (lake, campfire, mountain, park, valley, waterfall)  to download click here

WARM and SANDY PACK (beach, desert, gazebo, island, waves)  to download click here

SHOPPING PACK (supermarket and minimarket)  to download click here

PUBLIC AREAS PACK (auditorium, cinema, square)  to download click here

HOSPITAL and STATION italian version  to download click here

HOSPITAL and STATION english version  to download click here

HOSPITAL and STATION german version  to download click here

BIOFEEDBACK READY (campfire, beach, lake and desert with oasis) to download click here

NeuroVR 2.0 scene are customizable with alpha channel videos. 

our video library is going to be renewed...coming soon

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