Event Calendar

February 16th 9-16.50    Satellite Symposium:

February 16th 17.30        Opening Ceremony

February 16th 18.00        Opening Lecture: G. Ball (USA)

February 16th 19.00        Welcome cocktail

February 17th 9-12.00    Symposium: Aromatase in the female brain

February 17th 12.15-13  Plenary Lecture: I. Torres Aleman (Spain)

February 17th 13-14       Lunch and Poster exibition

February 17th 14-15.30  Symposium: Sex Differences in fear and stress responses

                                        Coffee Break

February 17th 16-17.30   Symposium: Stress-induced disruption of steroid pathways

February 17th 17.30-18.30  Round Table: The problem with sex differences

February 18th 9-12.00      Symposium: Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoid effects

February 18th 12.15-13    Plenary Lecture: C. Pariante (UK)

February 18th 13-14         Lunch and Poster exibition

February 18th 14-15.30    Symposium: Countering neuroactive steroids

                                         Coffee Break

February 18th 16-17.30    Symposium: Toward a sex dimorphic neurology

February 19th 8.30-11.30      Symposium: Sex differences and effects of neuroactive steroids

February 19th 11.30-12.15    Plenary Lecture:N. Shah (USA)

February 19th 12.15-14         Lunch and Poster Discussion

February 19th 14-16         Symposium: Estrogens and ventromedial Nucleus

February 19th 16-19         Visit to Royal Museums (optional, ticket 15 euro to buy Saturday and Sunday only)

February 19th  20.30             Social Dinner

February 20th 9.30-11.30      Symposium: Neuroactive steroid synthesis and action

February 20th 11.30-12.15 Plenary Lecture: V. Prevot (France)

February 20th 12.30-13.30 Lunch

February 20th 13.30-14.30 YOUNG INVESTIGATORS Symposium

February 20th 14.30-16    Symposium: Vitamin D and brain

                                         Coffee Break

February 20th 16.30-18    Symposium: Endocrine disrupting chemicals and neurodevelopment