10th International Meeting

FEBRUARY 16   9-17 Satellite Symposium

FEBRUARY 16 - Meeting

14-17 Registration (Anatomy, Torino)

17.30 - Opening Ceremony


Ball G.F. (USA)

Pleiotropic effects of testosterone: lessons from studies of the avian song system

19.00 Welcome cocktail


SYMPOSIUM - Aromatase in the female brain - Why produce locally when available globally?

9.00 Cornil C.A. (Belgium): Neuroestrogens and female sexual behavior 

9.30 de Bournonville C., McGrath A., Mendoza K.R., Remage-Healey L. (USA) Steroid synthesis in the auditory forebrain of female zebra finches in response to song

10.00 Frick K.M. (USA): The role of hippocampal estradiol synthesis in regulating memory formation

10.30 Blaustein J.D. (USA): Aromatase inhibitors in postmenopausal women with breast cancer: what about the brain?

11.00-11.30 – Coffee break

11.30 Gintzler A.R., Storman E.M., Liu N.-J., Wessendorf M.W. (USA) Membrane estrogen receptor alpha and aromatase form signaling complexes in the CNS: implications for region-specific estrogenic signaling

11.45 Rehbein E., Hornung J., Morawetz C., Bayer J., Krylova M., Sundström Poromaa I., Derntl B. (Germany) Does estradiol influence behavioral and neural emotion regulation performance?


Torres Aleman I. (Spain)

The blood-brain-barrier and the cross-talk of estradiol and IGF-1 in mood regulation

13.00-14.00 Lunch and Poster exhibition

SYMPOSIUM - Sex differences in fear and stress responses: relevance to disease vulnerability and treatment for psychopathology

14.00 Bangasser D. (USA): Sex differences in stress regulation and cognition

14.30 Dalla C., Kokras N. (Greece): Sex differences in psychopharmacology: from estrogens to neuroestrogens in models of depression

15.00 Milad M. (USA): Fear extinction: her and his brains

15.30 – 16.00 Coffee Break

SYMPOSIUM Prevention of behavioral disorders caused by stress-induced disruption of steroid pathways in pregnancy and in the early postnatal period.

16.00 Sze Y., Fernandes J., Gill A.C., Brunton P.(UK): Effects of prenatal stress on neurosteroid pathways in the offsprings

16.30 Matthews S. (Canada): Glucocorticoid Programming of the Fetal Brain: Intergenerational Consequences

17.00 Hirst J. (Australia): Loss of neurosteroid support contributes to adverse long term behavioural outcomes following preterm birth

17.30-18.30 Round table The problem with sex differences

Galea L. (Canada): Mandating the study of sex differences will NOT improve women’s health

Sohrabji F. (USA): Sex differences in therapeutics: is it time to consider a blue pill/pink pill?

Choleris E. (Canada): Underpowered research on sex differences and sex-specific analyses

McCarthy M.M. (USA) How the complexity of sex differences leads to misinterpretation and misunderstanding by researches and reviewers alike



SYMPOSIUM - Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoid effects

9.00 De Franco D.B., Franks A.L., Berry K.J., Jaumotte J.D., Bargerstock Murillo E., Rudine A.R., Monaghan-Nichols A.P. (USA) Regulation of glucocorticoid responses in the developing rodent brain

9.30 Garabedian M.J., Chao M.V., Jeanneteau F. (USA): Regulation of glucocorticoid receptor phosphorylation and genomic action by brain-derived neurotrophic factor in cortical neurons

10.00 Krugers H. (The Netherlands): Glucocorticoid effects on memory formation: role of synapses and early life experiences

10.30 Hunter R. (USA): Glucocorticoid receptor interactions with the deep genome



11.00-11.30 – Coffee break

11.30- Crombie G.K., Palliser H.K., Shaw J.C., Hodgson D.M., Walker D.W., Hirst J.J. (Australia) Placental role in neuroprotective responses to prenatal stress in the guinea pig

11.45 Sivukhina E.V., Jirikowski G.F. (Germany) Corticosteroid-binding globulin expression is upregulated upon increased magnocellular neuronal activity in rats


Pariante C. (UK)

Glucocorticoids, inflammation and psychiatric illness

13.00-14.00 Lunch and Poster exhibition


SYMPOSIUM Countering neuroactive steroids: a novel therapeutic avenue in neuropsychiatry?

14.00 Di Paolo T., Litim N., Poirier A-A., Jarras H., Côté M., Al Sweidi S., Morissette M., Caruso D., Melcangi R., Soulet D. (Canada) Effects of 5alpha-reductase inhibitors in the brain and gut of MPTP mouse model of Parkinson’s disease


14.30 Frau R., Traccis F., Fanni S., Giua G., Saba P., Caruso D., Scheggi S., Soggiu A., Roncada P., Devoto P., Bortolato M. (Italy) Blocking neurosteroidogenesis as a novel tool for the cognitive complications of sleep disorders


15.00 Bortolato M. (USA) Inhibition of neurosteroidogenesis as a therapy for impulse-control problems and substance use disorders

15.30-16.00 Coffee break

SYMPOSIUM Toward a sex dimorphic neurology

16.00 Rocca W.A. (USA): Sex, gender and Parkinson’s disease

16.20 Mielke M.M. (USA): Sex, gender and dementia

16.40 Vemuri P. (USA): Sex differences in imaging biomarkers in aging and cognitive resilience

17.00 Miller V.M., Jayachandran M., Barnes J.N., Mielke M.M., Kantarci K., Rocca W.A. (USA) Sex, hormones and neurovascular aging


SYMPOSIUM - Sex differences and effects of neuroactive steroids on brain mitochondrial function and metabolism

8.30 Acaz-Fonseca E., Ortiz-Rodriguez A., Lopez-Rodriguez A.B., Garcia-Segura L.M., Heyde I., Oster H., Astiz M. (Germany) Developmental effects of neuroactive steroids in mouse brain mitochondria


9.00 Frago L.M., Guerra-Cantera S., Freire-Regatillo A., Barrios V., Argente J., Chowen J.A. (Spain) Sex differences in the neuroendocrine control of metabolism and the implication of astrocytes


9.30 Barreto  G.E. (Colombia) Tibolone reduces oxidative damage and inflammation in microglia stimulated with palmitic acid through mechanisms involving estrogen receptor beta


10.00-10.30 Coffee break

10.30 Eckert A. (Switzerland) Effects of sex hormones on mitochondrial activity and bioenergetics – implications for Alzheimer’s disease


11.00 Kammel L.G., Van Veen J.E., Bunda P.C., Shum M., Zhang Z., Massa M.G., Reid M.S., Hrncir H., Arnold A.P., Liesa M., Yang X., Correa S.M. (USA) Sex differences in the transcriptional architecture of the VMH reveal two estrogen-sensitive neuron clusters that coordinately regulate energy expenditure in females


11.15 Raval P., Mukherjee J., Sellers K.J., Creeney H., Durate R.R.R., Moss S.J., Brandon N.J., Srivastava D.P. (UK) Estradiol regulates the synaptic proteome through a local translation mechanism in a sexually dimorphic manner.


Shah N.M. (USA)

Molecular and neural control of sexually dimorphic social behaviors


12.15-14.00 Lunch and POSTER DISCUSSION

SYMPOSIUM Multi-faceted functions of estrogens in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus

14.00 Xu Y. (USA): An estrogen-responsive neural network: start from the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus

14.30 López M. (Spain): Complex lipid metabolism within the VMH mediates the central actions of estradiol on energy balance

15.00 Routh V. (USA): Estrogen regulation of ventromedial hypothalamus glucose-inhibited neurons may play a role in glucose homeostasis

15.30 Lin D. (USA) The VMHvl and female aggression

16-19 Organized tours of City Museums

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(Restaurant Il Bric, Colle della Maddalena, Torino)

Restaurant Il bric

A view of Torino from the Colle della Maddalena
Colle della Maddalena


SYMPOSIUM - Molecular tools unleashed for the study of neuroactive steroid synthesis and action

9.00 Remage-Healey L. (USA): Viral targeting of neuronal subtypes to dissect rapid neurosteroid regulation of sensory cortex

9.30 Moenter S. (USA): Estradiol feedback on the reproductive neuroendocrine system

10.00 Ábrahám I.M., Barabás K., Kovács T., Kovács G., Ernszt D., Jánosi T.Z., Godó S. (Hungary) Super-resolution imaging of rapid estradiol effects on surface movement of glutamate receptors in live neurons

10.30 Stincic T. (USA): Optogenetics and calcium imaging reveal novel actions of estrogenic signaling on hypothalamic circuits that regulate energy balance


11.00 Routh V. (USA): Estrogen regulation of ventromedial hypothalamus glucose-inhibited neurons may play a role in glucose homeostasis

11.30 Lin D. (USA) The VMHvl and female aggression


Prevot V. (France)

Hypothalamic neuronal circuits controlling reproduction and steroid hormones: a role for nitric oxide?

13.00-13.45 Lunch

13.45 Winners of Young Investigators' Prizes

14.00-15.00 YOUNG INVESTIGATORS Symposium

14.00 Marrocco J., Einhorn N.R., Li H., Schmidt P.J., Lee F.S., McEwen B.S. (USA) Cross-species epigenetic signature induced by ovarian hormones.

14.10 De Wit A.E., Booij S.H., Giltay E.J., Joffe H., Schoevers R.A., Oldehinkel A.J. (the Netherlands) Associations of oral contraceptive use and depressive symptoms in adolescents and young women

14.20 Duarte-Guterman P., Lieblich S.E., Mahmoud R., Ibrahim M., Skandalis D.A., Galea L.A.M. (Canada) The short and long term impact of motherhood on hippocampal neurogenesis, inflammation, and gene expression

14.30 Mariani N., Cattaneo A., Calpighi C., McLaughlin A.P., Nikkheslat N., Hastings C., Nettis M.A., Zajowska Z., Cowen P., Cavanagh J., Harrison N., Bullmore E., The Wellcome Trust NeuroImmunology of Mood disorders and Alzheimer’s disease (NIMA) consortium, Mondelli V., Pariante C.M. (UK) Modulation of glucocorticoid receptors in the blood mRNA of patients with depression: a study in treatment resistant, treatment responsive, or untreated patients

14.40 Turano, A., Haas, N.A. M.S., Schwarz, J.M. PhD (USA) Examining the impact of neuroimmune dysregulation on social behavior in male and female juvenile rats

14.50 Viho E.M.G., Buurstede J.C., Koorneef L.L., Mahfouz A., Houtman R., Hunt H., Kroon J., Meijer O.C. (the Netherlands) Putative coregulator interactions underlying differential glucocorticoid receptor modulation effects in memory consolidation

SYMPOSIUM - Vitamin D and brain

15.00 Norlin M. (Sweeden): Vitamin D and the brain  - potential effects on steroidogenesis in the nervous system and possible role in the treatment of brain cancer

15.30 Jirikowski G.F. (Germany): Vitamin D binding proteins and their localization in the nervous system

16.00 Cui X. (Australia): Vitamin D modulates dopamine development via its genetic and epigenetic actions

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

SYMPOSIUM - The impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) interfering with steroid signaling on neurodevelopment

17.00 Patisaul H. (USA) The CLARITY-BPA Project: Reproductive evidence of low dose effects on the developing brain

17.30 Lichtensteiger W., Bassetti-Gaille C., Rehrauer H., Kühn Georgijevic J., Tresguerres J.A.F., Schlumpf M. (Switzerland) Sex-dependent effects of behaviorally active chemicals on genes regulating interneuron development in hippocampus: possible role of microRNA

18.00 Parent A.S., López-Rodríguez D., Franssen D., Lomniczi, A., Bourguignon J.P. (Belgium) Neuroendocrine disruption of puberty and reproduction



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